Thursday, December 30, 2010

If wishes were snowflakes

we would have an endless supply.

What do I wish for 2011? As always, world peace. I suppose most of us wish for that. This year, I have a few more personal wishes, but I think I'll keep them personal. It's like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake...if you tell, they won't come true!
I'll be honest, I'm not sorry to see the end of 2010. That's unusual for me. I'm normally quite resentful of the passage of time. Even when it goes by slow, it goes by way too fast. Not 2010. It couldn't go by fast enough.

It's been a sad year, a year of loss. Tomorrow night, it's done. Thank God. No regrets, no backward glance. I plan to eat yummy food, drink to excess and hang out with complete strangers - we've been invited to crash this really cool party and even if hubby can't go, I am so there!
Happy 2011 - be good. Do your best. Love, Julia

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Thank you so much to you all, my SSS buddies, for your support, encouragement and comaraderie!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Excerpt from "Nice Package"

Today I want to share an excerpt from “Nice Package”. In this scene Jim and Cora Emerson are alone in a luxurious suite. Jim is seated in a large leather chair. Cora is lying on the edge of the bed. Jim asks Cora to stop asking nervous questions about what’s coming next and relax. The game they are playing is meant to be a tease, to turn each other on and see how long they can stay apart. Cora performs a flirty striptease and then tells Jim a story:

“Hush.” Jim smiled and held a silencing finger to his lips. “I’m enjoying watching you undress.” His knees splayed wider, exposing a profound bulge in his trousers. “And so is my cock.”
A broad smile lit her face as she looked directly into his eyes. “What would your cock like to see?”
“Surprise me. Put on a show. I want to see how long I can stay in this chair.”
She carefully slid a tapering fingertip beneath the black bra strap and delicately tugged the strap down her soft shoulder. She gazed sideways at him. “How about a story instead?”
He faintly nodded. “A story would be fine.” His throat tensed.
A flush of heat raced through her. She loved this game. She would tell a sexy story and turn her and Jim on in the process, but what story would she tell? She knew so many. It better be a good one. This was a special occasion. Her pussy was counting on her to get Jim out of that chair and between her thighs as soon as possible. She unzipped her wool skirt, wiggled it down her legs and casually tossed it on top of her boots. Her hands brushed the length of her bare legs, stopping at her black lace panties. Her fingers loitered longingly between her thighs and came to rest on the lace hem. She started to reach underneath the stretchy lace so she could stroke herself with her fingertip.
Jim slowly shook his head no. “Keep your hands where I can see them.”
“You’re a cruel man.” She huffed impatiently and rolled onto her belly. Her ankles crossed high above her. She dug her fingers into the raw silk duvet and stroked its slightly nubby texture. A glossy lock of hair fell across one eye and she deliberately left it there and peeked out from behind it. “Once upon a time, there were two beautiful harem slaves who shared a bed.”
Jim leaned back in the chair and drew a deep breath. “What were the slaves’ names?”
Her eyes caught the warm sparkle of amber crystals dangling from a wall sconce above the nightstand. “Amberlina.” She paused and looked toward the bookshelf and the windows, desperately hoping inspiration would strike for a second name. Her eyes wandered across the distant ski slope beyond the glass door. “And Snowy.” Her story was off to a silly start and she was terribly disappointed in herself.
“Snowy?” Jim’s palm slowly stroked the length of his thigh. “That’s an unusual name for a harem slave.”
“Snowy was an unusual girl. She was from the extreme north. Her hair was a palest shade of silvery white and her eyes were an icy blue-violet. She was tall, slender and aloof. From the day she arrived at the harem she never spoke a word.”
“What was Amberlina like?”
She idly circled her fingertip on the bed top. “Amberlina was joyful in temperament and always wore a warm smile. Her graceful body, with its sweeping curves, loved dancing. Her full hips made her a great favorite with the sultan, who loved to drape long strands of pearls around her waist and watch them shimmy as she moved. She was no caged bird. She was a sensualist and a performer at heart. It was her delight and good fortune to escape the poverty of her village for the comforts of the harem. Being a palace pleasure slave to a handsome sultan was no hardship to her.”
Jim interrupted. “What did she look like?”
“Amberlina had long wavy hair the color of jet that tumbled past her waist. Her figure was so curvaceous, when women saw her they thought of Allat, the desert goddess of love. When men looked on her, they thought purely of sex. When Amberlina was presented at court, the sultan felt instantly possessive of her beauty and kept her away from the edges of the harem compound for fear another man would casually look at her and lust. In fact, it was impossible to come close to Amberlina and not stare. She was so lovely. Her sweet smile and sparkling brown eyes that tipped up at the corners silently invited others to engage her.”
“It sounds as if Amberlina has eyes like yours.”
“Perhaps.” She smiled. She could tell Jim was ready to hear more. “There is one distinct difference between Amberlina and me.” Her fingertips lightly brushed the swell of her cleavage. “I crave your touch. I love the touch of a man. Amberlina enjoyed the touch of her sultan as well and even hoped to present him someday with a royal child, but deep at heart she craved the touch of a woman. That fact was well-known within the harem. Behind the ornate wrought iron screens that securely barred the windows, it was no secret to any of those who lived inside that Amberlina loved women.” She whispered so softly Jim was forced to lean forward in the chair to hear her.
“She loved their touch, their lush softness and their taste on her tongue. She loved the sweet sounds they made in their pleasure and she loved to fall asleep in a woman’s graceful arms with her face pressed against a soft bosom. Many of the harem women fought for the right to dance at Amberlina’s side and openly coaxed her to their beds, but not everyone in the harem behaved so lovingly or got along so well with others.”
Jim shifted uneasily in the chair. “What about Snowy?”
“Poor Snowy.” She rolled onto her side and gently stroked her hand along the curve of her hip. “She spoke a foreign dialect the others could not understand, so she refused to speak at all. The sultan accepted Snowy as a valued gift from a warlord in a distant land, and even though she was very beautiful, he installed her in his harem and forgot her. Her days were spent in lonely silence with only a pet rabbit for a companion. She would hide in a far corner of the courtyard, set the fluffy white rabbit in her lap and adoringly stroke the quiet creature for hours while she watched Amberlina dance.” She paused.
“There was a bully in the harem. A jealous woman named Cailinda…”
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. The story continues, Amberlina and Snowy become lovers and get into a lot of trouble. Jim and Cora’s real-time tease continues as well. During a twenty-four hour period, Jim gets to come all he likes but poor Cora is continually brought to the edge and teased until the bitter end, which isn’t bitter at all. It’s explosive. lol
Next week I’ll be posting an interview and excerpt from Marianne Stephens’ latest non-fiction book “Guilty Survivor” the real life story of Tamerla Kendall’s experiences during the Bosnian-Croat war. It’s fascinating.
I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Creative New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Normally I set goals for the New Year, not this year. Last year I wanted to belong to the book-a-month club. I did. Not so much writing a book a month, but I had a new release at least once a month. Some months saw two and one month saw three.
I felt like I was pressuring myself to reach unattainable goals. Obviously they weren’t unreachable because I did it. I just didn’t like the stress that came along with it. I was also writing through grief. For almost six months I buried myself in my writing, but guess what? As my heart started to heal I lost the writing frenzy, almost to the point I couldn’t write anything.
This year I’ve decided not to set any goals, but things I’d like to happen. I’d like to see a novel length book published in 2011. I’d like to land an agent or into a larger publishing house, but they’re not the end all be all. I’d like to see more of my non-fiction articles get published. Last year I put that on hold because I was writing so much fiction.
I’ve scheduled two agent/editor appointments for 2011, so I’m headed in the right direction. This year will be about writing growth, personal growth. If none of these things happen I won’t stress myself, because I’ll know I gave it my all at the time.
Happy New Year!
See ya next year.

