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A new slurp of FALLING FAST, excerpt #3

Another tasty bite of FALLING FAST, out now at !

SUMMARY: Rodeo Manager Kade Stapleton wants to hire PR consultant Shana Carpenter to help him build up his rodeo—and fire up his nights. But can Shana do both with a clear conscience?


Shana wanted this job for more than one good reason. She stepped around the rickety desk to face him. Lifting her face to his, she admired his mouth and eyes, both with stress lines she wanted to eradicate. “ I’ll make your new job so secure that no one will ever mess with you again. You’ll become the most prosperous, most famous rodeo executive in Texas.”

Stepping near her, he wrapped his huge, warm hands around her upper arms. The electrical current between them buzzed and hummed, uniting them like magnets. “Are you sure the heat wave hasn’t fried your brain?”

“No, Kade. It hasn’t. What’s wrong with my plan? Rodeoing is a great business. Growing, too, since the sports’ cable channels show the competitions.”

“True. But your price is so low, I’ll be taking unfair advantage of you.”

Like I did of you. She stared at him, shocked at the force of her need to make her nighttime fantasy real. “Say you want me.”

He threw back his head and whistled. “Miz Carpenter. Shana,” he crooned in his darling bass and made her pussy pulse with wet demand, “how will your boss take it that you’re doing us such a favor?”

“Jeff won’t like the idea.” In fact, he’ll hate it, jealous as he is of anything in pants that comes near me. “But I want this.” I want you. “And I do live my own life.” I haven’t accepted his marriage proposal yet.

Kade Stapleton looked at her. Every feature. Every contour. And she felt caressed and consumed by him.

Beneath his breath, he cursed. “I’m crazy to even consider this.” He hauled her flush against his chest. And through the thin cotton of her tank top, she felt the overpowering strength of his body and the lure of his easy charm. “We need to shake on this deal.”

The urge to throw her arms around his neck was the most powerful impulse she’d had in years. And when she gave into it and felt him crush her closer, she knew she’d made the right decision.
“What if I don’t want to shake?” She grinned up into his gorgeous eyes, impatient to celebrate her victory.

He examined her as if he were going to have her for dinner. “What if I don’t want to talk?”

“What if,” her lips strayed over his, open and taking in his minty scent, “I’d agree?”

His fingers dug in to her waist and drifted lower to cup her ass. “I’d rather kiss you.”

“I’d rather you hurried.”

“Oh, lady,” he whispered as his mouth seized hers. His claim of her was nothing like she’d ever imagined him to be. He wasn’t gentle but was fierce as he swept his tongue around the inside of her mouth and ground her closer.

She could hardly breathe. She tore away, and her head fell back. “Is this lunch?”

Against her throat, he chuckled. “If you say so.”

“What’ll your assistant say?”

He whirled with her in his arms, her legs up around his waist now, as he took two steps to the door and twirled the lock.

“She’ll say nothing, darlin’.” He eyed her swollen mouth, and her disheveled hair. “What’re you gonna say if I tell you I want you here, now, on my desk?”

“I’ll say you better have me quickly, because I’m coming soon. I want you to come with me.” She barely made a sound as she added, “Come inside me.”

He growled and stepped to his desk. With one sweep of his arm, he sent things scattering across the top and dropping to the floor. Then, he laid her back as if she were made of new-spun glass. “You sure about this, Shana?”

She let each of her high heels thud to the floor then reached for the top button of his soft denim shirt. “Let me show you how sure I am.”

He bent, and she worked at the other buttons while one of his big hands cupped one of her breasts. “I want to see these. Taste them.” His green eyes shot to hers. “Look at me. Tell me if I go too fast and gobble you up? I don’t want to scare you.” He cupped her chin. “I scare myself I want you that badly.”

She trembled. “I’m terrified, but not of you and this.” She grasped his silver belt buckle then paused to cup his erection.

His eyes darkened with to an emerald joy. “Well, then, we better get you naked, darlin’, because I’m going to enjoy loving you long and hard.”

She scooted to a partially sitting position and, in a flash, reached down to strip herself of the top and undo her bra.

But his hands covered hers. “For me to do.”

Reverent in his care, he pushed her hands away from the cups of her bra, where her breasts overflowed the edge of the lace.

“Let me see these,” he whispered and reached inside the frilly fabric to lift out her breasts. Lurid, they spilled out. “Beautiful little apples,” he growled and brushed one nipple so that they both heard the zing of electricity caused by his touch. “I have to have a bite.”

Copyright 2010 Cerise DeLand All rights reserved.
FALLING FAST by Cerise DeLand
Resplendence Publishing
Feb. 23, 2010

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Joyfully Reviewed by Lisa!

"One minute Mari is gathering eggs for her sister and the next minute she wakes up on a cold floor in a metal cage surrounded by other cages, all filled with unconscious women. Mari manages to get to her feet; she is nude, cold and terrified. But when she spies two humanoid type beings down the corridor and one approaches, she gathers her dignity like a cloak and tells him what she thinks of him.

It turns out that males from the planet Attun-Ru have been making trips to Earth for over 25 years to capture females. The people of Attun-Ru are vegetarians, but beings on some of the other planets consider human flesh a delicacy. Bad enough that the women are sold for sex or slavery but food? Apparently other planets don’t consider the Earthers to be sentient, more like cattle, at best like pets.

Mari was a linguist back on Earth and slowly she’s learning some of the language of her Attun captors. One in particular, Ekkat Vom Baerkah Elae has taken an interest in her and can’t believe that she is sentient enough to learn some of their words and their ways.

