Thursday, May 29, 2014

Honking Matters!!

A number of weeks ago, when I set my car alarm, my lights blinked but the horn didn't sound. I checked to make sure the doors were locked then didn't think much more about it.

Driving into work (at 6:30 a.m.) a few days later, the car in the lane on my left began swerving as if their drunk had just kicked in. In order to punctuate my swearing and yelling, I slammed my palm onto my horn. Guess what? Nothing happened.

I have to go to different locations during my day job and running quick, very local errands is an important part of most of my days.

All of a sudden, now I'm living a video game! Never before have I experienced such a plethora of scary-bad driving scenarios which require the blasting of my horn - person in front of me deciding to make a left turn from our right lane, guy peeling out of a parking spot when I'm directly behind him, and multiple drivers running the red light on the newly timed signal by my neighborhood.

My hubby works in the car industry. This is both a blessing and a curse. :)
When I reported my horn situation to him, of course he said he'd fix it. Much like how the doctor's kid is always the sickest one in school, two weeks passed before he attempted to address my issue.

Even after almost 28 years of marriage, I broke a golden rule: don't question hubby's expertise when he's working on my car! It led to a multiple hour argument and my car not being fixed.

More driving and more near death (exaggeration) incidents occurred. I stopped into our local repair station and they expounded on the expense for them to diagnose, let alone fix my problem. I reported it to hubby.

He and I have long since gotten over our fight and he of course says he'll be the one to fix my car.

As of yesterday, he offered to buy me an air horn to blast out my car window....

I so love my man!!!!


On Friday May 30th, Cris Anson's Redemption and Glory releases!! Visit her blog to find out more about this book and the series!

Enjoy a lovely weekend~



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Editing New Work

I'm editing new work tonight and just exhausted, so I have to skip today's blog. But I will ask a favor of anyone who drops by. Does anyone know the name of this cover model? If so please leave it in the comment box. I'd love to know his name.

Also, take a good look and tell me if you think it's possible these two photos are the same man?

Thank you! Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love it when it rains...

I can write better when it's raining...

The soft patter of rain on the roof makes it less stressful for me. I love going to stand at the door to take a deep breath of the moist earth and the clean, rain-washed air. It makes me want to create something.

It revs up the imagination and adds something to my ability to write...not sure why...but it does.

Is there something that works magic for you? Thunder? Lightning? A fabulous sunset...or sunrise? The sound of early morning birds waking to the new day?

The purr of a large, fluffy cat sitting next to the keyboard? The wet cold nose of a puppy nudging you? The sound of a symphony in the background? The smell of morning coffee dripping into a pot?

The sound of pan pipes wafting through the air?

Tell me some of the things that make you feel like writing...or reading...


Fran Lee  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cover Reveal and Excerpt for Nikki Lynn Barrett's "The Key To My Heart"

Harmony's Echo, Texas is a small town being put on the map. It all started with Baby Stetson when Avery Callimer finally gets the answers she's longed for and finds the courage to chase her dreams. 

Then, in The Melody In My Head, a woman on the run finds her place in this tiny map dot of a town. Lead guitarist Jameson finally has to face his past and has a chance at love....

Coming in July 2014, readers will learn about Blaine Grant, Jameson's sister. You met her in The Melody In My Head, where there's a glimpse of something going on between Blaine and Baby Stetson's keyboard player, Randy.

Now their story is almost here. And today, we're revealing the cover for The Key To My Heart.  Are you ready?

One dream fails, a passion burnt out...

Blaine Grant hightailed it out of Harmony's Echo a year out of high school to find herself. Finding a passion didn't come as easily to her as it did for others around her. Now, Blaine has come home for good with mistakes she'd like to forget, but the past doesn't want to forget her. Everyone thought she'd been selfish to not come back when she was needed the most, but Blaine never let anyone know the emotional hell she went through.

Another dream is just beginning to see the light...

Randy Hughes has always been the shy nice guy. He's the glue that holds his family together. He's the one who takes everyone in when they need it, and he's the one whose own dreams are ignored. Now that big things are happening for the Baby Stetson band, Randy has to decide how to handle his family when his dreams are on the line...

A friendship is changing.

One spur of the moment, impulsive move leads Randy and Blaine into a dire situation that may bring them together, or pull them apart, just when he's finally able to gather the courage to tell Blaine how he's felt about her all these years...


