Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Man O' man am I happy to be kissing 2013 good-bye!

2013 was a rough ride down a bumpy road. Lots of hard work, loss of many loved ones and little good news...

Hopefully 2014 will be a softer kinder year for all of us.

Tonight for the first time 19 years we will be treated to the astronomical rarity of a new moon on the first day of the new year. What does this mean? Maybe nothing, but if you tend to believe as I do that our natural environment affects our environment and emotional state then this is an excellent time to purge that which does not serve you and make room for something new.

I plan on going through my closet, drawers and beauty products and giving away or throwing away anything I'm not using.

On January 31st we will be starting the Chinese year of the "Horse". The Chinese calendar has at least three different starting dates and the current year is approximately 4712.

The year of Horse will be characterized by a strong desire for improvement, ethos and unremitting effort.  Great strides can be taken this year. People born in this year will have good communication skills. Their weakness are a sense of impatience and hot tempers.

We are staying in this year and enjoying some excellent Mexican food and watching the new BBC Sherlock Holmes. How are you spending your New Year?


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Coming up on New Year...

Christmas is over...
the tree is down...

Because the monsters destroyed it the morning after.  All I had to do was pick up the pieces and put them away for next year.  Sigh.  Most of the people who have read about the kitties on Facebook thought it all sounded cute and harmless.  However...three kitties spent an entire day locked in time out because they are old enough to know better.  Just not bright enough to remember...

I almost didn't put the tree up this year because of what they have done in past years.  But...I did it anyway.  No...they are not cute when they act like brain-dead nitwits.  I love them, but...they nearly got themselves tossed out into the snow.

I think I am just too old to have cats anymore.  What is cute with kittens becomes irritating and frustrating when they become adults and still ignore every rule that is don't take a flying leap at the tree when you are chasing each other around the house like Kamikazes at war...

Somebody told me that cats are intelligent, but whoever said it has never lived a day in my house with these dimwits.  I watch them, and keep thinking of Bill Cosby's "brain dead" skit.  They are like two-year-old kids, always looking for a way to get into some kind of trouble.  They are lying there snoozing, then you walk out of the room and down comes the potted plant.  Or maybe they decide on the spur of the moment to climb something...and the new drapes appear to be a lot of fun.  

My vet told me I would be cruel to declaw them, so being the humanitarian I am, I let them keep their weapons. I carefully lecture them about the holes they leave in the drapes and the back of the sofa, but do they listen? Noooo.  Do they understand how very close they have come to being catskin rugs?  Of course not.  They go blissfully about the business of destruction with not a care in the world...because this old sap keeps giving them more chances.

Ah, is just an old artificial tree, right?  And I stopped getting out the antique keepsake ornaments because they kept tearing them down and batting them around like cat toys, so no big deal.  Maybe they'll get too old and decrepit to jump 10 feet and devastate all things that are not behind glass or tied down...who knows?

We'll try again next year.

Hugs, and Happy New Year...

Fran Lee   


Thursday, December 26, 2013

And Fun Was Had By All

I'm typing this late on Christmas night. Well, late by my standards - it is after 8pm and we didn't go to bed until midnight last night and we've been up since 6am this morning and my alarm clock will be going off at 5:30am tomorrow morning....

We enjoyed a wonderful holiday!
Christmas Eve dinner at the in-laws was delicious and delightful.
Crack of dawn present opening here at home this morning was adult human calm, enhanced by crazy dog mayhem. It was a race between Rex and Butch as to who could tear the most stuffing out of the most toys in the least amount of time! Their silliness was made even cuter by the fact that they were wearing the beautiful (and manly) Christmas sweaters that Santa brought them!
We then went to my brother's house where we ate to excess and laughed uproariously while playing our now traditional Christmas game. It is a scavenger hunt of sort. We each take turns selecting a folded piece of paper out of a box which has the description of an ornament on it. My brother's tree is so loaded with ornaments that you can barely see green. Helping is only allowed after all the others in the room decide to make total fun of searcher's inadequacy. Everyone gets to select a wrapped gift with each turn. They range from very nice gift cards to the utterly ridiculous. This year the biggest laughs came from the tiny One Direction Liam doll, the dime, nickle and penny taped to a piece of cardboard, and the Patient Information pamphlet from my brother's office!

