Monday, September 30, 2013

More than one man in bed? Let me count the delights! 
If there is nothing like a good man, then there is nada like TWO men...or THREE!
     I love writing these, but I must say the most fun challenge is describing the choreography to the love scenes. Whose arm goes where? Who goes first? Why? Always wonderful choices to make!
     But the biggest challenge for me to a menage or an a quatre is to ensure for the reader that the men she hops into bed with are not only worthy of her, but want her for more than the physical reasons. And she must see them as human beings as well.
     Otherwise, the relationship (to me anyway) cannot be anything worthy of my heroines or worthy of her intimacy with them.
     Now I know that some say it's quite all right to hop in the sack with a guy that flicks your switch. But I'd rather he did it for a darn good reason other than the sex. I am, after all, writing an erotic romance.
     And therein lies the rub.
     In HAT TRICK my heroine is a widow who had a very loving husband. She misses him, wants to find another man whom she can care for and he her. When two younger men walk into her life who make her burn, she is careful to form a relationship with them first that gratifies her...and them! 
     In HER THREE WAY MERGER we have a young businesswoman who knows the two men who are about to offer her a fact a really fine deal! She went to high school with these two brothers and lived next door to them. She is all grown up now, hungering for a solid relationship in the boardroom and out. When she is offered more than she bargained for, well...she makes her own deal.
     But in ROPE ME IN, we have a four-some. If the choreography is interesting to create in a threesome, imagine what it is with one more in the mix!
    However, you don't have to imagine. You can read the first in my KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER series, ROPE ME IN, when one young divorcee returns to her hometown only to find that the three men she loved most as a kid have the hots for her now!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reading some older books again...

I just read Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon...
and enjoyed it for the fourth time...

Now I am starting on Loup Garou For You. TBR list is as long as my front lawn. Maybe I will write a little bit more this afternoon...

I finished Megan's Men recently, then turned around and read it a second time a week later (just in case I missed a good part).  Lady Starling's Stockings is coming up again for the third time soon, as well.

Oh...and don't forget Brawn, by Laurann Dohner...that's always a great one to read again.

But getting to bed at 7:00 a.m. is the pits...

Have a wonderful week...


Fran Lee

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Almost Time To Go Loup-Garou For You!

This Friday September 27th get ready to "Loup-Garou For You", Cajun wolf-shifters and medieval magic will howl into your life. This book is a big adventure set in 1834 Louisiana Plantation country and the French Pyrenees of the 9th century. You might be asking what the possible connection could be between these two far-flung settings? 

I’ll tell you. Everything!

It all starts in the 9th century with a forbidden love between two people who should not have married. Every good thing has its dark side and even the wish to spare a beloved husband from falling victim to a deadly ambush can go wrong. Loup-Garou For You is the tale of two lovers who became blood-bonded souls but must wait a thousand years to lay eyes on each other once again. What began, as a Saracen sorceress' act of love to protect a French knight on crusade becomes Sir Marston d' Roland’s family curse of Lycanism—he becomes a wolf-shifter or Loup-Garou. Becoming Loup-Garou saves Marston d' Roland’s life but as you might guess a Saracen sorceress and a wolf man are not welcome in King Charlemagne's Christian court and must keep their lives separate and secret.

And the secret of an uncanny blood-bond between a near-eastern sorceress, a French nobleman and the clan of the wolves remains secret for a millennium. So secret in fact young men in the Marston bloodline are often not told of their impending fate until the eve of their twenty-seventh birthday when at midnight, the transformation from man to Loup-Garou takes place.

That’s where the trouble and the fun begins. Poor Aubert Marston is a wealthy orphan and the last male heir in the Marston bloodline. He’s been warned by a family trustee to take a wife before his twenty-seven birthday, but he has willfully ignored that bit of useful advice. Now it’s going to cost him. One hundred party guests are on their way to celebrate Aubert’s birthday at the annual Marston Planation Harvest Ball. Not only does Aubert face the prospect of becoming a raving wolf man in front of his guests, it could get even worse. He might be bodily hauled away from his beloved plantation in chains and transported to the wilds of the French Pyrenees and there’s a strong possibility that during his first raging blood lust, for the sake of the many innocent people in his path, a sacred sword will be used to behead him and bring an end to the violence.