Over time, Ekkat grudgingly acknowledges, at least to himself, that Mari and therefore her people are sentient. Can he with a clear conscience allow her to be herded with the other women to the sheds and then to auction? For her to become a slave, a pet, or a meal once she is sold off? For an Attun to have a relationship, especially sex with a human is a death sentence on his planet. Whatever happens next will change everything for Ekkat and Mari. Once the decision is made there is no going back.

Incredibly unique, Captured skillfully blends a sensuous romance with a dark sci-fi story. Captured is painfully brutal at times, but also mixes passion with heart pounding action. Mari and Ekkat are fascinating main characters with pain and angst in their pasts, yet never willing to give up or give in. Not only is the overall story compelling, there are little twists and turns throughout the plot which makes it really hard to put down. Eroticism, drama, action, heart, and soul – Captured has it all!”

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New Cover!!

I'm thrilled with my new cover!!!
The artist at Resplendence captured my vision perfectly. Possessing Eleanor releases 3/23/10. I don't have an edited excerpt yet but here is the blurb:
Eleanor Lewis is perfectly content with her comfortable, quiet, relationship free life until she finds herself on all fours at the feet of Jackson Royce. Eleanor is stunned by her instant and intense attraction to the power and confidence radiating from the devilishly handsome building contractor. He scrambles her brain and heats her body to the boiling point.

Jackson always trusts his gut instincts. The ultra sexy woman sprawled on the floor is a sexual submissive. How intriguing that the all business, sensible shoe wearing office manager has absolutely no idea? The moment he takes her into his embrace he vows to possess her mind, body and soul.

From their first sizzling encounter, through a whirlwind courtship, Eleanor discovers being possessed by a man who loves her absolutely is what she had been searching for all along.


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One Hundred Years And Counting.

1910 ~ 2010

Lately I’ve had the odd feeling that time is going by too fast and things are happening too slowly.

It’s already 2010, the future is now and we still don’t have sentient robot housekeepers, world peace and hover cars hovering over every garage. Are we behind schedule?

Maybe not.

Let’s pick up a magic kaleidoscope and look back one hundred years and think about what America was like in February 1910.

Only two of ten adults could read or write and only six percent of all Americans had graduated from high school.

The average life expectancy was forty-seven years.

(No AARP junk mail.)

95% of all births took place at home.

(It makes sense most conceptions started at home. I’m assuming the other 5% of births were in haylofts, under the apple trees, on porch swings etc…)

The average wage was twenty-two cents an hour.

(Don’t spend it all in one place whipper-snapper.)

Only fourteen percent of American homes had a bathtub.

(The other 86% held their nose or braved a pan of cold water)

Only eight percent had a phone.

(How could you call and order a phone if you didn’t have a phone to make the call?)

Most women washed their hair once each month and used products such as Borax or egg yolks to shampoo their hair.

(It would take me at least a month to work up the nerve to attempt such a miserable task again)

Ninety percent of all doctors did not graduate from college. They attended dubious “Medical Schools” many of which were later condemned as substandard.

(Yes your child can grow up to be a doctor…)

Ninety-five percent of the taxes we pay today did not exist in 1910.

(Can Taxes be taxed? It could be a money maker?)

Heroin was promoted as a “complexion clearer” and praised as giving “buoyancy to the mind”.

(It worked for Keith Richards. I still see him being interviewed on the British book lovers shows. He speaks slowly but he’s still quite witty.)

Las Vegas Nevada had a population of thirty.

(And it was a long-shot gamble to live there back then. What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas unless “it” got on a horse and rode out of town.)

America had 8,000 automobiles and only 144 miles of paved road to drive them on.

(A tank of gas literally took you to the edge of nowhere)

230 murders were reported nation wide.

(And thousands were getting away with murder-those were the days…lol)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The DH and I took an overdue weekend away. We stayed in NH and traveled into ME. What a wonderful time. The weather was in the 50s. The people of Maine must have thought it was a heat wave. They were out in their shorts and t-shirts. We witnessed people playing tennis and the parks were filled with children. It was refreshing. It was a sign that spring isn’t too far away.

We shopped in Kittery, Portland and Freeport. I haven’t walked that much in a VERY long time.

In Portsmouth we ate downtown at a place called Friendly Toast. I have to say the food was fabulous. It’s very retro. There was an old Superman pogo stick, the RCA dog, and board games from 30+ years ago hanging on the walls. An old Borden’s Ice Cream sign too. The DH and I kept spotting things and saying – look at that. I don’t think two dishes matched in the place. LOL
The wait to get in was out the door both times we went. Yes, we went back, the food was that good.

We hated to come back, but the kids were going nuts. By three on Sunday afternoon we were getting calls and texts asking when we’d be home. LOL We finally broke down and headed home around 5ish. It was nice to sleep in my own bed.

Tomorrow I go back to work and the DH heads out to OK for a business trip. I’m looking forward to the distraction. I have soooooooo much stuff that needs to get done, but no desire to do any of it.
I want to finish Sliding Home my newest M/M by month end. I’m about 3-5k away. Then there’s the last sex scene of Shea Manor. I thought I finished this book, but as I was editing it I realized I left out the most important fantasy for the heroine. DUH!

So hopefully I’ll get some writing done today. Happy Tuesday.

Oh and I’m on the coming soon page for Research Required at March 19th is my next release date! Yay!

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"ANYTHING YOU CAN DO" is Now Available!

My latest book, a contemporary romance "Anything You Can Do", is now available as an ebook from
To celebrate its release, I'm running two contests at my website: Lots of goodies for two lucky winners!