When I started this post it was my intent to also talk about New Year's stuff.
That's going to have to wait, I'm way too sleepy.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll chat in 2014!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Want a Nice Package For The Holidays?

First I want to wish everyone a happy, peaceful holiday! I'm so grateful to everyone who visits this blog or reads my books. This year has been wonderful. I've met so many terrific readers and authors who've been so kind, generous and just generally great to know. This community is one I cherish being part of. 

Today I’m posting a little retro book promo. "Nice Package" came out December 2010 and it's a story I remain very proud of. Even better Ellora's Cave has put "Nice Package" on sale for .99 cents but only through the holidays. If you haven't already read it here's your chance to give it a try. 

Nice Package actually takes place the day after Christmas. Cora and Jim treat themselves to a little BDSM tinged adventure in a luxurious lodge, under mysterious circumstances... By the time they head home their lives have changed greatly for the better.

I included a little fetish of mine in this story-the prolonged tease, which includes intense arousal without release until it becomes an explosive mind-altering experience, using only your natural brain chemistry for an endorphin rush. Never tried it? Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the story and find

Blurb: Christmas chaos is over at the Emersons' house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning when Jim presents Cora with a big, beautiful gift box she's forbidden to open.

What's in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptations, tricky games, and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she's really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Watch the Youtube video here:

Miz Loves Books rated "Nice Package" "Hot Stuff, #1 Top Pick and says, "The sexual tension breathes fire. It's like looking at the Sun…"
(You can read the complete review here)

Long and Short Reviews says Nice Package is a “Hot Read”: “Ms. Leon created a beautiful story evolving around a married couple and the getaway they won't soon forget. The surprises are definitely erotically sensual, but there is an overall sweetness to them. The attention to detail and affection Jim has for Cora is truly heartfelt.”

Or better yet buy “Nice Package” while it’s only .99 cents!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Monday, December 23, 2013

I want STUFF for Xmas that we can all give each other! Understanding, Rationality, Good Manners! SHEESH!

Yesterday, I was tempted to go sit on Santa's knee. I was at the Mall, saw the line, had the urge to push those kids aside and declare what I want.
I am too old for that, some would say. But still, I was sorely tempted. After all, I know no child who ever approached the bearded guy with anything other than trepidation. I have none. He would value that. Men do, we writers of erotic romance understand that.
Why would I make a spectacle of myself and sit on Santa's knee? Would I tell him I write erotica? No, no. Not where I go with this. It would be because I WANT things for Christmas.

1. All those folks out there in la-la land who think that connecting with the Yin-Yang of the world comes from constantly looking at themselves (NAVELS, anyone?) lack perspective.

Dare I add, they need a little humility.
If one more person tells me they are due a reward for being good this year, I will smack them.
You get what you give.
No give to others, no get anything in return.
And here, I am not talking about giving away money. I speak only of giving  talents and time to those less fortunate.
Rescue a homeless dog or cat.
Work at a soup kitchen for a day.
And no, donating your old jeans to Good Will does not qualify.

2. I want people to learn that compromise is not a dirty word.

I'm tired of being bullied by my opposite political persuasion. Yes, I'd love to have time with my loved ones over the holidays without a diatribe about:
  • Santa Claus's race
  • healthcare
  • Iran vis a vis Israel
  • tax rates
Even a local money management firm here in San Antonio runs political ads of the Wild Eyed Crazy type on their electronic billboard next to lines like: Merry Christmas! Good Will Toward Men. My response is: well, brother, what have you done to foster good will toward men lately?

