Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Bit of This and That

I’m feeling a bit unfocused, so posting random thoughts and babblings seems like the right thing to do this week! 
Justin Bieber is bugging the crap out of me. It seems as if every day there’s a report of him behaving like a spoiled, ungrateful brat. If only a quarter of the reports are true, and I bet the fraction is substantially higher, he needs a serious time out. Plus, I saw him interviewed recently, and I could barely understand a word he was saying – apparently he’s trying to sound like it should make sense why he now wears his pants beneath his ass cheeks and grabs his privates while performing.

In my neighborhood parking is only on one side of the street; mine. Why is it I can never park in front of my own house? Usually I know who the cars belong to, and usually their driveways are completely empty!!?
I’m greatly enjoying baking bread. Now I don’t do the blooming the yeast thing, I buy plain, frozen dough, but I’ve been experimenting to put my own spin on the final product. Rolling the frozen dough in olive oil, sea salt and granulated garlic before letting it rise makes yummy sandwich bread. I’ve also made cinnamon nutmeg pin wheels and cheddar rosemary puffy rolls.
On Tuesday, The Young and the Restless aired a tribute episode to Jeanne Cooper. It was incredibly moving and beautiful. By the end I was crying so hard that my dogs were all up on me trying to help.
I turned in Megan’s Men to my editor on Monday, four days early!!!! During the time I was writing it, I woke up consistently in the middle of the night because the story wouldn’t let me go. When I woke up Monday night, the last part of the last scene was replaying in my head. I’m thrilled with the final product, but will greatly miss spending time with Megan, Garfor, Loban and Rork.

My birthday is in December. My older brother John’s birthday is also in December. For many years now, we haven’t exchanged presents, but instead have enjoyed going out for dinner. I’m incredibly excited that after five months of a whole lot of “are you fucking kidding me” in the life department, we are finally going out this weekend to celebrate!!

Have a wonderful weekend~

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Em Petrova Is "Untouched"

Seven Sexy Scribes has a special treat today, the wonderful Em Petrova is our guest! Em writes some of the hottest stuff out there that also has plenty of heart. Her writer’s voice is clean and fresh, and she makes it look easy. It’s her birthday week too so give Em and yourself a little gift and treat yourself to a Em Petrova book today. (Wink) we have an excerpt from her latest book “Untouched” that might just turn your key. So if you’re ready to sample a darker shade of chocolate, here we go…

Kink Me Up
By Em Petrova

As an erotic romance author, I spend a LOT of time thinking about sex. In fact, there are days I live, eat, breathe, and watch sex. I’m always looking into fun new ways for my characters to connect. To me, realism is best, though. I could read about the sexiest BDSM ever but deep down, I know I’ll never play in that way. Yet I’m not exactly vanilla.

I know a lot of you fall into this category. Let’s call ourselves Dark Chocolates—decadent and rich. So what happens when your partner is milk chocolate or even cookies and cream? Well, we have to spoon-feed him bits of dark chocolate at a time to get him accustomed to it.

How do you ask for more kink?

1.     Play teacher. Let him walk in on you draped in a silk cloth. Then ask him to tie you up with it. Make sure you have a safe word—always! If either of you are uncomfortable, it’s not going to be a good experience.
2.     Read a hot book. I happen to know an author who writes scorching hot sex. *wink* Read a passage aloud to your lover or let him read over your shoulder. Bounce your foot while reading and say, “Listen to this, babe.”
3.     Turn on the tube. Yep—instead of connecting by turning off the TV, tune in to a sexy flick together. Find something that pushes both of your boundaries and ask what makes him hot.
Communication is everything! Read on for a sexy excerpt of my latest release in the Rough Boys series UNTOUCHED, now available from Ellora’s Cave
Mason choked the engine of his chainsaw and adjusted it until it was purring. Much like Eva last night.

The vibrations of the saw ran up his arms and through his shoulders. He squinted up at the treetop, assessing it once more. Never could be too careful. Loggers died every year. Even those with a ton of experience like him had accidents.

He tried to shift his night with Eva from his mind so he could focus on bringing down this white oak. The top was heavy on the right side but he didn’t want it to fall that direction. If it did, it would take out a solid thirty-incher that could be cut in a second wave.