What happens when you mix a childcare clueless hero with babies and preschoolers? Jeffrey Ryan, CEO of Ryan's Industries, isn't prepared for all the chaos he encounters when he accepts a challenge to spend a week at Ryan's Rugrats from the daycare owner's, Allison Minetti.

Their bet? If he makes it through the week, she'll stop sending partnership/funding requests she needs to keep the facility his employees use. If he doesn't, she'll spend a friendly weekend with him touring Kansas City.

Instant sparks of mutual attraction make their bet more interesting as the week progresses. Flirting, kisses, and embraces, all lead to a desire to take their relationship to a more sensuous level. Can they both win, have their weekend, give in to lust and passion, and have a future together? Or, will someone's interference in their bet create trust and betrayal issues that threaten their relationship?

One incident in the book came from my own kindergarten teaching experience. Every morning, one little boy would come into the room, I'd sit him by a plastic-bagged trashcan, and within minutes he'd puke. Then, he'd get up and go for a school-sponsored breakfast. Imagine the hero in my book going through the same experience his first day on the job!

   Allison loved the city view at night. "I't's so beautiful out here. Real quiet and peaceful," she commented as Jeff parked the car overlooking the Kansas City skyline.
   "I guess we're not the only ones who think that." He pointed to a white Ford truck parked to their left. "I wonder what they're doing in there to make it shake like an earthquake's centered under it."
   Probably something like this." She ran her hand up his thigh and pressed it into his crotch, rubbing her palm over the already bulging area.
   "Lord, honey, you don't give a guy a minute to relax. Good thing I'm all rested up."

   Jeff slipped his arm around her shoulders and hugged her to him. He angled his head to reach her lips and traced his tongue along each one. As she continued massaging his zippered area, a catch in his breathing turned into a moan of desire.
    At first, his kiss entailed lips on lips only. When she opened her mouth, his tongue darted inside. Allison closed down slightly, giving him a narrow area to dart his tongue in and out of, mimicking the ultimate consummating act of love.
   When his hand reached out to fondle her breast, a wickedly naughty thought popped into her head. She pulled back and asked with a purr, " Just what kind of shape are you in?"
   Jeff whooshed out one long exhale, and a glazed look accompanied his response. "Like I've been telling you, anything you can do, I can do."
   Her hand returned to his zipper, and she eased it down in minute movements. "Can you do this?" She skimmed one fingernail along his skin under the unzipped area.
   Clearing his throat, Jeff moaned, "That's something I only want you to do. Am I in the right shape for you now?"
   "Hmm, actually this shape is fine. But that's not what I meant."
   Jeff grabbed her hand, pressing her palm on him. The slacks front pulled open, and she relished the bulky feel of his arousal in her grasp.
   "Tell me now before I go insane from lack of oxygen."
   "You'll do what I say?" Dictating orders gave Allison an unashamed sense of her own sensuality and control. 
   "Tell me."
   "Get in the backseat."
   Heavy breathing filled the air between them. Without another word, he pushed away, opened his car door while holding his pants with one hand, and exited the car. He peered at her through the driver's side window.
   "Are you joining me? I don't wanna play by myself. You're much more interesting and friendly."

Visit for more information about my contemporary/paranormal romance books. "Gone to the Dogs" is now available in print at:
Visit for more information about my erotic romance books.

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Damn! Missed Saturday AGAIN!!!

It's been a rough day.


Just finished up a Cougar Challenge book, and am working hard on completing Cal's Omega, my sequel to Hallie's Cats. I've been a lazy writer this past month. Now I'm fighting to make up for it.

I missed last week on this blog because Cerise was finally back and used my day...I was so happy to see her, I didn't strangle her. :P

Anyway, Now I am using her day. Neener neener!

Aw, you can go ahead and post, Cerise...just kidding!

I just wanted to ask how everyone else's week went. The entire week wasn't a total washout. I got a couple of very nice was a Joyfully Recommended over at Joyfully Reviewed. I have brought it over so I can grin...

Patrice over at Joyfully Reviewed said...

Jillian has had it with domineering chauvinistic boss, Mike Furie. Who cares if he is the wealthiest, sexiest man alive? He’s a jerk! As his highly paid PA, she has given up any chance of having a real life. And for what? He doesn’t even see her as a woman! Seven years of cleaning up his messes has driven her to the brink. He calls her at the last moment to fly to Aspen to run interference on a man-eating model. It’s the last straw. She’s done and plans to tell him where to stick his job. The last thing she expects is to wake up naked next to very man she hates—and who makes her crazy for him in every way.

This story made my head spin leaving in its wake a few other embarrassing reactions, which means I was nuked by a devilishly steamy read. Fran Lee, where have you been all my contemporary-romance-reading-life? After reading Jillian’s Job, it is time for me to backtrack and devour anything else Ms. Lee has published. This is a combo of Two Weeks Notice meets Sex in the City! Hmmm. Maybe we should add some extra sizzling heat to that description. Turn it up by another 100 degrees with a doubled heat index that would make a Texan wince. Jill and Mike duke it out, make-up, and get down into some heavy action that won’t quit. There’s more to this powerhouse pair than just the hot-off-the-printers-sex. Neither are just a pretty face and a fat checkbook. The character development more than makes up for the gratuitous sex scenes—ahem, you don’t see me complaining. My chief complaint is that this torrid tale was not longer. What a tease! I wanted more from this delightfully talented author with the wicked imagination. Who says contemporary romance is dead? With creative writing like Ms. Lee, I’d say it’s time for me to take a break from my paranormal sci-fi fix (like now) and catch up on the progressive goodies under this genre. Ellora’s Cave, take a bow for snatching up this gifted lady and sharing her with what I’m sure will be an ever-growing mountain of fans and readers.