Truth is: If I ran my decades' old marriage the way the two political parties in this country have NOT run this country and taught the rest of us to:
a) interrupt each other when we talk,
b) disparage anything the other says that is opposite theirs,
c) demand they get their way all the freaking time, I would not be married…or in love with ANYone.
And then we could move on to other great discussions to include items that disparage the divorce rate, lagging birth rate and the failing educational system which cannot teach a child to tolerate any other because they have no role models!

3. I want more people to read a damn book.

Do you know that since approximately the mid-1980s, the average college graduate in the USA reads one book a year. 
Fiction. Non. Who cares? Right. No one.
Are we all so busy playing video games? Texting? Buying stuff like shea butter and yoga toes sox, and Williams Sonoma peppermint bark mix?
That's what we do with our time.
And we are the educated ones.
Recently, another study told us that people who read fiction, have more compassion for others. They can identify with others' challenges. I say to them, BRING IT ON.
I want to clone you.
We need more readers in this country and God knows, we need more compassion.
One of every 5 children goes to bed hungry in this country. One out of 5.
Think about that.  Every fifth child you see on the sidewalk…or standing in line for Santa.
Pitiful. And yet, I do hear from people who have a college education and should know better, that this is their fault that they cannot eat well. REALLY? These children do not eat well because their parents have no money to put a decent meal on the table. They have to TRAVEL miles to get to a large grocery store and traveling costs bus money, at the very least.
Let's get more intelligent about how we airbrush the less fortunate in this country. Airbrushing is for women's magazines, not public policy.

4. And speaking of women's magazines, I want Santa to FIRE all those editors who publish stories which begin with: How To Get Your Man To…

THIS is what I fought for when I told my corporate boss I would not take that big promotion unless he also gave me the salary my male predecessor earned?

THIS is what I need my own daughter to read when I have a wonderful proliferation of women's fiction, romance novels and yes, erotica for women to choose from????

Women's magazines that purport to tell a woman how to capture The Elusive Male are so full of 1950s delusions. Where is Betty Friedan when you need her?

This stuff went out with girdles.

But wait! Now we have Spanx. 

Can we girls never get our $hit together???

5. Finally, I do want a good gin and tonic. I need a double.

Furthermore, when you come to my house this year for our annual wine tasting, please do not bring that $5 bottle. That is an insult. (Remember, I'm serving great nibbles…cuz I am honoring our friendship.)

Fine taste and good manners are still appreciated. And I want more people to think twice about how to honor their friends. 

Humility. Charity. Integrity. Good manners.

All I want for Christmas.

Give it to me.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Saturday again? Wow! Time sure flies...

I love the season...and this picture is marvelous...
Since the winter solstice is coming up soon, and Christmas and New Year's Day, I want to wish all of you a wonderful end of year and a Happy beginning of the new one.  

I don't have my own tree up yet, because I have three very curious and wicked kitties who love to tear things off it.  And eat tinsel.  And bat ornaments around the floor.  And eat Christmas wrap.

Not to mention roost inside the darn thing, ready to pounce out and send the entire tree to the floor.

I hope you all have a great holiday...take care of those you love, and help those who are in need.  May the joys of the season make your heart light.


Fran Lee 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Draven St. James "Fire and Mistletoe"

Want a little something to warm up the cold winter nights? of course you do! Our guest today at Seven Sexy Scribes is the very naughty Miss Draven St. James, and she's going to share a little taste of her latest M/M offering from Loose Id
"Fire and Mistletoe"


When Greyson Hayes envisions the perfect first Christmas with Mica Cruz he sees twisted sheets, a bottle of wine and a roaring fire. What he doesn't see is a holiday spent with the uproarious Cruz family. Grey hasn't taken part in a family Christmas since the death of his parents. Despite his misgivings, he can't seem to form the word no when it comes to Mica.