He wanted this particular tree to shoot the gap he’d cleared to the left, which meant some fancy saw work was needed.

The wind was nonexistent and the air still after his regular faller, Tommy Cook, had just felled a tree. Two hundred yards away, he was busy select cutting too.

Mason approached the tree and set his saw blade at an angle. The teeth cut through the thick bark and wood like a hot knife through butter. He pulled the blade back and dug in again, drawing the saw upward to cut a wedge from the trunk. Wood dust showered his arms and coated the backs of his gloves. It burned his nose and he sniffed deeply, loving the scents of the sap and the pull of exertion in his veins.

Using the point of his saw, he tapped the notch he’d cut. It dropped to the forest floor soundlessly, disappearing into the shallow drift of snow around the trunk. Circling the tree, Mason set his boots precisely, prepared to jump back in the event that the log kicked out.

Then, glancing around quickly to ensure no one was within distance of this tree, he set the blade at an angle on the backside of the cut. As the trunk was severed in two, it tipped. Cracking and popping noises sounded even through his hearing protection. He felt the smile of satisfaction spread across his face.

With a scream, the white oak plummeted, the top branches ripping through the limbs of other trees, brushing them in farewell. It slammed to earth with a resounding wallop.

A cheer went up from across the clear-cut. Mason looked up to find Tommy sending him a wave of camaraderie. He cut the power on his saw and thwacked his hands against his thigh to dislodge the sawdust from his gloves. The cracked brown leather gloves had been his father’s and one of the only things Mason had saved of the man’s personal possessions.

He’d found them on a high shelf in the entryway. Drawing them down, he’d brought them to his nose and inhaled the tang of leather and sawdust. Both scents he associated with his dad.

He set his saw on the fallen trunk and pulled off his glove. A shock tore through him as the sweet aroma of Eva’s arousal struck him. He’d spent all night loving her. Even this morning he’d fingered her to completion before allowing her to climb from his bed. Christ, he could hardly wait to get home to see if his sheets smelled of her.

He’d barely kept himself from begging her to stay longer. Returning her to Osborn’s house to pick up her little car had spurred that deep possessiveness in him again. Osborn had come outside to harass them about where they’d gone. Mason had put a stop to it, but not before Eva was as flushed as a Christmas rose.

He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled. His balls clenched instantly at the scent of her he caught there. He’d promised to call her later tonight, but he felt like a goddamn teenager, dying to pick up the cell and call her now. Immediately.

What was she doing? Now that he knew she had a child to care for, he envisioned her in several different scenarios—the boy nestled on her lap as she read a story or seated on the floor building a block tower with him.

Why hadn’t he seen it before? She wore her motherhood like she displayed her femininity. She was always caring for people. Even hand-feeding Osborn a tartlet last night.

Mason wanted to jump in his truck and race to her house right now, and that scared the hell out of him. He’d never known such longing, even with his ex-wife. Eva and his ex were like heartwood and rotted wood though. One was strong and beautiful, something wood connoisseurs prized. Mason knew heartwood when he saw it.

Trouble was, he wasn’t going to stick around Salzburg Springs for long. He’d already contacted the company he’d left when his dad died a year ago and been told he always had a job with them. In fact, they wanted him as soon as possible. His roots weren’t firmly entrenched in western Pennsylvania, but they were plunging deeper after last night.

He mentally kicked himself. He never should have toyed with Eva. She deserved much more than a bachelor with a bent for rough play in bed.

Fires flared in him at the memory of her response to that heavy hand. She’d come unglued when he pinched her nipples so hard. And her skin had lifted to him when he tugged on her hair. How far could he push her?

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment for a chance to win book 1 of The Rough Boys series—Blown Down!

Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~
Find my books at Samhain, Ellora's Cave, Loose Id, and more

Thank you Em! Best wishes to you.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Cover!!!

Once again, Resplendence Publishing has perfectly represented my story!
Megan Lynch has had a very bad year. Her husband took off with most of their assets and a twenty year old bimbo. She lost her job and has nowhere to live. Accepting a management position at a research facility on a distant planet was supposed to be the first step to a new start. But now her transport has been cancelled indefinitely. She’s stranded, exhausted, defeated, and utterly pissed off. 
Garfor, Rork and Loban came to Earth for a one day trading mission. Finding their woman alone and upset in the travel port is both a blessing and extremely upsetting. She is unfamiliar with their ways, and Garfor is forced to use deceit to get her onto their ship and off the planet. With only a few days to convince her she is destined to be theirs forever, all three men are more than willingly to rise to the challenge.
Keeping on the sci-fi subject matter, I saw the new Star Trek movie and absolutely, positively LOVED IT!!!
Have a wonderful weekend~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Is News?