Wow, Patrice...this made my whole week!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone...and go ahead and post now, Cerise, love. :)

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Rodeo man, anyone? FALLING FAST out Feb. 23

My newest cherry, FALLING FAST, comes out Tuesday!
Rodeo Manager Kade Stapleton wants to hire PR consultant Shana Carpenter to help him build up his rodeo—and fire up his nights. But can Shana do both with a clear conscience?
FALLING FAST by Cerise DeLand
Resplendence Publishing debuts Feb. 23, 2010 at

If Shana Carpenter had forgotten Kade Stapleton was eye candy, it was definitely because she’d feared for weeks now that he’d realize who she really was when they met this morning. That he’d call her callous and unethical, throw her out of his office, and slam the door to any apology she might make for how she’d ruined him.
But here he stood. Cool and business-like, he blinked at the sight of her, seeming more stunned at her appearance than angry. Good. Great, in fact.
She’d dressed for success, and if he were eating her alive with his heavy-lidded, lime-green gaze then she rivaled him for ravenous.
What a man. Every inch a hard-muscular dream machine, Kade stood maybe ten inches taller than she. He’d bulked up since last she’d seen him four years ago in the ring. Sculpted and golden, the former rodeo star stared down at her, and damn, did he make her mouth water. He even smelled good. Spicy and musky.
She’d never gotten as close to him as this—except in her dreams. Recently, they’d begun to come with stunning frequency.
But here he was, striding toward her. Meeting her for the first time. Her heart picked up a beat at the sight of his rolling gait, his lean hips, the broad-as-a-barn shoulders he’d honed from working in the saddle ten hours every day—every day, until four years ago, when he’d quit. All because of her.
She winced, fearing he might know that Shana Carpenter was really S.J. Carpenter, the reporter who’d killed his career, but he smiled at her pleasantly. In one mad rush, all Shana’s nighttime fantasies of being adored by the champion bronc buster fired up like a giant heat wave.
Better yet, her pussy gushed with warm cream at his welcome, and she beamed at him, knowing she’d been right not to wear any panties today. To feel free. Free of the past.
“How do you do, Mr. Stapleton?” She gave him her neon smile, plunked her briefcase on the floor and put out her hand.
“Hello, Miz Carpenter,” he crooned in a Texas drawl that rumbled all the way down her body to tease her swollen little clit. “Nice of you to travel all this way to meet with me,” he murmured as he took a long gander into her eyes, and she hoped he saw that she admired his looks. He grasped her hand, and a sizzle sparked between them that jarred them both.
“Wow! Sorry!” he exclaimed and grabbed hold of her forearm with his other big hand.
“It’s okay,” she told him, but she lied. The static was similar to the one that traveled between them every time he touched her. In her dreams.
“This old building,” he said and shook his head ruefully. “It began life as a trailer. Never was very well grounded.”
“Ah, I see,” she declared, unsteady on her feet due to the jolt and wanting to tell him that maybe this current between them was more than her wish-fulfillment.
Reaching out with two hands, he steadied her with a mighty grip that made her wish she could strip off her linen suit. Better yet, he could strip it off. Like he strips me down in my bed each night as I toss and turn, making love to him and making up to him for how I ruined him.
He threw her a polite grin now that made her yearn to taste his lips. Come kiss me with that rugged mouth. Growl how you missed me and need to be inside me.
But instead, he seemed to fight not to glance down her body. Most men, she knew from years of experience, liked her figure. Lithe and long–legged, she had a toned ass and pert breasts men drooled to have, but only a few had. How I’d love to give them to you, Kade.
He nodded toward the chair opposite his desk. “Have a seat, Miz Carpenter.”
Shana stepped backward, said thank you and sat down like the top-notch PR consultant she truly was. This was an interview for her firm to do a promotion for his rodeo, not an opportunity to seduce him. But I’m dying to reach out and lick your skin there at the hollow of your throat.
“Ah, well, let’s begin,” he offered in a hoarse voice as if he had forgotten why she was here. “Hot in here, I know.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry the air conditioner is broken. Again.” He grinned, fast and tight, his generous mouth making her hungry for a nibble of his lips. “Can I offer you a drink?”
That and anything else you want to give me. Like you do at night, when you climb into bed and hover over me with your thick shaft already hard and ready to take me.
She vibrated with desire, pushing away her urge to leap up and peel away his pale denim shirt and low-slung jeans. Then she’d see if his chest was as broad as she thought and if his cock was as long as she’d dreamed.
“Miz Carpenter?” He called her from her reverie. “Drink?”
“Ah. Yes, thank you, I will.” She settled herself back into the rickety folding chair, crossed one leg over the other and smoothed her suit’s skirt to her knee. Her pussy needed petting, that was for sure, but she couldn’t say, “hey, pardon me while I show you how pink and demanding my little cat is,” could she?
Copyright 2010 Cerise DeLand All rights reserved.

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Apology Time


1. For being out of touch.
2. For not saying congrats often enough on all your good works and wonderful news.
3. For being wrapped up in my own stuff right now - I know you all have your issues too. OMG! Tessie, I cannot believe you got a concussion!
Life is what it is. Right now, that means crazy. Know that I'm thinking about you all the time - I do pay attention even if I don't have time to say anything.
So...what am I working on? Daughter's of Persephone, Book Four, Tem's Story. Due yesterday!
A new menage...What? Old prude me? Throwing my hat in the arena. Futuristic. Sci fi. Menage.
A paranormal.
A paranormal series.
OMG. I pretty much have my head buried and it will stay that way for a while. I plan to try some fun stuff on my website - trivia contests, that sort of thing - so check it out once in a while and you can play.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have a recycling injury!!