Monday, December 27, 2010

New titles, New Year, New Goals

Having a ball working in the e-biz publishing industry!!!
And so, amid the holiday season, thought I would pop in ever so briefly and show you a few of my delicious new covers for new books in 2011.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here's wishing you all the most wonderful holiday season!  For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, shalom!  May the light of the world shine bright upon you and yours, and may the beauty of God's love keep you safe and warm through the new year.
I will be back on New Year's Day to try and sell you some books...

But today, let's just celebrate the day!

Fran Lee

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Around our house -

we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and the solstice...sort of. It's just nice to see lights during this cold, dark time of year.

This is a good opportunity to thank my author friends and my reader friends alike - I write because I hope to give pleasure - a little vacation from the problems of the real world. That's sort of what this time of year represents, a vacation from the real world, an island in the storm.

I wish you all good things - if your year has been tough, then I wish you a better 2011. If your year has been good, then here's a big congratulations and wishes for more of the same. Never underestimate the value of love.
To good friends! Julia

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope your holiday is filled with love!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Does your family have a resident elf? Ours does, and he’s older than time, and you might be surprised to discover your family has a guardian elf as well.

Allow me to explain.

My ancestors on my mother’s side emigrated from Scotland and brought their folk tales and myths west by wagon train.

My grandmother told me as a child that she could barely understand what her grandfather said to her because his Scottish brogue was so thick. She had to strain to understand him but what she gleaned from him amazed her.

This great grandfather was an educated and skilled man from Glasgow. He worked as an architect in the rebuilding of London and designed great church organs with perfect pitch. These were days when a church organ filled the back of the building and the pipes were ten feet tall. He was a very tall man for the day, well over six foot and many jokes were made that he was his own ladder.

He came to the west because he couldn’t resist the call of adventure and he guessed rightly, other newcomers to the west would need his skills.

When he came to the frontier, he brought his skills, hopes and the family’s ancestral elf with him.

In those days in the west, a tall handsome man with an income didn’t stay unmarried for long—perhaps an hour or two? lol

He married my seventeen-year-old great great grandmother immediately on arrival. As their family of eleven children grew the stories of the old country and the family elf surfaced. 

These tales were rich, very detailed accounts of an ancient Scottish elf named “Capo Creamo” who traveled through time with all the children of our family and watched over them wherever they were. As soon as a new generation of children were born the family elf reappeared.

The children were told, Capo was a sweet but lazy elf that hated housework and there were many cautionary tales of his slovenly housekeeping skills. 

A Capo story would start with a statement like —children don’t be like Capo-Creamo. Capo put off washing his dirty dishes for so long he was forced to eat from a grubby soap dish before dragging a wheelbarrow full of dirty dishes into the rain to be washed clean.

If a sock or mitten was lost the children were encouraged to carefully retrace their steps and ask Capo-Creamo for assistance in locating the lost item.

If a child awoke from a nightmare, they could ask Capo to stand guard at the foot of the bed to keep the nightmare at bay.

Christmas was Capo’s time to shine. Elaborate tableaus were set up for the children to discover for themselves that indeed Capo-Creamo had visited during the night and left small gifts.

Capo-Creamo was clumsy and was known for spilling flour in the kitchen.

As a child my mother remembered following a trail of tiny, floury footsteps all over the house until she found a hidden package.

Later when my mother was a very young widow with two small girls, she would dip her fingers in flour or coal dust and trace Capo’s footsteps through the house and through the snow for my sisters to follow on Christmas morning. 

My older sisters were too young to remember their dad but they do remember getting a great deal of comfort from knowing that some sort of beneficent male spirit was watching over the house.

As a child on Christmas Eve, I left small chunks of powdery doughnuts on a dish for Capo to enjoy. He left me a sugary trail of footsteps to follow to a hidden gift.

Capo-Creamo lives with me now. My son loves his company and eagerly plays along, although his version of Capo is pure mischief and he’s turning Capo into a warrior elf, but I don’t mind. It’s proper that each generation gets the Capo-Creamo they expect. I’ve told my son that when he grows up and has a family of his own he can ask Capo to live with him.

If you have children or grandchildren in your life, I encourage you to discover and name your own family elf and start your own tradition (Capo’s mine! lol). 
It doesn’t cost a thing but imagination. You might be surprised by how enduring your elf’s presence will be in your family. Capo’s been with us a long time. No one even knows when it started.

