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Tall, Dark and Alpha, Afton Locke Will Rock Your Boat!

My guest today is the amazing Afton Locke. She's part of the Tall Dark and Alpha anthology. I think this one looks like a real winner. Want a glimpse of Afton's hunky, paranormal hero? You can Sea more of him here:

Tall, Dark & Alpha: An Alpha is a Take-Charge Leader

Thank you for hosting us today. We’re excited to talk about the alpha trait take-charge leader and our stories for the boxed set Tall, Dark & Alpha as we try to figure out: what IS alpha?

An Alpha is a Take-Charge Leader

When everyone is standing around, wondering what to do or freaking out from a crisis, the alpha hero takes charge and leads everyone to a better place. The heroine might go along for the ride or give him a run for his money. Here’s a glimpse of how the hot heroes in our boxed set take matters into their own hands.

Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery, a sci-fi romance, has two alpha heroes. Na’varr was born a prince. When his uncle murdered his family, Na’varr swore vengeance. He fought to survive, using only his wits. As Captain of the mercenary ship, Crimson Star, he protects his people, and will not let his uncle’s greed destroy any more lives. Brom Raine is a hybrid, a man ruled by both human and feline DNA. He’s Na’varr’s right-hand man and the one who moves in the shadows. He will do what needs to be done to safeguard both the Captain and the woman they’ve sworn to protect. (She was always one step from hell until she found redemption in their arms.)

The alpha hero in Crazy by Eve Langlais, a paranormal romance, is a vampire. Zane knows what he wants and lets nothing stand in his way. He’s also not afraid to fight. (Ella hears voices and they don’t like anyone.)

In Sex With an Ex by Eve Vaughn, a contemporary romance, the alpha hero is a lawyer. By working hard, Ethan Boudreaux became a partner in his law firm very quickly. He’s a natural-born leader and in control of his element. (When two divorcees reunite in the bedroom, the sex is hotter than ever, but can their hearts survive the second time around?)

The alpha hero for In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon is a CEO chocolatier. When Erica starts to doubt her abilities, Gavin steps in and takes charge, convincing her that she has what it takes to get the job done. (When the woman of his dreams asks him to create a Valentine’s Day fantasy, Gavin plans to show her just how sweet their reality could be.)

In Two Cops, a Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs by Paige Tyler, a contemporary romance, the heroes, Reed and Hayes, are both cops, so by their very nature they’re good at taking charge, especially in the bedroom. (Working the late shift just got a whole lot more fun!)

The alpha hero in Chase and Seduction: Hot Country Series, Book 1 by Randi Alexander, a contemporary romance, is a musician. Chase Tanner is a man driven to advance his career as a country music star. He writes his own songs, he releases albums, tours the world, and is acting in his first movie. What he doesn’t count on is meeting screenwriter Reno Linden. She’s the one he’s been looking for, and life won’t ever be the same—for either of them. (Come backstage and get your hands on country superstar Chase Tanner!)

In Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever, a paranormal romance, the alpha hero is a bounty hunter. Audie’s a natural leader. As a powerful member of the Sorceri Bounty Hunters, he’s used to charging into any situation and controlling it. (A grand passion in an apocalyptic world. A love beyond reason and without boundaries.)

The alpha hero in Rock My Boat by Afton Locke, a paranormal romance, is a shape shifter. Simon takes it upon himself to get justice for his brethren (other aquatic shifters) who have been wronged by corporate greed.
story snippet:
“I was on Poseidon’s Price,” Simon declared. “I heard the screams and saw the fear. The children, parents, and widows of those men are still paying for that day.”
(Once addicted to the sea, you can’t escape its pleasures.)

Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set

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*Releases March 8th from Amazon and other online retailers.*

He makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away. He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist his dark charm. When he catches your eye across the room, you know he means business. He could be an executive, cop, shape shifter, or a bad boy looking for a little fun. Once he has you in his sights, you can't get away—and after one sizzling night in his arms, you won't want to. He’s Tall, Dark & Alpha. The alpha male is the ultimate indulgence…the richest dark chocolate…and we’re offering him to you in abundance.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.

Featured Story - Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery

Ship thief and notorious escape artist, Raesa Daw was the best in the business until a routine DNA test proves that she’s the last Earthen pureblood in existence. Desperate to escape sexual slavery and breeding for a royal house, she flees the station on the Crimson Star, landing in the arms of a deadly half-breed, Brom Raine.

One kiss burns away her fear, but opens a world more dangerous than she’d ever known.

Captain Anderson Na’varr of the Mercenary frigate Crimson Star shows no mercy to those who stow away on his vessel. He will take the thief and show her exactly how erotically ruthless he and his Executive Officer, Brom, can be.

Seduced by the dark lust and hidden strength of both men, she vows to do everything in her power to corrupt her DNA before the slavers find her.

Na’varr realizes Raesa holds the key to survival, and losing her to the Republic would destroy the fragile peace he and Brom had found in her arms. Her courage would lead them out of the depths of hell but only their love could keep her alive.

“So you’re the reason our ship has been land-locked.” His smile widened and she noticed the distinct gleam of fangs.

Raesa jerked her body to a position which made breathing much easier. The hybrid was built like a cyborg war machine, all bulk and heavy as hell.

“It’s an illegal search. You can stun them, drop them outside the ship, and then get the hell out of here.”

“Run from Imperials? Who do you think we are?”

She realized the sound of fighting grew louder. They were running out of time. “You’re Brom Raine. Second in command to Anderson Na’varr of the Crimson Star.”

“You forgot hybrid.” The statement ended with a feline growl and he nuzzled her throat. “I’m part animal.” His teeth nipped lightly at her skin.

Raesa’s pulse leapt, and not from fear. “What are you doing?”

“Deciding if I’m going to keep you.”

Other parts of her body were definitely up to that challenge. “I’m housebroken.” She didn’t stop the smirk from twitching her lips.

“Can you cook as well?” His tongue swiped at her pulse point. It was rough and delicious against her too-hot skin.

“No, but I can hack my way off this planet and into free space. Word has it you’re in need of a reputable information specialist.”

Brom pushed himself up on his forearms and stared down at Raesa. The golden gleam of his eyes narrowed to slits while he considered her offer.

“No one can be that good.”

She grinned. “I’m the best, baby. That’s why I’m here.”

A loud rumble erupted from his chest. Was he purring or growling? Her eyes widened and the reverberation filtered through his clothes to the scrap of cloth she wore. His teeth pressed against her throat for a split second and she stopped breathing.

Was he going to bite her?

Before he pulled away, he licked her. “Did you plan on getting caught by me, kitten?”

Raesa’s cheeks burned hot. “Not exactly.”

“Ending up under me wasn’t on your agenda?” He gently nudged her thighs further apart.

Raesa put her palm against his chest. She needed to get away. “You were ridiculously fast.”

“So were you. It’s been a long time since I was taken by surprise. Maybe I should keep you, after all.” He took her hand and pressed it down above her head.

This wasn’t what she’d planned at all.

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  7. The Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set went live today! It's available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo Books.

  8. Call me old school, but I believe a man is to be the head of his household; therefore it is imperative that he be a leader and take charge of making sure that household is sound. Can't do that if he's got his head up his a$$ lol.


  9. I must admit I love a take charge man, a true alpha doesn't boss people he just expects obedience and gets it, the fake alphas boss people and bully them. The take charge alpha is the one I love cjlps23 at gmail dot com


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