Is the media cruel or are we? I ask this because the old axiom used to be that the media was asking questions and reporting on stories we needed or wanted to know. I’m not sure that’s true anymore. I used to believe the media was an extension of “us”. I viewed the media as a more informed and better connected fact finder or purveyor of gossip.

It’s gotten pretty strange out there. I think media has gotten mighty sloppy. What passes for celebrity news or gossip has sunk far past meaningless overexposure. Today’s news is closer to we-accidently–stepped-in-tacky-and-fell-facedown-in-a-reeking-pile-of-dull. Is this the natural cycle of things? Technology has made it impossible to keep a secret in public and guess what the secrets just aren’t as good as they used to be.

Here is a tiny sampling of nonsense “news” I read yesterday.

Exhibit A) Pregnant Kim Kardashian. Yes she’s a gorgeous woman but please Kim stop trying so hard to be sexy while pregnant and just enjoy being pregnant. Take a nap. Read a book. Get your mind right for one of the biggest changes you will ever experience and to hell with the endless parade of clown outfits.

Exhibit B) Natural aging is not allowed to go unpunished. But wait there’s a double standard here. First the media loves to expose and pillory anyone who has had cosmetic surgery and point out in gruesome detail just how ugly it is. Second they take special glee in “exposing” how badly people are aging naturally. So it’s definitely a case of damned if you do—and cover of the National Enquirer “looked how they’ve aged special issue” if you don’t.

Poor Keanu Reeves has resurfaced lately carrying (gasp!) a few extra pounds. I’m telling you the truth. This is the blue pill, this is real, the Matrix hunk is chunky. Can you believe that a 48 year old man who’s been under a tremendous amount of stress the past year directing his first movie with a hefty budget at stake has taken up stress eating? This is shocking. Is this the beginning of a dangerous new celebrity trend where every middle-aged person in Hollywood frees-their-mind and starts’ believing it’s okay to walk around looking middle-aged?

I’ll admit I love seeing favorite celebrities take care of themselves but it’s perfectly okay to be a natural human being too. It’s such a relief. Please let’s not gloat over Keanu’s bloat. Let’s just love the guy; he’s not hurting anybody.

Exhibit C) Eva Longoria, poor little Eva. She was trying to do the right thing and save a delicate mint green Versace dress from getting caught on her high heels and dragged through the rain but she hoisted her hem too high and revealed she was going commando on the French Riviera. Je rougis! Now her pussycat will have to face international exposure. Let’s give a girl a break and just let it go. 

I hate panty lines. I've done the same thing so many times and thank god no one took my picture.

I still haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness and I’m dying to! Everybody says it’s great.


Not Much Going On

I'm in limbo. Last week I was dealing with a sick daughter. This week I'm playing catch up with life. I'm waiting on cover art for my newest Operation Second Honeymoon. Once I get it, I'll share. :)

Hubby's taking me away for a much needed weekend escape this weekend. I'm excited for two kids free nights. We're going to Foxwood's Casino. Not really sure why. We don't gamble, but there is a Hard Rock Cafe, which we love. I'm not complaining though. I'll be away from dogs and kids.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Almost Time To Star Trek Into Darkness!

It's almost time to Trek into Darkness! I can't wait. I've loved Star Trek since I was a kid. I'm thrilled with the new spark of life JJ Abrams has breathed into the franchise. This movie looks loud, dour, humanity is in peril and lots of things blow up including the Enterprise and possibly all of Earth. Despite all that I still think it will be a fun movie. It will be fun because I'll take the adventure with family and friends who love Star Trek as much as I do. I'll enjoy sitting next to loved ones who take Star Trek seriously and watching their faces as they watch the screen. 