I can’t even say Capo’s name without thinking of my mother and grandmother who are both long gone but the memories of a few of their “elf pranks” are so sweet I feel honor bound to pass them on. 

My hope is that long after I’m gone, Capo our family elf may still be visiting a new generation of children.

On another note I had a new book “Nice Package” released last Friday from Ellora’s Cave. I hope you’ll check out this book. I had a wonderful time writing it and it’s very close to my heart.

Christmas chaos is over at the Emerson’s house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning. Jim presents Cora with a big beautiful gift box she is forbidden to open.

What’s in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptation, tricky games and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she’s really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.
“Nice Package” Katalina Leon, Ellora’s Cave Moderne Line available now!
Also, the Ellora’s Cave Succulent Anthology Volume 1 is available now in print!

This is my first book in print and I’m very excited. Other amazing authors in this volume are Margaret L. Carter, Kim Knox, Lena Matthews and Brigit Zahara
Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

It's a crazy time in my household, as I'm sure it is in many homes. For us the countdown has begun to Christmas morning. I'll share in the joy of my grandchildren seeing all the presents under the tree and what Santa brought. There's nothing more rewarding then watching their little eyes light up and the expressions on their face. I'm truly blessed.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday, no matter what you celebrate!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gifts of glee!

Gifts I give myself for Christmas.

Hot fudge sauce I dare not make any other time of year for fear of overdose. I make it for my friends, too. (Today, I am making 3 batches. Hmmm. Sample, anyone? Here's your spoon.)

Home made pasta. Takes for damn-ever to do. Melts in your mouth. Like butter. The greatest lasagna this English-German girl ever made.

No tree. Ten minute house decoration! Of course, this is mainly because we have no little people living with us any longer. All our "little" ones are Big Ones. They get their own trees. We Admire.

Fewer Christmas cards. Oh, joy to the world. Our friends get phone calls, we get dinner or lunch out with them, long emails and no Christmas letters of summaries of the year past. We figure if we know you, you know what we did last year. We probably did it with you! And what you don't know? Won't hurt you.

Since in our family, we have in the space of 20 days, Christmas, Wedding Anniversary, New Year's and a Child's Birthday Jan 1, plus one more Birthday later, by mid-January, our goose is cooked. We look on January as R&R.

Hubbie and I also give ourselves great wine to go with our carefully planned and jointly executed dinners this time of year. (Which come to think of it is becoming every night, any way!) Great wine means not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. We'll do $15-$40 per bottle. You get to live another day, you get an education on what goes with what. With the not so pricey stuff, you get Headaches. They are not worth it. And bad wine tastes like crap and isn't worth the few $$$ we might spend on them.

The other thing I have learned to give myself is freedom in the stores. I go to the mall or stores by 10 a.m. at the latest. Me and the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. We know what we want and we have the time and tendency to smile at each other at that hour. Plus all the drinkers are either re-cuperating or haven't begun yet. The roads are clear of traffic, too.

Food, wine, peace of mind.

What do you give yourself for the holidays?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Christmas shopping is done...

But I'm Not Done Giving Stuff Away!
 I am in the Christmas Giving Mood, and between now and Christmas morning, I plan to give one of my back list books to the first person who comments on the blog post.  The trick is, I will offer this on a different blog every day through Christmas morning, so you will have to snoop a bit to find the right blog for the right day.

A few rules:  

1.) Only one book to an individual commenter...but you are most welcome to comment even if you don't get there first...LOL!  (I might be tempted to give away something else to the rest of you!)

2.) Starting Sunday the 19th, I will offer one  of my books on one of my several blogs. The cover of the book on the blog tells you which book is up for grabs.  The title of the blog will simply be "be the first to comment to win this book".

3.) The following day, I will offer a different book on a different blog.  Those of you who are familiar with my blogs should have no trouble. But for those of you who don't follow all of my blogs, I will list all of my various blogs below.

So get to the correct blog early, and don't let any reindeer poop get in your way.  Jump the bigger piles and wipe your feet at the door.
Merry Christmas...

Fran Lee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Early Holiday Gift

Today we get to enjoy a pre-holiday treat – Katalina Leon has agreed to give us a peak into Nice Package, her new book releasing with Ellora’s Cave tomorrow!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading this wonderful story! The very first sentence had me smiling and by the end of the first paragraph, I announced to my husband that all chores were on hold until I was finished! Nice Package is ultra romantic and, of course, steamy hot but also playful and inventive.

Christmas chaos is over at the Emerson’s house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning. Jim presents Cora with a big beautiful gift box she is forbidden to open.

What’s in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptation, tricky games and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she’s really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Tessie: Thanks for being here today, Kat! NP begins the day after Christmas; Boxing Day. I’ve heard of this holiday but don’t know its significance; enlighten us, please!

Kat: Traditionally, Boxing Day is the day after the busy Christmas holiday when the household servants were granted the day off and allowed to relax. On this day, annual salaries were paid, bonuses and little gifts were boxed and presented by grateful masters/ employers. In the case of "Nice Package" my heroine Cora, who works with her husband is going to get a big adventure and a well deserved treat on Boxing Day.

Tessie: What were some of the creative challenges of writing an erotic romance about a happily married couple?

Kat: "Happily married" are the operative words. Anyone can get married but committed people find a way to connect to higher values and make the tough stuff work. I realize not everyone gets that privilege. I see many loving people with high integrity suffering with a partner who is not their equal and you just want to see them find happiness.
"Nice Package" is about a couple who weather the storm, support each other and the people around them and survive challenging times. The gift Jim and Cora give each other is love and commitment through thick or thin. I reject the notion that marriage is boring. I've been married forever and I'm not bored.

Tessie: Which came first, the plot or the characters?