“What was your dream?” 
“To-” Hell, what was her dream? To dance? To teach dance? Things just fell into place without much thought back then, but was it really a dream, or was it her accepting life the way it was? “There you go again with those questions!” 
  Randy squeezed her hand before he turned on his side to face her. “ At least you're not trapped way up high on a carnival ride.” he laughed.
“No, but I'm out in the middle of nowhere in the back of your truck. That's just as scary.” 
“Scary, huh?” He leaned closer, his grin widening. “Like boogeyman scary?” 
Blaine rolled her eyes. “First off, there is no boogeyman. Second, I wouldn't be afraid of him if there was.” 
“You mean, you haven't heard the story of the boogeyman living out here by the creek?” 
“Nice try, Randy. I'm not one of those wimpy teenage girls you try to scare so badly that they cling to you and end up doing things.” 
He leaned up over her. “Didn't think you were, but now that you mention it...”
She socked him playfully. “You don't have to try to scare me to get a kiss, you know.” 
“Really? So, you'd kiss me without the boogeyman scare tactic?”
Pretending to think about it, Blaine closed her eyes. “Hmm.”
“You're a brat, Hollywood.”
“Ugh, don't call me that.” 
Randy wiggled his eyebrows at her. “Shut me up then.” 
“I'll shut you up by tossing your annoying ass in the water!” 
“Ooooh. Idle threats.” That didn't stop Randy from bolting up and off the truck bed. Blaine ran after him.
“What got into you all of a sudden? You've never been this bold!” 
“Maybe I'm infected by Blaine-Grant-word-vomit-itis.” 
“I'm not that bad, am I?” Oh hell, she didn't want an answer to that.  She caught up to Randy, who'd run behind a tree. 
“You have your moments, but they crack me up.” Randy said, peeking his head out from behind the tree.

Revisit the characters you've come to know in small town Harmony's Echo, as more changes settle upon them.

Author Bio: Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She's an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade.

Other Books by Nikki Lynn Barrett

The “Love and Music in Texas” Books

Baby Stetson
The Melody In My Head.

The “Secret Santa” books

The Secret Santa Wishing Well
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The Masterpiece Trilogy
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Twitter: @Stormgoddess925

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Introducing Cara Bristol's Spanking New Sci-fi Romance "Terran"!

My guest today is the best selling author Cara Bristol. If you haven't met Cara yet you are in for a treat! Her books are super hot, full of heart and feature a lot of spicy spanking.

Terran: When aliens take control…
By Cara Bristol
Sometimes what I know about the books I write isn’t as significant as what my characters do on their own.
When I conceived the idea Terran, the second book in the Breeder sci-fi romance, I already had the heroine and hero picked out. I’d introduced them in the first book: Tara Diehl, a pink-haired vendor in the Terran Bazaar of the Parseon Market, and Marlix, a pseudo villain who hates the Earth people and wishes they’d all return to their planet.
But I knew that Marlix wasn’t the bad guy he’s believed him to be.
I knew that the alien Parseon society needed to progress toward the grand finale I have in mind in book three (Warrior).
I knew that Tara would be injured and would convalesce at Marlix’s underground bunker home. (This would be a major plot point that would allow the hero and heroine to draw closer together.)
What I didn’t know was how to get Tara to Marlix’s domicile. By what means would a lowly female Terran vendor end up at the home of one of five ruling Alphas?  This would be like grocery store checker being installed in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House.
In typical pantser-fashion, I decided to wing it and started writing the book without having this tiny detail settled. I set up the meeting between Marlix and Tara. She sells bullet-proof material. He wants it for uniforms to protect his personal guard force, but he loathes having to deal with a Terran—particularly a female one.
But when he meets Tara, to his surprise, he’s attracted to her. He finds her amusing.
And then stuff happens (you’ll have to read the book to find out what). Tara is injured.
And Marlix kidnaps her!
I had no idea he was going to do that. I should have. It makes perfect sense. He’s an Alpha Commander with a strong sense of entitlement. As he tells Tara, “I win. Always.” When he sees what he wants, he takes it.
And that’s how Terran become a capture romance.
Maybe I should have given Marlix co-author credit.
Terran blurb
After fleeing loneliness and heartache on Terra, Tara Diehl has adjusted to male-dominated Parseon better than most vendors--until she is kidnapped by Alpha Marlix, one of the five rulers of the planet. At first she’s terrified of her tall, muscled abductor, especially when he doesn’t hesitate to quell her struggle for freedom with a little corporal discipline. After all her methods and ploys to escape fail, she decides to seduce her way to freedom.

But out of seduction and subterfuge grow a true intimacy that cause Marlix and Tara to take action that drives Parseon to the brink of civil war, and threatens not only their relationship, but also their lives.