Wow maybe it would have been easier to just get married after all…

Now you know why they don’t tell everybody everything upfront. Becoming Loup-Garou is a traumatic event and not every young man survives it. Lucky for Aubert a mysterious young woman named Corrine shows up in his household to tempt, tease and downright torment him into believing she can control him. What’s even better is Aubert senses she’s Loup-Garou too. Aubert falls for Corrine big time, even before he actually sees her, he knows he loves her. You’ll just have to read the book to find out how Corrine manages that tricky feat. Once she’s mastered him, Corrine lures Aubert into the bayou where his true fate awaits.

Now you know a little about the Marston family legend and the origins of how the Loup-Garou came to the new world but there’s a lot more to know. I jammed a lot into these pages and I’m very proud of the results. I will guarantee that Loup-Garou For You is hotter than Louisiana red-pepper sauce and has a very happy ending.

You know what else? Loup-Garou For You is book two in the Voodoo Bayou series. “Sugar Roux Voodoo” is book one. Each book can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone but they are better together. If you read Sugar Roux Voodoo, you’ll remember poor confused Miss Marietta and her heated sexual obsession with the wicked Mister Payne? Of course you remember that nasty-hot little sexual encounter in a shadowy New Orleans alleyway… Well guess what? The Marston Plantation Harvest Ball is where Miss Marietta meets Mister Payne for the first time and their affair begins. The meek, long-suffering Julian Vandersmith is here as well watching the love of his life snatched away from him by an evil man. The Voodoo Bayou series is unfolding. I’m writing the next two books now so expect more magic, lust, true love and a hellacious battle between good and evil in steamy New Orleans of 1834. There’s more Voodoo Bayou come soon, but you can have this one on Friday!

Blurb: Loup-Garou For You

Bayou Country, 1834. Aubert Marston awakens on the eve of his twenty-seventh birthday to discover he’s undergone some disturbing physical changes. His body is bigger, stronger and hairier than it’s ever been, and burns with the lust of a beast. To make matters worse, a hundred guests are about to arrive for the plantation’s annual ball.

A mysterious young woman named Corrine appears in his home, temping Aubert to unleash the inner lycan, and family secrets from a medieval past surface. Corrine lures Aubert to a bayou camp of Cajun Loup-Garous—werewolves, But Aubert’s wealth and good looks are no advantage here. He must surrender to his feral nature and fight tooth and claw against another male pack member to claim Corrine as his own.

Inside Scoop:  This story contains mild bondage, southern hospitality, consensual sexual torment, f/f, m/m, anal play, cage fighting and unfettered animal lust. Enjoy!

A Romantica® historical paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing this Friday September 27th:

So are you ready to go Loup-Garou For You?
More good news! Loup-Garou For You is Paranormal Cravings Shifters and Were's Halloween guest! I got the coveted Halloween slot and we'll have an character interview with Aubert and Corrine and lots of great prizes. The Shifters and Were's Event goes from Oct 1-31st so check it out and enter to win big! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Why do we love Regencies? Let us count the ways!

Lingerie as a clue to a mystery?
In this Regency, YES!

The Regency era as we have come to know it in historical romance fiction represents quite a few qualities. Is there room for any variety?

I want to know!

Best selling Regencies, IMHO, have a few traits in common:

1. Wit or humor is required of hero, heroine and perhaps even in the plot!

2. A fiasco of some sort pops up to challenge the hero/heroine and they must use their noggins to solve the issue. USUALLY it is the woman who has her head screwed on straight, however. Hey, this is romance, donchaknow? NO TooStupidToLive Heroines, please!

3. Balls, gardens, misunderstandings abound.
We must dance, smell the roses and misperceive each other to make it a viable period piece.

4. The hero must be Above the Fray, usually not wishing to marry, though (handtobrow) he must, poor boy, for the sake of (pick one) the family, the estate, daddy, mom, sister in distress, et al.

5. Heroines tend to be smarter than the average gal. Well read, though most were not in that period. Well dressed, if she can afford it. Beautifully underdressed, if she is smart.

My Regencies at Amazon!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have a release date...

Love my editor...three days from first edits to final edits and getting the book into the coming soon pages! I guess it really helps when I self-edit the damn manuscript until it squeaks...