Mica knows that Grey's not a grinch. Hell, the man shares so much Christmas cheer during the holidays that he leaves no time to experience any for himself. Not this year. Mica plans to make a few changes, starting with a few wicked and whimsical gifts. He enlists the help of his co-workers at Firehouse Six. They band together and strive to provide Grey with the same joy he gives to everyone else--with five a.m. tree hunts, strategically placed mistletoe and Mica playing Santa's not-so-little helper.

But while Mica is busy being nice, Grey has plenty of time to be naughty…

For Mica, there was nothing better than starting the day watching Grey saunter shirtless around the kitchen, preparing him breakfast. Grey’s only clothes were a pair of sweats that hung so low on his hips Mica couldn’t help but be amazed they didn’t slide off. Hell, that was what he anticipated happening.
Such an event would truly be the beginning of a merry Christmas. Mica sat on a stool next to the island at the center of the room to continue his ogling.
“Stop objectifying me,” Grey said before looking over his shoulder and smiling.
“You like it,” Mica teased. The muscles of Grey’s back flexed each time he reached for a spice or stirred the eggs. His hair was wet from his shower and glistened with shades of gold and cinnamon in the overhead lighting.
“I may like it, but you need to eat, and then I have to work. If you’re lucky, when your double shift is over, I’ll entertain those dirty thoughts I know you’re having.”
“Oh, now that’s promising. How about we compromise for the moment? Drop your pants and bring on the food.”
Mica leered comically at him. Grey’s face became an adorable shade of pink. He loved that even now Grey had his shy moments. There were so many things Grey did that made his life more complete, both at home and at work, because he was lucky enough to work and play with his lover. He’d met Grey when he’d made the best decision of his life and transferred over to Firehouse Six.
It also didn’t hurt that the man was a fantastic cook. He pivoted to stir the scrambled eggs, and Mica moved to stand behind him. With a deep inhale he breathed in the intoxicating, spicy scent that always clung to Grey, and nuzzled his face against Grey’s neck. He wrapped his arms around him, tracing his fingers along Grey’s abdomen before pulling Grey fully back against him.
“Are you sure you can’t fit me in before breakfast?” Mica whispered and nipped his ear playfully.
The vibrations from Grey’s moan resulted in an answering hardening of Mica’s cock.
“You are the worst tease,” Grey admonished.
“And you’re so damn practical.”
Grey shifted around in Mica’s arms and grinned. “That is one of the many things that you love about me.” He ran his fingers through the damp strands of Mica’s hair. “As it is, because of our shower time, I’m already going to be late.”
Mica trapped Grey against the counter and gave in to the temptation of Grey’s soft lips. Grey’s hands tightened in his hair and drew him away.
“Before you, I was always on time.”
“I exist to create fun chaos in your life.” Mica wiggled his eyebrows.
“I see evidence of the chaos,” Grey murmured with a pointed look. “Not just in my life either.”
“No, we settled this.” Mica framed Grey’s face with his hands. “You always work over the holidays. This year you’re mine.”
Grey sighed and looked to be gearing up for another long dialogue about how the guys depended on him to cover their shifts and how the holidays would be ruined if he didn’t.
Mica pressed his fingertip to Grey’s lips. “I want you with me for the holidays. My family will love you, and you’ll have fun.”
“Mica, I haven’t really enjoyed doing—”
“Babe, we discussed this, and I know it isn’t your first choice of Christmas options, but we will still be back to do all the volunteer activities. I promise.” Mica brushed his thumb over Grey’s lips before leaning in for a soft kiss. “Besides, if you’re good and do this for me, then maybe I’ll do something fun for you.”
“Is that right?”
“Of course, I don’t know how it will compare to the little surprises you have in store. I saw the bag this morning.” He pulled back to meet Grey’s twinkling amber gaze.
Grey shrugged. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he replied, his eyes wide with mock innocence. Any trace of annoyance seemed to vanish, and Mica hoped that was the last of it. Grey turned to finish scrambling the eggs that had begun to burn.
“I call bullshit. I saw what was in that bag. Looked like something from that adult store down the road,” Mica confessed. The store sold all things erotic, from videos to sex toys.