Kat: The plot. I started writing the story in July with a whole different idea of where the story might go. I intended to write a hot little Christmas Quickie. Right away Cora and Jim started revealing themselves to me, and I knew I had to slow down and allow them to tell their story.
Jim, being the boss, ran away with the story and surprised me. Every day when I opened the "Nice Package" WIP to write, I honestly didn't know what Jim would do next. He was very sneaky that way! I deeply sympathized with Cora. lol

Tessie: What are your favorite qualities of Jim and Cora’s relationship?

Kat: They love and respect each other and they love and respect their extended community. In difficult times both Cora and Jim are an asset to anyone who meets them.

Tessie: Hans and Tamsen are strong, secondary characters. Tell us a bit about them and how they came into being. The name Tamsen is unique; any significance?

Kat: Yes, the fictional Diamondback Lodge where most of the story takes place is near Donner Pass, the site of the infamous Donner Party tragedy. I travel through Donner Pass on ski trips and I can tell you that place can be brutal. One year I got separated from my ski party in a blizzard and thought I was going to die. My husband braved the storm and rescued me. Sadly a woman my age died on the mountain the same night. Tamsen Donner stands out in my mind because of the letters she left behind of this American western tragedy.
I also fell in love with the character of Hans and think he represents so many talented people who simply need to reassess their strengths and put them to use.
Note to readers: "Nice Package" has nothing to do with the Donner Party except the location, which is gorgeous. There's very little cannibalism in this fun, kinky, holiday themed romance. Okay, I admit there's absolutely no

Tessie: I’m ready for an excerpt!!

An Excerpt From: NICE PACKAGE
Copyright © KATALINA LEON, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

Cora knew if the bra she wore didn’t kill her she would have to kill the bra. She leaned over the sink full of warm soapy dishes and attempted to discreetly adjust the razor-thin satin straps from beneath her snug cashmere sweater. The racy new bra looked so pretty this morning. Its shades of scarlet trim made it the perfect festive choice for Christmas day, but at the end of many long happy hours it turned on her and showed its vicious side. The bra had a biting underwire and nasty little straps that cut into her shoulders. It was not her friend even though it was beautiful and its delicate lace cups had gleamed a lush crimson in the lingerie store and promised to be a pleasant holiday companion, but it wasn’t. Its true nature had been exposed. The bra had a cruel streak and it had to go.

She stopped washing crystal goblets and removed her rubber gloves so she could reach under her favorite pearl-embroidered red sweater without soaking it. Her damp hands ran the length of the pinching underwire, hoping to locate the exact trouble spot and free her tortured breasts.

“Let me help you.” A big, warm male body pressed against her back and wrapped his arms round her waist. His hands reached upward to gently cup her breasts. “I love how sexy you look wearing this tight sweater.” His warm breath tickled her ear. “Quite fuckable.”

She quickly turned to shush her husband. “Be careful, Jim,” she whispered. “We don’t want the kids hearing that.”

Jim leaned over her shoulder, mischief lit deep within his warm brown eyes. “There are no kids.” He paused. “They just left. My parents took them for the weekend. All the cousins are going to meet at the cabin tomorrow to go snow sledding. Everyone already drove away while you were tidying the kitchen.” He smiled. “We have Christmas night completely to ourselves.”

“Really?” She turned in Jim’s arms to face him, rose on tiptoes and kissed his lips. “Are we meeting the family at the cabin tomorrow?”

“No, we have other plans.”

Her brows dipped. Was everyone truly gone? “I didn’t even say goodnight to anyone or thank them for a lovely Christmas.” She impulsively dodged past Jim, hurried from the kitchen and stared with disbelief into a quiet living room filled with puddled cranberry candles and a sparkling Christmas tree. “They left so quietly, I didn’t even hear anyone leave.”

Jim’s grin crooked to the side the way it always did when he was plotting something silly or fun. His curved smile always gave his true intentions away. “That was part of the plan. We wanted to surprise you. You work so hard every year making the holidays a wonderful experience for all of us, I wanted to surprise you by doing something special just for you.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his heart, gently kissing the top of her head. “Let’s finish the dishes and I’ll let you in on a little of my plan.” He led her into the kitchen and gently maneuvered her in front of the sink.

She laughed softly. “I see your holiday plan includes me finishing the messy kitchen work no matter what.”

He pressed the length of his torso against her back and kissed the nape of her neck. “We can’t leave a sink full of dishes, we’re also going away.”

She twisted in Jim’s arms to look up at him. “Where are we going?”

“I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise.” His broad hands slid beneath her sweater and deftly unhooked her bra.
The snuggly fitted bra strap popped open. She instantly sighed with relief.
He pushed the bra upward, cupping her naked breasts and gently took hold of her nipples, giving each a gentle but firm tug. The rumpled sweater rose higher as his fingertips lovingly explored her rounded curves. His face nuzzled her hair and gently inhaled her perfume. “I like this scent. It’s crisp and clean. It suits you.” His lips brushed against the nape of her neck with a featherlight kiss, as his palms warmed her breasts. “Your skin is so soft.” He slowly rubbed his body longingly against her. “You feel so good,” he whispered. “I can’t stop touching you.” His hard cock pressed persistently against his trousers and firmly poked against her bottom. “Finish doing the dishes so I can take you into the living room and fuck you under the Christmas tree.”

“Are you joking?” She turned to face the sink and swished her fingers through the warm water searching for any stemware left behind. She picked up a goblet that still had a crimson lipstick stain on its rim.

“No, I’m not joking. I might as well tell you right now, part of your holiday surprise this weekend is that I get to have complete sexual control over you. You’ll do absolutely everything I say.”

She gasped in eager alarm and nearly dropped one of her favorite goblets into the sink. She’d been waiting a long time to hear those words, and now that the moment was finally here, she started wondering what would happen next. Her heart pounded with excitement. She loved it when Jim took charge of her and allowed her to be the pampered submissive. It was what she craved above all else, and it was thrilling to know he felt the same way.

She glanced over her shoulder and gazed into his eyes. A bright smile spread across her face. “We’ll see how well that works out for you. I have to warn you, I’ll only submit to the most clever and masterful hands.” She gently challenged him with her words and her eyes.