Monday night I was doing the environmentally correct thing by depositing my cans and bottles in my recycling bin which is located directly outside my back door.

I slipped on a minuscule patch of ice and went down hard. Apparently, my forward momentum was stopped when my face hit the step. I have a concussion and feel like I've been run over by a truck, but luckily no broken bones. I also look like I was in a brawl!

Hopefully when I post next week things will be getting better!


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"Anything You Can Do"

My interview this morning is with my sister-scribe and multi-published author Marianne Stephens, who is also well known to Ellora’s Cave readers as April Ash.

KL: Marianne, your new book “Anything You Can Do” is a sensual contemporary story, but there is also a flirty old-fashioned sweetness underlying the story. What was your inspiration for this book?

MS: I’d listened to an old song, “Anything You Can Do” from the musical “Annie Get You Gun”. I wanted to come up with a story involving a challenge. Knowing how clueless most men are about daycare, I wove a story. I’d taught computers to preschoolers in a daycare facility, had my kids in daycare, and now have grandkids in daycare, so I thought I’d get inspiration from daycare events.

KL: Tell me a little about Breathless Press. How did you find each other?

MS: I’d read how BP was looking to interview authors for their blog. I was interviewed and asked if they’d be interested in a sensual romance story that also had children in it. My book fit their word count and requirements.

BP began in 2009 and is flourishing. Justyn Perry, the Publisher, has plans for future development. BP caught my attention as being an up-and-coming publishing house. You can read BP’s “About Us” statement at:

KL: What is your Heroine’s biggest challenge toward trust?

MS: Allison’s had a bad experience with her ex-boyfriend. She believed him when they both agreed not to apply for an out-of-state promotion so they could stay together. When he got the promotion and broke her heart, she decided not to trust men again…until Jeff broke down her defenses and she fell in love.

KL: What book of any genre, do you most wish you wrote? (This is a great answer and you can answer me privately, I’ll remove all comments in parenthesis but I literally wanted to know the name of the book you wish you had written! Lol I’m nosy…)

MS: I need to write paranormal, shapeshifter romances since they seem to be well-received by readers. I’d love to write regencies, but I don’t think I know all the proper terminology for that time period. (I most wish I wrote…..? because…)

KL: What did you enjoy most about writing this story?

MS: Visualizing events as I wrote them. The episode about the child entering the daycare room, sitting by the trashcan, and heaving, came from my experience as a kindergarten teacher. Every morning, Leander would come into the room, I’d sit him by the trashcan, and he’d heave. Then, he’d go to breakfast and play. I enjoyed putting Jeff through Diaper Day, field trips, etc.

KL: Can you share a little more with us about “Anything You Can Do.” What was the trickiest part of writing this story?

MS: The flirting and heated scenes of Allison and Jeff acting on their mutual attraction had to be somewhat subdued and carefully done while in the daycare setting. Once I got them to the hotel, they could release pent-up desires and act out their sexual fantasies.

KL: “Anything You Can Do…” is written under the pen name Marianne Stephens, but you’re also April Ash. You’re both busy ladies. lol Can you share any pre-views of coming attractions?

MS: I’m actually working on a ghostwritten, nonfiction memoir for a woman who lived in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War (1992-1995). In the romance genre, I’ve got a paranormal story ¾ of the way done. Still have to finish and edit it. It involves a woman who “sees” song titles in her head that pertain to her life and what goes on around her.

KL: What would you recommend I do if I find myself trapped in an elevator with a very attractive man? (I think Allison did the right thing! Lol)

MS: Pushing those buttons to stall the elevator sounds exactly like the thing to do…but check to see if he’s wearing a wedding ring first!

KL: Fair enough! Lol

Here’s a little taste of “Anything You Can Do…”

Daycare director, Allison Minetti, runs “Ryan’s Rugrats” for children of employees of Ryan Industries and needs financial aid for the center. CEO Jeffrey Ryan doesn’t take her request seriously. She challenges him to spend a week in daycare. If he loses, he’ll consider donating funds. If she loses, she’ll spend a friendly weekend with him and end her donation requests.

Allison makes sure he experiences daycare routines including Diaper Day, Kitchen Day, field trips, and swimming lessons, all which threaten Jeff’s orderly realm of sanity. Decreased numbers of kids at the center make his days easier and cause her to become suspicious of attendance disappearances.

Instant mutual attraction leads to a week of seductive teasing and brief steamy encounters. Both welcome the weekend and a chance to satisfy their lustful passion. Hurtful lessons of betrayal from past loves haunt each of them so trust is vital in their relationship. Will someone else’s interference in their challenge lead to mistaken conclusions and pull them apart?

This sounds like a very romantic read!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wild Lickins - Coming Feb 19th

Before I give you a taste of my newest release I want to remind everyone that voting has begun for the Love Romances Cafe Nominees. Yes, I'm up for a nomination in two categories.
If you’ve read either book up for nomination or just want to vote here’s what you have to do:
To vote: Email Dawn at dawn_roberto AT yahoo DOT com with "LRC's "BEST OF 2009 Awards" in subject. If this is not in the subject it will not be counted. In the email add: Best Contemporary of 2009 – Heat Waves and/or Best Erotic Book of 2009 – Spank Me Twice
All entries are to be in by 2/23/2010. Any entries received after that will NOT be counted and automatically deleted.

Thanks in advance for those who are voting.

Also I'm featured over at: where I'm giving away a copy of Ignited. So stop by!

Now on to Wild Lickins!!!!