Terran, the second book in the Breeder sci-fi series, is a “capture” romance involving a domineering but hunky alien, and a female with a bad dye job and an even worse attitude.
Terran Excerpt
If people gawked, she did not notice. Panic blinded Tara to all but instinct as she tore through the Bazaar. Suck it up. Suck it up. Sobs of relief convulsed in her throat when her feet found their way to her shop. Perched on a counter stool eating lunch, Ramon leaped to his feet as she stumbled in.
“My God, Tara! What the hell happened?” He grabbed a bolt of flannel off its stand and threw it around her, then hugged her to his chest.
Unable to stop crying, she heaved and shuddered as Ramon rocked her and swore under his breath.
“I th-thought it w-would be o-o-okay. I only went out-outside to check.”
Ramon stiffened.
“They grabbed me,” she sobbed.
“Th-three males.”
“Fuck,” he swore, his voice laden with concern. He did not need to say I-told-you-so to remind Tara how foolish she’d been. “We need to call Security. The Terran Embassy.”
She shook her head. “No.” The Terrans held little authority and couldn’t do anything. Parseon Security did have power but would do nothing. Nor could she endure an interrogation by males cut from the same cloth as her attackers. Parseon did not consider sexual assault a crime but rather a sport, which was why the treaty attempted to protect its female vendors by insisting they travel with an escort. By venturing into the Market alone, she had disobeyed the rules intended to protect her.
“Yes. My God, Tara, you were attacked.” He dropped his voice to a hoarse whisper. “Did they rape you?”
“No,” she lied. She squeezed her eyes shut against Ramon’s shoulder. She’d been pinned to the ground. They had sodomized her with their fingers—they just hadn’t gotten around to the rest of it, because the Commander had intervened. She recalled his growl, his shadow. The boot on her back had lifted, and her attacker had flown through the air. She’d heard a thud and a snap, and then the pounding of feet as the other two attackers had scrambled away.
Only Alpha remained. Though he’d saved her, the rage and intent to harm that enlarged his already huge body had terrified her, and she’d fled, as much from him as the attack.
“You’re bleeding,” Ramon said, and she became aware of searing pain in her legs, back, and chest. They’d cut her when they had sliced at her clothing and had pummeled her with their fists and feet. “You need medical attention. I’m calling Security.”
“No!” came a gravelly shout.
Ramon started, but Tara did not. Hadn’t she known all along he would follow her?
“I will handle this.” There was no mistaking the threat in the gaze the Alpha cast upon Ramon. “Leave us.”
A brave Ramon shook his head. “No, I’m staying.”
Aggression shimmered off the Commander in waves. Ramon was wiry but little match for most men on Terra, let alone an Alpha. She had little doubt how he would fare in a confrontation. Again, she pictured her attacker sailing through the air as if the Commander had thrown a stuffed toy and not a live adult male.
She opened her mouth to reassure her shop mate she would be okay, but before she could speak, the Commander yanked her out of Ramon’s protective embrace and slung her over his shoulder. The Alpha stalked out of her shop into the Bazaar.
She could hear Ramon yelling.
Shock and fear paralyzed her. Hard sinew and bone shifted beneath her abdomen as the Commander carried her as if her weight posed no burden. She stared at the moving ground. His arm across her thighs immobilized her legs. The flannel with which Ramon had covered her trussed her arms. Tara found her voice. “Let me go! Where are you taking me?” Had he saved her only to rape her himself? Along with amusement and derision, there’d been lust in his eyes during their fabric transaction.
The Commander ignored her.
Tara worked her arms free of the flannel and punched at his legs. “Put me down, now!”
He growled and struck her ass hard three times.
She hit him again.
He retaliated.
 For every blow she landed against him, he tripled with his own.
“Help! Somebody, please help,” she screamed, knowing it was in vain. Not a single person had come to her rescue during the attack by the betas, and no one would oppose an Alpha. Parseons would not, and though shock registered on the faces of her fellow vendors, the Commander moved too swiftly for them to do anything—if they had dared. Her fear rising, Tara began to cry.
Before she knew it, they had exited the Bazaar, left the Market, and boarded the sky tram.
Author links

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SEALs GOING HOT TWITTER Party March 20 at 7 Central! Be there!

Get ready for Seals Going Hot TW party May 20, Tuesday night, at 7 Central
    Sign up instructions to come!
    GIFTS, FREE BOOKS to those who attend!

YES! Great fun with me, Cerise DeLand, and my 3 pals who have developed this series: Desiree Holt whose book, Ride the Mustang is already out, Samantha Cayto whose book Catching Eagle's Eye comes in July and Brenna Zinn's Touched  by Midas out in August!