His eyes sparkled. “You’ve hinted more than once you were ready to play a few new games with me, and this is the time. We’re starting now.” His gaze fixed directly on hers. “I know you better than you might think. Give me credit for that. I know what you’ve dreamed about, hinted at and hoped for. I even know you enjoy a little anxiety and tension mixed together with your orgasms. Am I right?”

“What?” She wilted over the sink in mock shock. It was true. Her face grew warmer.

“I’ve watched you work yourself into a tense lather on many occasions just to get a bigger sexual thrill. I’ll tell you upfront, I might even spring a few shocking little surprises on you just for the pleasure of watching you writhe. I’ve also taken a good long look at those books you keep hidden on your side of the nightstand, and I know exactly what your fantasies are.”

“Do you?” She blushed furiously. Her gaze focused on the kitchen window above the sink. The window acted as a dark mirror, clearly reflecting her startled face and Jim’s confident expression. “I’m a reader. I’m open-minded. Erotic-romance is fun and exciting to read.” She nervously paused. “Jim they’re just books…”

He looked at their reflection in the window and caught her nervous gaze. “They’re very telling books. Very graphic books. To be honest, I’m as turned-on by them as you are, so there’s nothing to feel self-conscious about. Remember, I love you, Cora. You’re my fantasy girl, and I would never harm you or cross the line, but…” The warmth of his smiled faded and his expression became serious. “This weekend I will be completely in charge of you. Sexually you will be under my control. You will come or not at my discretion, and you will do my bidding.”

Her jaw dropped in disbelief at his words and tone. She glanced over her shoulder. “Merry Christmas, Jim. I hope you didn’t discuss this part of the holiday surprise with your parents.” Her face grew warmer. She was both embarrassed and thrilled to have her secret love-slave fantasies taken seriously and brought into the open.

“Finish the dishes,” he commanded. His lips compressed to a tight line that refused to allow even the slightest hint of a smile to warm them.

Her body twisted toward him. She leaned against the edge of the countertop as she studied Jim’s inscrutable expression. What exactly did he have planned? His suddenly firm but secretive demeanor intrigued her. The determined set of his jaw told her he was ready to play bed Master. Good for her. She loved that game and hoped he was ready to expand on that familiar and beloved role. This was a great opportunity. They both worked so hard, and the boys demanded so much of their time most evenings they didn’t have the privacy or the energy to play at all. On a good night, they simply shared lazy but satisfying sex, rolled over and immediately fell asleep. She was overjoyed Jim had planned a romantic and sexually adventurous weekend outing just for them. She had dreamed of this day, and quite frankly, it sounded too good to be true. Her naturally anxious tendencies kicked in. There had to be a catch? “What about the kids? Will they be all right? Does anyone even know where we’re going?”

“The kids will be fine, and don’t worry. Everyone knows where we’re going, but no one knows what we’ll be doing. This weekend is just for us.”
Thanks again, Kat and Happy Day Before Release Day!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My latest book “Nice Package” will be available this Friday! 

I’m so excited because I haven’t had a new book released in many months and I’m really looking forward to sharing “Nice Package” with everyone.

I loved every minute of writing “Nice Package” and I hope readers will enjoy it too. I like playing with the idea that two married people in a committed, long-term relationship can still surprise and excite each other on many levels.

This book also plays on the theme of how much suspense can a girl take? 

How many times can a woman go to the sexual edge without toppling over? 

Hopefully “Nice Package” will take readers to the edge and provide a blast of satisfaction at the end.

Blurb for “Nice Package”
Christmas chaos is over at the Emerson’s house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning. Jim presents Cora with a big beautiful gift box she is forbidden to open.

What’s in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptation, tricky games and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she’s really going to enjoy getting a nice package.
Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Can’t wait for the fun to start? You don’t have to! Another wonderful Ellora’s Cave book to check out is Tina Donahue’s “Sensual Stranger” and it’s available today.

I’ve read a few excerpts of “Sensual Stranger” and I can tell this is going to be one of Tina’s very best love stories and you don’t want to miss it.
Blurb: “Sensual Stranger”

Into his life she came—wanting…willing…wanton.

It’s no ordinary morning when Toni arrives at Zach’s garage. Flat broke, with a past she won’t share, Toni is instantly taken by such a potently virile man. Direct and unashamed, she tells him she’s a motorcycle performance artist who needs work and knows motors.

Zach knows women, and Toni is unlike any he’s met. Lushly sensuous, exceedingly assured, she’d easily be his match in business and bed. A provocative challenge that stirs him as nothing has since losing his wife. A chance he’s reluctant to take. He offers no more than a month’s employment then she’ll have to be on her way.

The hours tick by. Each word and glance intensifies their escalating desire, forcing them to surrender to passion and Toni’s need for Zach’s dominance. Driven by carnal hunger, conquered by yearning, they face the unforeseen truth of Toni’s past and a future neither of them expected.

This season be naughty and nice at the same time—buy yourself some sexy ebooks and heat up the room. Ebooks are one of the best entertainment bargains out there, so be nice to yourself and buy several. Go ahead it’s the holidays get carried away! lol

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naughty St. Nick

Today I'm sharing my newest and last release for 2010. Just in time for the holiday season! :o)

Available now from Aspen Mountain Press

Nick has fought his attraction to Emily since the summer. Work and other commitments have kept him from pursuing a relationship. Christmas is upon them and Nick finds he has free time on his hands. He sets in motion a little plan to get her sexy body prepared for what he hopes will be a night of passion she’ll never forget.
Someone is sending Emily erotic toys. The naughty notes attached are charging her dormant body to life with promises of red hot sex. She’s not sure who her secret Santa is, but if he’s truly following the Twelve Days of Christmas she’s about to find out.
Will Emily succumb to this Naughty St. Nick?