My newest release will be available this Friday, February 19th from Aspen Mountain Press! YAY

Here is a blurb and excerpt:
Sam has secretly loved Ethan for as long as he could remember. Ethan can’t see beyond his love for their Ice Cream Shoppe Wild Lickins. To escape his desires for his best friend and business partner, Sam takes off for an overdue vacation. Coral Reef, an all male resort, promises a week of sex, sun and relaxation. It’s the perfect combination to help Sam clear his mind. What it doesn’t prepare Sam for is Jim.
Can a stranger help Sam forget about his lust for Ethan? Or is there more to the distraction than meets the eye?

They rode for a good half hour before coming to a stop near an open expanse of land. From this view, you could see down over the resort. The white sands, the rolling waves, the dazzling colors—it was all spectacular.
After dismounting their horses, Jim wrapped an arm around Sam’s shoulder.
“Incredible isn’t it?”
“It is. I’m in awe.”
“I love it up here. Not that I don’t love it down there, because what’s not to love. But up here, we’re really alone. The only sounds are some exotic birds in the distance maybe an animal or two rustling in the bushes, but aside from that it’s relatively quiet.”
Sam agreed. He hadn’t heard any sounds other than their horses snorting every so often. A butterfly fluttered in front of them.
“Come on. I want to show you something.” Sam allowed Jim to take his hand and lead him off the beaten path. They left the horses behind secured to a tree.
“Where are we going?” Sam asked curiously. The thick brush scraped at his legs as Jim dragged him further and further from the trial.
“Not far. You’re going to love it I swear.”
Jim’s enthusiasm was hard to ignore and Sam didn’t believe he’d lead him astray. Whatever it was Jim definitely loved the idea of sharing it with him. Sam couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted to show him.
They walked out of the dense brush and into an open area. Sam did a double take when he saw the waterfall. The water cascaded a hundred feet into a swimming hole.
“Wow,” he said, standing there mesmerized. “Is it safe to swim?”
Sam didn’t wait for a response. He shed his clothes, ready to jump in and explore this wonderful spectacle.
“I don’t think it matters if I say no. You’re ready to go.” Jim laughed, pointing to Sam’s naked body.
“First one in is a…” Sam dove into the water. He came up refreshed from the cool water. “It’s not as warm as the ocean, but it feels good after being in the hot sun.”
He splashed water towards Jim. “Come on. What are you waiting for?”
Jim shucked off his clothes and did a cannonball into the water. “Oooh, it is a bit colder.” He swam over to Sam. “Maybe you can warm me up?”

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meeting a President

If you could travel back in time to meet one deceased President, who would you choose? Today is President's Day and I started thinking about those I know a lot about from school and reading, and those I barely remember. Some lived long lives and held office for their full terms. Others weren't so lucky.

If I had to choose one, I'd pick Harry S. Truman.I've been to his museum and home, and was amazed at all this man accomplished. The Social Security Act passed in 1935, but didn't include Medicare. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed a bill activating Medicare, and Truman became the first American to receive a Medicare card.

After only a few months as Vice President, he became President on 4 April, 1945, after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He inherited an ongoing war, and made the critical and historical decision to use atomic bombs in Japan. That country wouldn't agree to ending their part in WWII, so Truman ordered bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What a difficult decision it had to be, and I applaud his strength and conviction in doing so.

His term in office was troublesome, both at home and concerning our relationships with other countries. The war had ended, but not the infighting within our nation. Coupled with the beginning of the "cold war", Truman had opponents on all sides.

His re-election campaign seemed all but lost in 1948...until his historical train ride, a "Whistle Stop Tour", through the Midwest. A special railroad car named the Ferdinand Magellan, was a custom built car for Presidential trips. He'd walk out to the car's rear platform and speak to people every time the train stopped.

The Ferdinand Magellan was used a few more times after that, and then retired to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, FL. In October, 1984, President Reagan used it for one day (October 12) as he revived Truman's historic railroad trip. Reagan traveled in Ohio to campaign. My husband worked at the White House at this time as a trip officer. The train ride was one of his trip responsibilities, and he was aboard during Reagan's ride.

Remember to honor our Presidents, whether you agreed with their political views or not. Enjoy the three-day weekend and time off but think about the men who've held office and the hard work they did while running our country.

Photos: Flickr: Nobueno's

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Need a strong Texas cowboy?

Yep. I'm going from Mexico and the Gulf on a yacht from my last book, LAID BARE, to getting in the saddle with a Texas bronc bustin' rodeo man!
Care to come along?
FALLING FAST debuts Feb. 23 at
Here is a visual nibble of my newest cherry! Do turn up the volume!
Plus the cover of this one is just as hot as the last one--and YouTube changed the thumbnail.
But do view it here...and on Resplendence's site. Better yet, buy a copy and look at it to your heart's content.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coming Soon

A Brief Moment of Pleasure

Coming Soon from Resplendence

I wrote this novel 15 years ago. I was working toward my black belt rank, and came face to face with the invisible barriers that kept female students from reaching their full potential. Gender bias kept female martial artists from moving from a brown or brand new black belt up into the ranks. Those who managed to go beyond brown rank were often accused of "putting out" to get their black belt.

I was infatuated with a very hot Asian black belt guy, but never, ever let him know that, because if I had, his respect for me would have deteriorated totally. Others would have felt that I was "cozying up" to better my rank. It was not the best idea to allow personal affairs to detract from your martial arts. Inside the dojo/dojang, gossip was rampant about how this or that female got her black belt, etc. If you were serious about your MA, you didn't dabble in love affairs with others in the dojo.