My book is BURNING FOR NERO, out June 13. What's the fun?

     On leave due to an injury, Navy SEAL Tony Nero heads home for a little R&R and some Fourth of July fun. When his buddy’s widow Cass Phillips picks him up at the air station, Tony figures he’s in for a sexually frustrating few days. He’s had the hots for the blonde siren for years, but his best friend won her heart first. Even though Ray’s been gone more than a year, Tony bets Cass isn’t interested in any man. Not him. And especially not another SEAL.

     Cass has a bone to pick with longtime friend, Tony. After her husband died, he was the closest thing her little boy had to a father figure. His visits stopped abruptly and her son doesn't understand why. Neither does she. She's also unable to quench her growing need for the tough and tender man. She's already loved and lost one SEAL, but that doesn't stop her from burning for Nero.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cover Reveal and first Taste of Ella Grey's "Guarding Mari"

I have a special guest today! Fellow Decadent Publishing author Ella Grey has a new release on the horizon. Here's a sneak peek at Guarding Mari. The second book in her Black Paw Pack series.

A killer is on the hunt for Mari, the doctor to the Black Paw Pack. It will take the combined efforts of Mari and her mate, a man she hasn’t seen in three years to keep her safe.

Guarding Mari

Three years is a long time to be away from your mate.
Mari has been living half a life.
A doctor before she was infected with the werewolf virus, Mari is now the target of a deranged serial killer. The night held one bright moment, she met Daniel Greyborn, the other half of her soul.
Daniel wants a life time with his mate.
He made a difficult decision when he left Mari with the Black Paw Pack. When he finds a body on his compound he knows that Ryback is back and it’s time to finish what happened three years ago.
But are they about to underestimate a killer?


Mari smiled at him. “Hello Daniel.” She sat up and pulled off her shirt and bra. He darted forward catching her nipple between his teeth. Her fingers were in his hair as her back arched pushing it into his mouth before Daniel was pushed away. The change between human and wolf was seamless. Her fur was a dusky gold and the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Mari jumped off the table. She glanced over her shoulder. Her eyes were full of mischief. Daniel stripped out of the rest of his clothes. Her challenge was clear.
Catch me if you can, Greyborn.

So has this sneak peek caught your interest? If you haven't already, check out the first book in the series, Saving Kat. 

Saving Kat (Black Paw Pack, Book 1)

Adam Reece, Alpha of The Black Paw Pack, follows all the rules but he can’t resist teasing Katherine Moon. Pack law frowns on wolves and witches mating so the resident Earth Witch has become his friend and confidant, nothing more.
 Life is good. Kat’s blessed by the Goddess who connects her to the earth and the wolf pack she watches over, even the Alpha who only seems happy when he’s pestering her. But she wants more—namely the forbidden attention of a certain steadfast Alpha with a boyish grin. Too bad crossing that line isn’t an option.
 When a tragic accident threatens to steal her from him forever, Adam must make the hard decision—save Kat or lose her forever, even if she never forgives him.


Ella Grey likes to tell stories which feature very human characters, even if those characters sprout fur or can conjure fire with a click of their fingers. Ella has been writing for over a decade and has been published for the last two years.
She currently lives in the UK with her son, partner and cat. She rarely sleeps and can often be found with a cup of coffee in one hand and her other hand on the keyboard.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Timelost Lover" New Emerald Isles Fantasies book from Susanna Stone!

Great news, today marks the release of another fantastic Emerald Isles Fantasies book! My guest today is the lovely Susanna Stone. Susanna is a sweet friend and co-creator of Ellora’s Cave “Emerald Isles Fantasies” book series. I know you’ll love her charming contribution to this beautiful series “Timelost Lover”.

Thanks Kat for having me as a guest blogger today at Seven Sexy Scribes.

It's been a lot of fun working with you and all the other Ladies of Tullamore, coming up with a whole variety of paranormal events at the historic Castle Tullamore.  All the rest of you have produced wonderful characters and supernatural beings.  Now it's my turn to join the party with Timelost Lover.

My heroine, Tannis Romilly, is visiting the Castle Tullamore Hotel, when she takes the old elevator to the attic, looking for the abandoned studio of a famous Irish painter, Brendan Pearse, who lived and worked there over 100 years ago.  She can't believe what's happening when she find the studio is still in use, and Brendan is alive and well and in need of the perfect model for his Irish Freedom paintings.  And he knows the moment he sees her that she's the one.