Emily pattered over to the front door. She peered through the peephole.
"Hmmm, I swear I heard the doorbell." She threw opened the door against the bitter cold of the winter storm brewing outside. Shivering, she bent over the threshold and glanced in both directions. Her skin pebbled from the snowflakes landing on her bare arms.
"Strange, I know the doorbell rang." She was about to close the door when she noticed a small brown box, sitting off to the right.
Intrigued, she placed a sock covered foot into the icy snow and retrieved the box. She quickly slammed the door and hurried back to her blanket on the couch. She nestled under the red fuzzy blanket. Turning the box in her hands she looked for an addressee.
"Nothing." She couldn’t help but wonder if it were meant for her or if someone left it on her doorstep mistakenly. She shook the box. Something bounced around inside. Unable to fight her curiosity any longer she tore open the package. There inside was a mistletoe-colored finger butt plug, with little white snowmen on it. Tingling sensations warmed her body straight down to her core. Thoughts of teasing the rim of her ass with the humming vibrator tantalized her.
She needed to know who sent it. Digging deeper into the box she searched for a card or anything cluing her in to who the sender was. She found a tiny note card that read:
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me to, one butt plug a hummin’.
Emily thought she’d explode into orgasm right then and there. The idea of someone wanting to charge her ass to life enthralled her. Filled with an arousal that ran deep, Emily knew she had to pleasure herself.
Heat from the flames crackling in the fireplace warmed her chilled body, smoothing her skin. The television blared in the background, but Emily tuned it out. She’d been watching a movie about a money heist on a train or something crazy. It hadn’t held her attention. Turning the plug over in her hands, she found something that gripped her total attention. She couldn’t imagine who would send her something so erotic.
Settling into the pillow she closed her eyes and pictured the guy from Six A, as the bearer of her gift. His wavy blond hair and those piercing green eyes charged her body. She’d fantasized about him a few times. Oh who was she kidding she masturbated to the image of his shit eating grin too many times to count.
Emily longed to run her hand over his taunt abs. She wanted to trace a finger along the vee that disappeared below the trim of his pants to see if it went down to his cock, which she knew would be large and bulging. It seemed hard to believe she’d been drooling over him since summer.
After she witnessed his body in scant clothing she wanted a piece of him.

Friday, December 10, 2010


That's me, always late!

Today is my opportunity to say thanks - thanks for your support, your readership, your kindness, your advice, your promos...all you do, readers and friends.

Many thanks to Kat XOXO for reading Come Back To Me - what a brave soul!

Happy Holidays and make sure to buy books - each of the Seven Sexy Scribes has written some great books, and they're out there, waiting for you. If you haven't tried any of us yet, dive in head first - you won't be disappointed.

Be good! Julia

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ready For an Indecent Offer??

I love this cover!!!!! His hand, her corset, his chin nestled in the crook of her neck, his glancing down her body.........
Oh good lord, does anyone have a fan??
Lets enjoy a little taste of Cerise Deland's Miss Darling's Indecent Offer.
copyright 2010
She held tightly to his hand all the way home to Durham Manor. A short ride of ten minutes, the journey seemed to take ten years. But snuggled against Jack’s chest, Emma listened to his heart beat and the pace resounded with her own yearning. To make love to him, to be loved by him for just one night seemed so impossible days ago that she had feared to make this last request in her offer. But he had agreed and now he seemed as eager as she.

Do not delude yourself, Emma. Men love rarely. That was her mother’s warning.

Emma fought back the dour words, so daunting to her fortitude. But you do not wish for love from him. Only the deflowering.

She squirmed in her seat. Be honest, Emma, don’t you want more?

“You are sad. Why?” Jack lifted her chin. “If you have second thoughts on this, I can—”

“No!” She tried in vain to smile at him. “I was thinking of people who have nothing to do with us.”

Jack’s silver eyes seemed to look straight through her. “Who?”

“My mother.”

“She has to do with you. So tell me.”

“She has a jaded view of men. Thinks none worthy of her. Thinks few can honor a woman’s affections.”

“Do you believe her?”

Emma examined his earnest features, so intent on her. “I always thought her a little…extreme.”

“Parents often appear that way.”

“They do. After a while, it becomes imperative to rid yourself of their notions.”

He hooted. “How true. I’ll tell you about my father sometime. His notions are notoriously odd.”

“I have heard.”

“Really? I wonder that they did not deter you from approaching me,” he said with distaste for the subject.

“They were, I am ashamed to say, the very reasons that I did,” she admitted, felt her cheeks flush with color and turned her face toward the coachman who pulled open the door and let down the steps. “I think of you differently now.”

He cupped her face with one hand and led her to look at him. “Do you, darling? How encouraging,” he whispered as he bent and kissed her slowly, his mouth blessing hers time and time again and creating a craving for more. “Come,” he said breathlessly as the barouche rolled to a stop and he broke away. Quickly, he stepped out, offered his hand and led her up the broad stone steps.

Cerise, congratulations on the success of this series!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At Seven Sexy Scribes we usually share sexy, funny, fantasy stories.

Today is a little different and I’m going to take a chance and share another kind of book with you that dips into a darker reality. It’s a vividly written book and it’s a difficult book. It’s always a big risk to switch topics especially during the cheerful holiday season, but I think there’s value in remembering life’s not supposed to be perfect.  It’s how we react to those imperfections that determine if we will survive, heal and thrive as human beings. 

The book I want to share today is Julia Rachel Barrett’s “Come Back to Me.” From Evernight Press.

Sometimes the safest path is to keep people at a distance…especially men.
Cara’s life has been one nightmare after another. Abused as a child and neglected by her parents, she’s quick to blame herself for every cruel thing that happens to her. And then there’s James, the only man capable of making her forget her misgivings and learn to love again.
James, a young doctor in training, is aware of Cara’s history. He’s determined to break through her barriers and build a life with her…and fails. Cara runs away in an attempt to reinvent herself and James fears he’s lost her for good. When she falls into the hands of a drug dealer and mob boss, life as they know it is about to get a whole lot worse.
Can their love withstand the demons of her past and present?
Be Warned: violence against heroine, rape of heroine.

I just finished reading “Come Back to Me”. This book is beautifully written, incredibly involving and true to life. It will stick in your mind, you might forget your reading fiction, and it may make you mad.

There is a great deal of love in “Come Back to Me” but this is not an erotic romance. This is a “Lifescape” of a young woman named Cara. 