Star Trek has been a big part of my life, but nothing like my friend who lost his father at a very early age to a senseless act of violence. My friend was too young to remember his dad. He made sense of the loss by adopting Captain Kirk as his father. It sounds crazy but his mother said she could get him to fall asleep or do his chores with the gentle suggestion that Captain Kirk would be so proud of him. That's powerful stuff when a fictional character becomes so real people forget they're a fictional character.

I've heard some critics comment that the latest installment of Star Trek is derivative of the original material while at the same time overlooking the fact that’s exactly what its supposed to be. Yes, these are the same characters in the same situation we saw forty years ago. We're seeing them right before it all goes wrong--again. This Star Trek looks epic and emotional and I love epic and emotional.

The villain (hisss!) is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Just in case you've been trapped on a desert island somewhere and don't know who Benedict is playing... I won't say his name and spoil the surprise. I will say JJ Abrams and his camp are very, very bad at keeping secrets.

Chris Pines is our handsome new Captain James T Kirk. He's got swagger and shag-her up the wazu.

I love Zachary Quinto. He had a big pair of ears to fill and it's quite logical that he's done so wonderfully.

Alice Eve plays Kirk's love interest Doctor Carol Marcus. Poor girl you just know she's in for a rough ride...

Are you a Star Trek fan? Does the series hold any fascination for you?

Coming Soon

For the last week I’ve been working hard on edits for Operation: Second Honeymoon. Let me start off by saying I’m thrilled they’re letting me keep the title. I love it. I’m sorry if others don’t, but I really do.
I wrote this book for a few different reasons. I used it as a therapeutic venue on some levels, at the suggestion of my wonderful friend Kat.
The heroine, Avery has suffered a loss and instead of turning to her husband, the man she loves with all her heart…she pushes him away. This once happy couple suddenly finds they’re lost and alone.
Avery’s husband Cole will do anything to save their marriage and get his wife back.
We all know I suffered a big loss a few years ago. I basically did the same thing, by pushing hubby away. I was ready to end my marriage for many different reasons. Some brought on by depression and some by delusions. Looking back I’m happy HE decided to stand by me and realized it was something that would pass.
Hubby suffered too. He essentially lost his son and his wife. His problem was he wouldn’t turn to me to talk. He kept it inside, so he could be my rock.
Grief and loss can take a toll on any relationship if not addressed properly.
All seriousness aside, Operation: Second Honeymoon will also bring happiness to readers. You’ll see the love Avery and Cole share in the beginning. The story is an M/F/M ménage. Readers will also be introduced to Owen, the couple’s next door neighbor.
Cover art, blurb and tasty excerpt coming soon!
Operation: Second Honeymoon will be released by Loose Id on July 9th.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nibble my newest cherry, STEAL ME AWAY, blurb and excerpt! Out now!

Fancy Turner knows it isn’t wise to hunger for the touch of the virile Comanche chief, Bull Elk. She should catch a husband from among the few men who returned to Texas after the Civil War. But tall, bronze Bull Elk, in his feathers and buckskin, is so handsome—and forbidden.
When Bull Elk charges onto the ranch one morning and catches Fancy up in his arms, he knows he risks the anger of his own braves and the fury of the long knives to have her. He’ll risk everything to twist her golden hair in his fist, to caress the pale swell of her breast as no man has before him. He’ll have Fancy as his wife even if he has to fight his own people to make it so.
Thrust into a world she doesn’t understand, Fancy expects Bull Elk to take her. But never in her darkest fantasies does she expect to enjoy it so much. Bull Elk’s touch is possession, his kiss a brand, and to her shock Fancy finds that the only future she wants is the one she imagines in his arms.
Excerpt, All rights Reserved, Copyright, Cerise DeLand, 2013