I had a lot of fun imagining the time travel elements of this story, and how they react to each other, especially as lovers, coming as they do from total different worlds.  I especially enjoyed using  the elevator, which was built in an ancient time portal. At first it works in their favour, and then things go awry, and Tannis finds herself at the mercy of the whims of Castle Tullamore.

I think we all had fun with our adventures at Castle Tullamore, and I hope those readers who enjoyed the other books will enjoy this latest adventure.

Blurb: Timelost Lover
Part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series
When Tannis first sees an iconic painting by Irish nationalist artist Brendan Pearse, she’s stunned that the naked woman in the picture looks exactly like her, even down to the intricate Celtic tattoo on her breast. Seeking answers, she travels to Castle Tullamore, an ancient Irish stronghold steeped in magic, where the artist lived and worked a hundred years ago. Inexplicably, she is whisked back in time and meets him face to face.
Brendan doesn’t know what to make of this otherworldly woman who seems to have come out of nowhere to be his model. But he knows she’s exactly the woman he needs for his Irish Freedom trilogy. At the risk of endangering his master work, and against all his own rules, he knows he can never hope to capture her essence on canvas without first possessing her body in the flesh.
But their time together will be heart-breakingly brief, because Tannis knows Brendan died tragically young, and there’s nothing she can do to change history.
A Romantica® time travel erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Excerpt from Timelost Lover

The old detachment of modeling came back to her with ease, reminding her of the days she’d been comfortable standing naked in front of a dozen or more students, some working with a life model for the first time. She smiled at the memory of the first-year men in particular, scarcely more than boys, studiously avoiding her eyes—even more her private parts—pretending to be blasé about it all. Then actually achieving that nonchalance.
And here, now—though when was now?—she stood posing for one of Ireland’s greatest artists. Who would believe it? Well, no one, of course, because one part of her mind still held a modicum of disbelief, no matter how much her senses told her it was happening. The legendary Brendan Pearse using her for his classic work. His eye assessing everything he saw and transmitting the image to his hand to create the marks that represented her lines and highlights and shadows.
He was clearly lost in that element of creation, no more aware of her as a woman than she was of—
He looked up at the very moment her eyes were resting on his face.
And everything shifted for her.
They held each other’s look for a million nanoseconds. His hand stopped for perhaps two beats of the heart, and then he resumed his work with no obvious change in pace or demeanor.
Tannis, however, had felt the swing of her own feelings from inward to outward, right to left, turned upside down. Suddenly very, very self-aware.
Aware of him as a man. Aware of her own nakedness.
No longer a model, a detached professional. Every square millimeter of her flesh felt exposed to this fully dressed man, this icon, this stranger. Alone with him in this isolated room, she felt almost shy of him.
Never in her life, either as a model or a lover, had she felt so on display, flaunting herself and her sexuality. She ached to cover her body.
She would be in a blatantly exposed position. Full frontal nudity, to use that modern term than he would never hear in his life.
How much longer could she bear it? Every second she stood here exposing herself tore at her nerve endings. Her composure was in shreds, her heart pounding in trepidation of what might happen next.
The only thin bright spot was that Brendan himself seemed oblivious to her sexually, unaware of her anguish. His lips tight, his eyes hard, he continued to pour his energy into the sketch before him.
She grabbed hold of her composure and forced herself to remain standing naked before him.

Sweet Saint Brigid. What the hell had just happened? All he’d done was catch her eye, and some unseen energy had sent a shock straight into his libido. He no longer saw his vision of Ireland’s tragedy and courage, but simply and totally a flesh and blood woman of unbelievable erotic potency.
A woman whose sheer sexuality flowed from every pore in her flesh.
He must have been blind. Blinded by the idea of her as his Celtic spirit, blinded by his artist’s vision, to the point where he had failed to see her as a person.
At what point had the primitive male kicked aside the artist?
He willed his nerves to settle down, his unruly ardor to back off. If he could just keep his mind on the project and away from imagining— Never mind.
“All right, turn around for me.” He put iron and detachment into his voice. She rearranged herself to display her back. Gripping the sketchbook as though it could protect him from her, he began to recreate the elegant curve of her back, the dip at the base of her spine—
Stop thinking, damn it. Just draw.

copyright Susanna Stone 2014; all rights reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Available today!
Ellora’s Cave

Check out other great books in the Emerald Isles Fantasies series including mine “Lord Griffin’s Prize”

Contact Susanna Stone at:


Thank you Susanna for being my guest today! Congratulations on another wonderful book. Best wishes to you.