The story begins in 1967, and the way the story is written perfectly demonstrates how ill prepared the professional community is when it comes to dealing with overt sexual abuse. Doctors, lawyers and parents alike all see the effects of Cara’s abuse but no one in authority seems to know how to cope with the issue except for an enlighten nurse named Debbie and a young intern name James Mackie.

“Come Back To Me” covers some dark subjects including rape, sexual abuse and drugs, but I want to assure readers the material is always handled in an honest but sensitive way. It’s never too graphic or overwhelming yet I got pulled into events and found myself deeply sympathizing with Cara. Ms. Barrett has a gift for keeping it simple, clean and fast paced.

I felt Cara’s anxiety and frustration at knowing her adult neighbor had no boundaries and might appear in her bedroom as soon as her parents drove away. The details of Cara’s struggles are internal and emotional. We know what happen to Cara not from overblown scenes but from the true to life emotional reactions Cara endures after. It’s a strong book and because it is written so well, it will trigger an emotional reaction from readers.

Once we taste Cara’s pain the story flows and it’s too compelling to put down because we know why Cara does what she does and we also feel for her when a chance to live a better life is offered. This is when the romance kicks in, and you really feel the love between Cara and James.

It’s no spoiler to say James is protective, loving, patient and completely opens his heart to Cara and everything that comes with her.

My guess is that each of us can directly relate to something Cara goes through, including her healing or we know a beloved girl-woman in our lives who has.

“Come Back to Me” is one of those gripping creations that might sound unattractive on the surface but reveals itself as beautiful inside. This oyster has a pearl to share with anyone who needs to heal from any of these issues or simply enjoys seeing real love triumph.

I got pulled into the story, I got upset, and I had a beautiful feeling of catharsis when I was finished. I’m very glad I read “Come Back to Me.”


Have you heard about Evernight Press? 
Evernight is new in to the publishing world and 
“Come Back to Me” is one of their premier books. Check out more from this interesting new press at: Evernight Press:

Julia Rachel Barrett “Come Back To Me” Evernight Press.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A quick note to announce the winner:

Val from Germany won the Daughters of Persephone series. Yay Val and thanks everyone for participating!
You can always go to my site and read my December Newsletter - lots of free books!

love, Julia

Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis the season to be jolly...

And a great book always seems to make the holidays brighter!

What gifts will you give this holiday season?  For an author, the greatest gift he or she can give is a book...especially one he or she slaved over for months, and crafted carefully for the enjoyment of readers.  Of books will only go to the over-18 crowd. The rugrats will get the usual...candy, toys, and kid's books!

I brought back about 50 pounds of print books from Romanticon this year, and I intend to give them to all the good BIG girls on my Christmas list.  I purchased books by a lot of my pals, specifically for gifts.  

I firmly believe in giving gifts that won't be taken back to the store after the holidays.  I don't buy clothes or weird things that catch my eye.  I don't buy "As seen on TV!" things that fall apart about ten minutes after the item comes out of the packaging.  I buy candy and cookies...the good ones...or I bake stuff.  I create gift baskets with batches of stuff, like play makeup and kiddie books and fake "jewels" for the 6-year-old granddaughter who thinks she's almost 21.  :P

And for the "big" gift from Grandma, I find the unique, unusual, and always useful things that catch a kid's the 40" tall teddy bear with a little teddy bear in its arms. ($20)  Or I spy out the DVD section to find all those classic movies that are on sale for $5.  My sons are Monty Python aficionados.   Last year I bought two dozen movies for less than $80.  

I am NOT cheap...I am simply always on the lookout for a great buy...and I often find things that you will never find again.  I always give stuff that is classy despite the lack of money spent.  It's a knack I have.  If I spy something in the clearance aisle that once cost over $50, that I can buy now for $19.99, into the cart it goes.  And I start buying for Christmas just after Labor Day.  The prices aren't hiked up to the hilt, and the sales are great.

I used to spend thousands on Christmas I spend a few hundred and I get great bargains.  Combining stuff I make with neat things I bought makes a great, personal, and happy gift.  Books that are autographed by the author are always a conversation piece.  A vintage toy that looks brand new, or a vintage parlor game like Mr. Ree, Clue, or Parcheesi from the 30's, 40's or 50's is a collector's piece as well as a fun gift.  And for those who don't go for collectibles, there are always "edibles".  A cake tin packed to the top with cookies, candies, gum, and sparkly sugar crystals is always welcome.

So have yourself a Merry Little Holiday and don't go bonkers or broke.  Enjoy the gifts you give, and your family and friends will enjoy them, too.

Fran Lee

Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Me...and my books...and a contest

Science Fiction Romance - the perfect holiday gift to yourself!

Many of my author friends have read this series so this is for you readers.

Leave me a comment here - I'd love to hear about your very favorite work of science fiction...or on the other hand, are you a newbie?

Let me know and you can win a copy of each book for your holiday reading pleasure!

Much love, Julia

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm very excited to share some good news! Resplendence Publishing has accepted my "coming of age" story titled Pampering Jessica. It is scheduled for a March 2011 release.
This story is a departure from my other books on a few of levels. First, the h/h have been happily married for almost 25 years. Second, there is no menage. Third, there's only a hint of anything remotely Dom/sub. I describe it as a "coming of age" story due to it taking place on the weekend of the heroine's 50th birthday!
I'm very excited about this book! As you know from my previous blogs, I've been feeling less than productive as an author over the last months and it's great to be back in the zone. The December 15th submission deadline is more than a bit daunting but who really needs sleep anyways??
Hopefully I'll come up for air long enough to give an update on my progress next Thursday!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It’s December 1st and the runaway train rushing toward the winter holidays has begun its down-the-mountain cannonball assault on my work schedule, energy and budget.

Every year I vow to stay on track and not let things get out of control but somehow they always do.

Why can’t I keep it simple? I don’t know why!

As December kicks in I start thinking about all the terrific memories I could be creating for my family. I say yes to every holiday activity flung far or wide, volunteer time I don’t have and get too involved with too many things. I know I’m not alone in this. I see a lot of other stressed women doing the same thing.