Women were already considered unworthy by black belt males. The bias shown in this novel was very real, and was very painful for women at the time this was written. Today, the bias is not as prevalent, but in many dojos and systems, it will never go totally away.

Of course, many traditional systems now have eradicated gender bias. But in the back of the men's minds, a woman will never be capable of being as strong, fast, or smart as the male black belts. Women are tolerated. But through my years of traveling, photographing and reporting, as well as judging international competitions, acting as referee, and teaching, I met many wonderful females who were the heads of their own MA systems, and whose students were absolute perfection.

It is to these women that I dedicate this novel.

Fran Lee
(No relation to Bruce)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Release Day!

My Everything!

Coming today from Cobblestone Press:


Security consultant Ben McCall is alone. His wife and unborn child are dead, victims of an assassination attempt meant for someone else. Grieving, he disappears. When his best friend is in danger, Ben resurfaces only to find his friend isn’t the target of a murderer, he is along with his sister Angel. On the night of his return, Ben unexpectedly comes face to face with a woman from his past. She needs his help. He learns that he needs hers even more.

Grace Adams is one of the walking wounded. Her husband died two years ago. One night she is incapacitated. A man comes to her aid. He’s the man she fell in love with years before, Ben McCall. As the passion between them reignites, Grace too becomes a target of the madman who stalks Ben. She, Angel and Ben must use their wits to stay alive as they fight a man desperate for revenge.

Sorry, no excerpt yet - should have it soon! In other news, Romance Junkies is holding a Valentine's Contest. It runs through March 31st. Here's the link to my offering -

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air! Is this not the perfect time of year for us, the readers and writers of hotter than hot romance?

After much jocularity, I’m choosing to blog about my hubby. He’s sitting across the room as I type this. I will read it to him once it’s done and not post it without his approval. As anyone who read the dedication in Ageless Desires knows, he holds the lofty position of Head of Research and Development in my writing career. You can all take a moment and imagine his varied job duties!!

Recently, I’ve been testing his dedication. My WIP is a m/m/f love story. When I first discussed my idea with him, it was quite apparent he was uncomfortable with the m/m part of my proposal. He not only didn’t see the appeal, each time I talked about it, he didn’t participate and his body language screamed ‘shut up!’ I love the characters, the humor and the chemistry of the story so I persevered, despite feeling his loss in the creative process.

The other night, he agreed to let me read it to him. I was a nervous wreck! My throat was dry and I stumbled over the first paragraphs. And then the most wonderful thing happened. He laughed at the funny parts! He wholeheartedly complimented the hotty-hot parts and even offered some manly insight to a man only part!!

I certainly hope it's contracted, but his support means even more to me. God I love that man!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling Entitled

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”

Charles Bukowski.

I got lucky this week and got offered my second book contract this year. I was overjoyed until I realized the new contract came with one sticky little caveat. Management thought the working title of my book was not sexy or evocative enough. My title got the boot. My editor hinted that as soon I gave her a good title she would give me a contract.

I like a challenge. I loved the title I had but I also understood management’s decision. I jumped right in and wrote eight new titles and sent them back within half an hour.

“No” to all of them.

I wrote eight more titles.

Nope, I’m off track and not only that I’m in the forbidden word zone. I can’t use any of the words I want to use because those words are saved for authors writing in other genres. Those lucky bastards, I just hope they appreciate their free flowing hearts, clash, captive, slave, Master, secret, agreement, bonds…

Okay, I wrote eight more titles working under a different concept.

“No, the story’s a historical, you should choose something historical and descriptive but don’t use forbidden words that actually describe the situation. Make it sexy but don’t use the sexy words you’re not allowed to use. Those are for somebody else to use-not you.”

But it’s a culture clash story between a Celtic slave and a Roman Magistrate…

“No, don’t mention slave that’s for BDSM only. If you mention Celtic you’ll get a Celtic cover. You don’t want that. This is a Roman story…”

I just kept trying. My editor and I exchanged eight emails that day each chock full of new titles. Management wasn’t buy’n what I was sell’n. We finally got a title we could all live with but it was trial by committee.

Am I happy with the title? I’m happy with the book contract and the opportunity to learn the ropes on a historical. I’m also very grateful to my patient, helpful editor.

Has anyone else struggled with a title like this? I’d love to hear about it.

XXOO Katalina Leon

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walking On Air

Yesterday I received an email from Dawn at Love Romances Café letting me know that Heat Waves had been nominated for Best Contemporary of 2009. Can you say WOW! I was shocked. It only got better. As I was reading the nominees I noticed Spank Me Twice was up for Best Erotic Book of 2009. It floored me to be nominated for two awards.
I’m up against some awesome authors for the Contemporary award, but I swear just being nominated means everything to me. J
The voting begins the 15th. Once I get the information I’ll post it, in case you’ve read Heat Waves and want to vote. LOL
In other news I participated in my first book signing with eleven other authors last night. It was interesting. During the author bio the announcer talked about my nominations. Well! The funniest part was at the end. I was packing up my things when this older couple...I'm talking late sixties . early seventies comes up to me and says, "What was the name of that book? Smack Me Twice, Hit Me Twice?"
I looked at her and asked, "Spank Me Twice?"
"Yes. Yes, that's the one." She turns to her husband. "We have to go home and look that book up!"
I was rolling. It's nice to see they're still interested in sex.
The day kept getting better because when I got home I checked email and there was a contract for Dante's Desire.
Now how am I going to top that? LOL
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Yeah, I can't let this opportunity go by without posting some wonderful guys for you to drool over. After all, Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and we all need a "lift", right?
Maybe you'll be someone who gets a stuffed bear, like the one shown in this photo. Oh...if you're lucky, the guy holding it will look just like this hunk and come aptly dressed (or undressed) when he presents you with his gift.
Notice his bulging muscles, the strategic position of that teddy bear...and the bear's little hat.
Are you wondering what's behind that bear? When you grab for the teddy, will you "find" something else, waiting for your caress?