“Maybe it isn’t for you?” Grey countered.
“It had better be for me.” Mica jokingly glared at Grey.
“Have a smidgen of patience. Christmas is right around the corner.”
Mica stepped away from Grey and put his hands on his hips. Grey rotated to face him. The man was too attractive for his own good. Every time Mica saw Grey, all he could think was how lucky he was they had been brought together. Of course, all his cock could think about was how quickly they could find a flat surface.
“Fine, you win this time,” Mica said, eyes narrowed. “But I have high expectations for after my shift.”
“I’ll be surprised if you don’t just fall asleep on me.” Grey laughed.
Mica had to work a double, but not even that would keep him from slipping into bed with Grey and showing him how much he missed Grey on those long shifts. Ever since they had come out to the guys at work, they had tried to keep their interactions with each other professional. It was a little easier given they had all the time in the world to satisfy their frustrations outside of work.
“When have I ever done that?” Mica asked.
“There’s a first time for everything. Maybe I should take care of myself while you’re gone,” Grey threatened and slid his free hand down to rub his shaft through his pants, putting on a show for Mica.
“Now who’s the tease?” Mica walked off toward their bedroom to get dressed before breakfast, and briefly glanced over his shoulder. “Payback is a bitch, babe.”
“But so much fun.”
Cajun Spicy Excerpt
He propped himself up on his elbows to stare into Grey’s amber eyes. They appeared to glow in the flickering candlelight. With a slow, wicked grin Grey wrapped one leg around Mica’s and skillfully flipped him. The firm weight of Grey’s body pinned him to the mattress. Grey laced their fingers together and held them above Mica’s head. With a lustful glance that promised delicious deeds to come, he leaned down and nuzzled Mica’s neck. The warm caress of breath on Mica’s skin caused every muscle to tense.
“Do you trust me?” Grey whispered.
Mica tilted his head to give Grey more room to play and rasped out, “Yes.”
The trembling touch of Grey’s lips while they brushed paths along his neck had Mica’s hips jerking in a pressing bid for release even as he reveled in being at Grey’s mercy. Grey placed one firm kiss on Mica’s lips before letting go of his hands and scooting up to search for something along the corner of the bed.
Mica tilted his head to see what his lover was up to, and his eyes widened. Grey held a leather restraint. Holy shit. His cock twitched, more than a little interested.
Grey smiled and lashed Mica’s hands above his head with restraints attached to two bedposts. Mica flexed his arms. While he could move around a little, the restraints held firm.
Grey shimmied down so he was face-to-face with Mica again. “Okay?”
Mica bit his lip and nodded, not trusting his voice. He couldn’t recall ever being this turned on. The idea of being at Grey’s mercy elicited intense arousal.
Grey nuzzled his face against Mica’s chest as he wiggled down Mica’s body. “You smell so good. Like ash and sweat. Is it odd I find that sexy as hell?”
Mica rocked his hips up and murmured, “No, so do I.”
Fire and Mistletoe will be released: December 24th
Links for amazon and Loose Id coming soon:

Loose Id:

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you Draven for being our guest today.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Holiday Traditions

I can’t believe how fast December is flying past! In fact the whole year is a blur of mostly good things mixed in with a few thrills and chills. If this year had a theme it was saying good-bye to the old guard and planting seeds for tomorrow.  

I am not shopping in a mall this year. Instead I’m cooking favorite recipes for my loved ones, sharing outings, movies at home and more time together. That’s the best way I can think of to bring a beautiful but challenging year to a close. I'm also racing to finish and submit a book to my new publisher by New Year's Eve. This will be the fourth year in a row I've done this. Submitting a new book at midnight  has become my new annual year-end tradition. 

I'm also waiting for a dear Aunt to pass. She's in hospice care and I'm expecting her to go to her big coming party very soon. This will be be the forth family member lost year and I hope the last for a very long while.

Have you changed your holiday exceptions recently or do you love a traditional holiday season?