Here's a tidbit from Skinwalker's Woman

Copyright 2013
Fran Lee
He had seen trouble coming, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. But it had been the final vision that had caught him totally off guard. Night-dark eyes meeting his and thick black hair spread over his bed…

Not likely. He pressed his stiffening dick gently down, trying to ignore its awakened state. A piss might help, but he doubted that this one came from needing to urinate.

The medicine dreams never lied. At least, they’ve never lied before. It was probably an omen, not what it appeared. It had been many years since he’d almost had a wet dream, and it would be bad timing to start having them now. He flung open the leather flap and drew a lungful of the crisp pre-dawn air, bending to exit the dark, overheated lodge.

He had spent the last two days on the high sandstone plateau in his search for answers. Answers about the strange restlessness that had roiled around inside him for months now. His spirit was usually so calm that he figured he was close to dead. And what answers had the spirits given him to his questions? His voice was rough from lack of use as he laughed aloud. In the swirling mists of steam and sage smoke, they had sent him an image of a naked woman. And what a woman… Maybe old Joe was right. Maybe the restlessness that plagued him had less to do with his weary spirit and more to do with his horny body.

“I ask you for direction and you send me a porno movie?” He shook his head and lifted his arms wide to greet the rising sun. “Are you playing tricks with me now, Great One? Have I come to the end of my use to you? Are you telling me that my days of celibacy and dedication to your cause will soon end?” I doubt that, but I can always hope.

He closed his eyes and turned to greet the North wind. It cooled his overheated flesh but had little effect on the painful erection his dream had gifted him with. “Even you cannot cool my need? Are you all ganging up on me?”

As he turned to the west and considered the high spires of the wind towers of the Old Ones, he smiled tightly. “You conspire against me, as well, my friends?”

The moaning of the morning wind through the sandstone formations seemed to mock him as he turned last to the South wind and shook his damp hair back from his perspiration-wet face. “Then let it be so. It has been a long and lonely journey. But I seriously doubt the woman in my dream would look twice at one like me.” No woman had ever seen him as a man.

Only as a thing to be afraid of. To run and hide from.

He relieved himself in the latrine he had created by digging out a crevice in the sandstone and filling it with earth and crushed sage. He walked to the battered canteen hanging on the side pole of the lodge and took a deep drink, then poured a cooling trickle over his sweat-streaked face. He rolled up the sides of the lodge and put out the small fire that he’d used to heat the rocks. Reaching for the small medicine pouch that contained his animal totems, he tied it snugly about his throat to avoid losing it in flight…then he crouched and freed his eagle form.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced, copied, or disseminated without written permission from the author.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn Fun Giveaways!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday comes once a week...

And all (bad) girls need some inspiration to get them through the weekend...
Those of you who are going to Romanticon in October won't need this can take your own of Giorgio when you get there...but for those of us who can't make is heaven in golden skin with bedroom eyes to boot.

I tried to pack him up in my suitcase last year, but he wouldn't fit. Then I tried Justin, who is about six inches, that doesn't sound right, does it? Anyway, neither hottie would fit into my carryon, and I never fly with checked luggage. (They would have gotten cold in the baggage compartment.)

How's the libido doin', ladies? Enjoy your weekend...


Fran Lee  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Susanna Stone's got "One For The Road"

Friday’s special treat is a new novella from Susanna Stone who is also a sister Emerald Isle Fantasies contributor. Susanna is an easy-going, outdoorsy woman who is a pleasure to work with. Her fantastic tale of Irish enchantment will be coming soon to Ellora’s Cave. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Today’s offering is a contemporary tale of two sexy strangers who find themselves taken for a ride by fate… Read on for a sweet taste of One For the Road.

When Lindsay Thomas gets caught in the rain in the middle of the night, taking refuge in a friend’s camper is the perfect answer. But the next morning, when she finds herself a long way from home, alone in the wilds with a total stranger, the lucky break turns into a whole different game. Especially since Lindsay, having just broken up with her straitlaced boyfriend, has sworn she’s ready to have sex with the first man to come along.

Cade McKenna's life is finally looking up. A pickup truck, the open road, nothing but freedom ahead. And with any luck, he’ll find a woman to put an end to the past year of enforced celibacy. As soon as possible. He has no idea just how soon, until his first stop, when he discovers he has a stowaway, a woman who’s equally deprived and equally ready to make all that deprivation history.