Candy and flowers are the usual choice of gifts for your sweetheart to give you, but wouldn't you love something that keeps giving, and giving, and giving... Of course, recharging is necessary, but dream and fantasize all you want! What's under that bag? Use your imagination and place a face for this mystery man. And, what's under that box of Valentine chocolates? After you eat all the candy, will you find another wonderful surprise to enjoy?

Now, the message with this photo tells it all. What a luscious satin pillow for you to lay your head on. Comfy, smooth, surrounded by hot, sizzling male flesh. You get to fantasize what comes next! that your hand holding up the pillow? How quickly can you move it aside to peek at what's behind it?
Valentine's Day is for lovers of all ages. Enjoy the day with someone you any fantasy way you desire!


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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New cherry! FALLING FAST and a few thoughts on life and loves

Dear Readers,

As many of you know, our family lost our oldest son last week and we are in the stages of grief and sorrow that lead us to view the finest elements of life.

Today, kiss your loved ones, or if far away, tell them you love them.

My newest book, quite by a stroke of fate, is about a young man who has a head injury, as did our boy.

I hope you will read FALLING FAST, debuting February 23 from Resplendence, because here you read and hear about a few of the many challenges those with Tramatic Brain Injuries experience.

My editor said she loved it because it was a wonderful story that she would have read anyway just for pleasure.

I hope you read it and enjoy it as well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh My Gosh!

Things were so crazy yesterday I forgot to blog!

My kitty is sick, my hubby totaled his car, yiiii!

So the good news is you can and should get yourselves involved in two contests.
Over on my website:
I'm running a give-away - a copy of F.U. by Mia Watts.
Leave a comment on any post that includes the words - Enter me! Enter me now! I'll draw a name at random on Monday and announce the winner.

But the bigger news - sorry Mia - I have my own contest going on at Stumbling Over Chaos - head over there and leave a comment. You can win a copy of my coming release, My Everything, with Cobblestone Press. The contest runs through the 11th, the book comes out on the 12th.
Hurry over and leave me some love!

See you there!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happily Ever After

Obviously, one man and one woman falling in love and getting married is the traditional HEA. But so many erotic romances revolve around other kinds of relationships. I’m intrigued by the fact that one person’s HEA is not necessarily that of another.

I am a big fan of ménage love stories. I love reading about more than two people trying to navigate the romance waters together. In sci-fi and fantasy books, where relationships can be defined by a different set of rules, HEA is easy to see. In stories set in the real world, can there still be a HEA in this situation? I believe the answer is 100% yes. I’m a romantic (kind of goes with the territory, doesn’t it?) and can see, for example, two men and one woman committing fully to each other and sharing a wonderful life together.

My quandary at the moment revolves around relationships between immortals and humans. Allow me to construct a scenario. Todd is a 400 year old vampire. Betty is a 36 year old human. They experience all of the trials and tribulations we would expect in a fantastic romance novel and finally declare their love and devotion to each other. Part of me feels this is a perfectly satisfying HEA, but the trouble making part of me keeps throwing out questions. Is it necessary for Betty to be ‘turned’ so they will be together for all eternity? What if Todd offers the possibility and they agree to decide later? Or Betty decides she wants to stay human and they will be together for her natural life span? Maybe it’s not discussed in the story at all?

What are your thoughts on the subject?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Restocking the Creative Pond.

Every writer knows the frustration of dealing with a Muse that’s blown a fuse. We’ve all had days, which usually come with deadlines attached, where the words creep across the page in a slow trickle or worse the words stop trickling at all.

Most of us have to schedule our writing time and force it to fit in our practical lives. We all face days when the Muse resists or resents the schedule and refuses to cooperate. Not surprisingly those are the best days to restock the creative pond.

Writers, who force themselves to write on demand, will eventually drain their creative pond of good-sized fish-I mean ideas. You can’t keep taking big ideas out while putting nothing back. You have to restock the pond you fish from. That means walking away from the computer and reading, living and actually doing some of those things that are so much fun to write about. Even watching great movies will restock the pond.

I write romance, which puts human subtleties under a microscope so human contact restocks my creative pond. I love meeting new people and watching their mannerism and listening to their voice inflections. One of my favorite games to play on restock days is go into the world knowing fate will place an interesting character into my path. I leave the house open to the idea that I am going to speak with a fascinating person. That person can be anyone a waitress, a homeless person or a sales clerk. I let the person choose me and I never bother anyone who is busy.

The rule is: The person must approach me and they must do the talking. It is my job to listen to them with an open heart, no judgments with only enough comment to make them feel comfortable. I’m astonished with the information strangers share with me. If I do my job right and I leave the house with the clearest intentions strangers walk up to me and confess. It never fails.

While others are speaking to me, I see them as perfect souls and the highest teachers I could ask for at that moment. During the conversation, no matter how brief, I always end up feeling or hearing some moment of human truth.

After all that’s why I do this in the first place. I find the more I love about humanity the easier it gets to write about love.

The best conversations end in mutual laughter, a handshake and rarely but sometimes a hug. I always say thank you before I walk away. I have met a countless number of “great teachers” out there disguised as everyday people who have helped me restock my creative pond and I am thankful for it.

What creative ritual or act of love do you offer your Muse?