Then I realize the new year is just around the corner, and my personal ambitions kick into high gear. It’s time to go to the gym and really get back in shape so I can pull up the zipper on a nice New Year’s Eve dress… I'll fantasize about it. This is ridiculous because most New Year’s Eves we stay home and I don’t own a New Year’s dress.

Then my mind wanders towards the possibility of getting a new book finished. The thought of turning in a new book is so invigorating I begin to fantasize about finishing two books… I did that last year and I really enjoyed the challenge. This year it makes no sense at all, yet I still think I should be doing it because I associate it so strongly with last year’s holiday season and the great sense of accomplishment it brought.
The holidays just seem to bring out my crazed side that lays dormant most of the year. 

I seem to crave exhaustion or testing the limits and that’s not what the holidays are about.

This season I really am going to try to stay sane and not pressure myself so badly. Holiday activities and time spent with loved ones are going to be my “Big Ticket Gifts” to myself.

If a few things don’t get done—so be it.  

If a WIP gets finished, hooray, but if I don’t, I won’t push it.

Brave words we’ve yet to see if I can do any of it. 

Does anybody else have a few dirty little self-imposed holiday stresses they would like to confess? Come on, I know a few of you are already shedding tears over making handmade gifts, turning your living rooms in Elven villages or that upcoming, over-ambitious cookie exchange at the boss’ house…confess! lol

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talk Dirty to Topaz

For some reason my books over at Aspen Mountain Press don't get enough exposure. These are some of my favorites. Today I'm going to give you a little taste of Talk Dirty to Topaz.

Interior Designer Teagan Topaz doesn’t believe in love, after finding her fiancĂ© in bed doing the nasty with another woman. Nine long months later Teagan finds herself sexually frustrated, due to a recent surge of explicit sex phone calls on her business line. Frank Black needs Teagan’s expertise to put the finishing touches on a room in his house, but he fantasizes about tying her up and ravishing her. Will Teagan be able to resist the designs Frank has for her?
Holy shit!
Teagan couldn’t remember ever experiencing such intensity before. Stars flashed before her eyes as Frank drove her over the edge, tumbling to ecstasy.
Both feet back on the floor, Teagan rested her head on his shoulder, allowing herself time to catch her breath and time to wonder what the fuck she was thinking.
Yes, it was a mind-blowing experience, but she wasn’t the type to let her inhibitions go and succumb to a man she just met. But she had to admit, Frank Black wasn’t just any man. There was something about him, something that made Teagan want to stay and learn more about him. She wanted to figure out what this attraction was she felt. There was attraction; a deep one that scared the shit out of her.
She hadn’t felt this way since Tim and her instincts were dead wrong about him. She didn’t want to make the same mistakes trusting another man. Maybe it was the phone calls. They had her sexually frustrated and needing release. Maybe she was confusing the need for sex with attraction. But damn, Frank did know how to please her.
Teagan felt empty as Frank stepped back, but her emptiness didn’t last long. He wrapped her in his arms, planting gentle kisses on her face.
“You’re an amazingly beautiful woman, Teagan Topaz.”
She blushed, unused to so many compliments.
“I could make love to you all night long.”
Teagan’s stomach grumbled before she had a chance to respond.
“But first, I must feed you.”
She laughed nervously.
“You’ll need energy for what I have in store for you.”
“What about Susan?” Teagan asked. As exciting as the prospect sounded, his sister lived in his house and would be returning home eventually.
“We’ll worry about that after dinner.”
Frank helped Teagan put her clothes back in order, and then kissed the tip of her nose. “I’d rather have dessert first…”

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Better Late Than Never, I Say...

I have been busy all day and just barely got back to the house and my computer...

So I thought I would get to it and post my Saturday posts, better late than never.  I'm sure you've seen this book cover before but not very many of you have read the book.  My full length novels seem to be too long (over 250 pages) for folks to want to buy...along with the $6-7 price tags, but those who have found their way past the length and the price, have given me fabulous feedback.

A Brief Moment of Pleasure is not the usual erotic romance. gal...great sex scenes, great relationship building...yada yada yada...but most readers can't seem to get past the way my heroine wears her black belt.  Hmmm.  I thought the cover artist had a unique take on that, but several readers have asked if she practices some odd form of karate that requires the female black belt to wear her belt that way.  Sigh.  Oh, well...

So, to find out how many of you have read any of my books and are willing to admit it (tsk tsk tsk) I am offering this book as a prize to any reader who comments on this post and tells me what books he/she has read of mine.  No fibbing...I will test you on the contents of the book.  :)  

So if you want to read why this woman wears her belt all screw-ha (don't ask, because this was simply the artist's interpretation of what a sexy karateka wears to the dojo) and want to read this longer novel, leave your comments.  Every commenter will get a copy.  Then you tell me if you think the longer books are too hard to read.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  I am still in a Turkey Coma. :P


Friday, November 26, 2010

Come Back To Me - release day!

If you're in the mood for a deep, dark, suspenseful love story with a dysfunctional heroine who has to fight and claw her way to the light, this is a beautiful read. Not an easy read and it wasn't an easy write, but I think Come Back To Me is the best love story I've written - it's not erotic, it's a love story.

Buy link:

Sometimes the safest path is to keep people at a distance…especially men.

Cara’s life has been one nightmare after another. Abused as a child and neglected by her parents, she’s quick to blame herself for every cruel thing that happens to her. And then there’s James, the only man capable of making her forget her misgivings and learn to love again.

James, a young doctor in training, is aware of Cara’s history. He’s determined to break through her barriers and build a life with her…and fails. Cara runs away in an attempt to reinvent herself and James fears he’s lost her for good. When she falls into the hands of a drug dealer and mob boss, life as they know it is about to get a whole lot worse.

Can their love withstand the demons of her past and present?

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine consisted of stressful cooking and staving off WWIII. Same as always!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful day full of good food, family and friends!

And for those going out shopping on "Black Friday" -