For three days and nights, the chance-met passionate strangers slake each other’s sexual thirst and stoke each other’s desires. Until they have to face the reality of their very separate worlds.

Want a another taste of One For Road? Of course you do! Here’s an excerpt.

…Lindsay hadn’t a clue what time it was, but judging by the light outside the curtained windows, dawn was in the process of breaking.

At least she knew where she was. And why. In Dan’s camper, because sometime in the night she’d stopped trying to work on a relationship with Kevin.

And how do you feel about that? her inner analyst asked.

“Great.” And it was true. She just had to write off the six weeks with Kevin to experience. But other than that, she had to admit she felt more relieved than anything.

All right, even more than relieved, she was frustrated. Back to square one. Because really, sex only once in eleven months—without an orgasm—was not what she’d call a good time.

Simone’s suggestion of a dark and dangerous stranger sounded damn good right now.

Imagine, a complete stranger undressing you, exploring your body, unfamiliar hands roving all over your skin, and unfamiliar fingers working their way up inside you. You’ve never seen him before, and you’re never going to see him again. You never know his name. He does things to you you’ve never had done before, because there’s no inhibitions here.

A stranger. Excellent idea. The perfect way to avoid another guy with issues about her being Andrew Thomas’ daughter.

Okay, she was worse off than she thought if she was seriously considering Simone’s dare to take a walk on the wild side.

Lindsay sat up and glanced around the camper. First things first. Throwing off the covers, she swung her legs around and sat on the edge of the bunk, her feet finding the step. Time to get dressed, flag a cab and head home. Then take off for the cottage and just forget about men and politics. At least until Saturday night.

She stretched into a long, energizing yawn, but cut it short when she heard the sound of the latch on the door.

Oh shit! She looked down to ensure the t-shirt covered her adequately as the door swung open.

The man who stepped into the camper, backlit by the sun in the doorway, was of medium height and build and dressed in rough denim. He shut the door behind him. She held her breath, waiting for the inevitable moment when his eyes would adjust to the dim light.

“What the hell…?” he said slowly, quietly.

Not Dan Talbot.

But certainly the first man to come along.

And definitely a stranger.

Cade McKenna couldn’t even begin to wonder who this woman was and how she’d got here. Despite her wearing only a t-shirt—a familiar one at that—she seemed remarkably calm in his presence.

She remained seated on the edge of the bunk. Almost as though she’d been expecting him.

“Um, mind telling me what you’re doing here?” he asked. A fair question.

“Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have just made myself at home like this but it was cold and wet last night.” But she didn’t look repentant.

“And you just happened to find my camper in the middle of the night, in the middle of downtown Ottawa and broke in and took a nap.”

“Well, actually, the lock was broken. Um, this is Dan Talbot’s camper, right?” 

"Yeah. He’s lending it to me for my cross-country trip.” He pulled in a long, calming breath and clenched a fist at his side. Whatever her story, she was in his space and wearing his t-shirt and, he suspected, nothing else. And it had been a long dry spell.

She nodded. “I see.”

“Look,” he said, “I don’t want to complain, but I’m a little uncomfortable to find you here at all, let alone dressed—or not dressed—like that.”

“Oh, this?” She glanced down at the ancient Nike t-shirt. Just Do It. Great. “I found it in here. Yours?”

He nodded and swallowed painfully as he caught sight of her nipples, taut against the thin cotton. Was she wearing anything beneath the shirt? He forced his gaze back up to her face.

“I suppose you want it back.”

 “Not yet. But I’d appreciate it if you could just get dressed and— hey, wait a second.”

A jolt of dismay mixed with hot yearning shot through him, right down to his gut and lower.

That text from Dan he’d picked up when he’d stopped for coffee. “Enjoy the trip, buddy. And enjoy the little surprise package I sent along. On the house. I know you can sure use it.”

He took another look at her, so calm in his presence. Almost as though she’d been expecting him. He was going to absolutely kill Dan when he got back. And right now he was going to get this woman out of here.

Just as soon as he’d had one taste of her.

After all, he was only human.

(I think that’s sounds pretty damn hot!)

Susanna Stone’s “One For The Road” is available now from Ellora’s Cave Publishing:

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