Fancy Turner and her sister are outside picking vegetables and flowers one spring morning. They argue about men and the losses during the Civil War. Suddently, Fancy’s sister points to the hill above them.
“Francine!” Collette screamed. “Don’t go! Look up at the hilltop!”
Fancy whirled to her left, one hand up to shield her vision from the glaring sun—she stood stark still. There on the ridge stood a party of half-naked mounted Comanche braves. A lot of them. Eight, nine, ten in all. By their build, Fancy could see a few were her age, maybe younger. All wore tawny loin cloths of buffalo hides, short boots of the same soft substance, long white and black hawk feathers in their shoulder-length ebony hair and nothing on their broad, bronze chests. Their leader, the tallest man among them, wore red paint across his nose and cheeks. His large, hell-dark eyes, he had ringed in black paint. Despite his fierce markings, Fancy knew who he was, and she smiled and waved at him.
“Nothing to fear from him, Coll. That is Patuwa kum. Chief Bull Elk.” She continued to walk toward the party, refusing to comfort her insolent sister any more than necessary.
“Wait, Fancy. How do you know that savage?”
“He came to a powwow with Ranger MacRae and Herr Mannfried last month in Fredericksburg.” That day, Bull Elk had worn his ceremonial headdress for the meeting and long buckskin trousers. No shirt then either. The better to show off that magnificent muscular chest. She quivered recalling how attractive she had thought him then. How his gaze made her want his large hands around her waist. How she imagined him kissing her lips. Her breasts. And even, oh god, her pussy. She cleared her throat, trying to rid her mind of her forbidden lust for the Comanche. “Ranger MacRae introduced me when I served them all food and lemonade.”
“That doesn’t make him civilized, Fancy. You’d better not go near him.”
“Don’t be a ninny, Coll. He’s fine. He speaks English too. I heard him.” She continued her way up to the ridge and stopped in front of the handsome Comanche who some said would lead his people to white folks’ ways. “Hello, Chief. How are you today?”
Though she smiled at him in greeting, he narrowed those large umber eyes at her as if he were seeing her for the first time. “Fancee. Tur. Ner.”
“Yes.” She nodded. “Nice. You remember my name.”
One of his braves spoke up, gesturing to her and shaking his head as he pointed toward Collette.
“Patuwa kum,” Fancy tried for some polite conversation, “do you…perhaps…go to Fredericksburg today?”
Two other braves murmured to their leader and Fancy could make out that they spoke his name the way she had. From the amused looks on their faces, they were making fun of her pronunciation.
So much for trying to be neighborly. Not eager to be an object of their ridicule, she bid them good day. She turned her back and trod along the stony path toward her family’s ranch house.
“Fancy,” Collette called, “don’t you dare leave me here alone with these beasts.”
Fancy didn’t bother to turn. Her sister didn’t deserve her consideration after the way she had spoken to her today. “Maybe they can teach you some manners, Coll. As for me, I am going home. Come, if you wish, or stay and reconsider your ways.”
“You little bitch!”
At the insult, Fancy halted in her tracks.
At once, the air was filled with war whoops and Fancy felt the earth vibrate with the pounding of horses’ hooves.
“No! Noooo!” Collette cried out.
Fancy whirled to see Bull Elk and his nine braves charging toward her. Her fingers went numb. Her basket of flowers fell.
Bull Elk rode straight at her. Her body frozen, her fears of being trampled by his horse turning her blood to ice, she cringed. Then she hiked up her skirts and ran. She didn’t get but two steps away.
The Comanche chief yelled a heinous cry as he came upon her and scooped her up across his lap, hanging her over his horse’s back, face down. Air slammed from her lungs. Her head spun. She tried to scream and no sound came out.
Bull Elk’s braves galloped beside him, chanting ear-splitting cries. He echoed their sounds as they raced across the hills.
Still Collette’s cries rang in her ears. “Noooo! Oh, god, no. Bring her back! Fancy! Fan-ceeee!”
 The chief pinned Fancy down, his massive hand to her spine. Her long platinum waves escaped her bun and cascaded around her face. Her fingers scraped tall grasses as Bull Elk rode like the wind across the rough terrain. She winced, curling her fingers to her palms. His companions rode nearer and nearer to them so that dirt and stones cast up from their horses’ hooves hit her in the face. Clamping her eyes shut, she heard Bull Elk call to them, curt commands she took to mean, Hurry. Others follow. Their wails frightened her so that she feared she die of it. Breathless, her lungs straining for air, her ribs bruised from the galloping of the horse across the barren plain, Fancy feared all hope was lost for rescue when Collette’s shrill demands died in the distance behind her.
She writhed but Bull Elk hooked his arm around her, bent over her to keep her firmly across his saddle and rode on. And on. And on.
And she wished he would never stop. For when he did, Fancy understood from tales of so many others who had been captured by the Comanche, that he would strip her, scalp her and maybe even skin her. She fervently prayed before that happened, she would die.