Friday, January 29, 2010

My planned post vanished.

It's just as well.

There's been more sadness and loss among our little group and I think today I'll let things slide.
My heart is heavy and my thoughts are elsewhere. I'm sure next week we'll all be back. Much love always, julia

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today in History

Since I'm writing this on Wednesday, I don't know what will happen on January 28, 2010 but here are some interesting things that have happened on this day in history.

1998 - Michelangelo's "Christ and the Woman of Samaria" sold for $7.4 million.

1986 - Space Shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after liftoff.

1984 - Mr. Glynn Wolfe marries for a non-bigamous record 26th time in Las Vegas.

1978 - Ted Nugent autographs a fan's arm with his knife.

1969 - Barbara Jo Rubin becomes the first woman jockey to win in North America.

1962 - Johanne Relleke gets stung by bees 2,443 times and survives.

1956 - Elvis Presley's first TV performance.

1951 - US performs nuclear tests in Nevada.

1935 - Iceland becomes first country to legalize abortion.

1932 - First US state unemployment insurance act enacted (Wisconsin).

1915 - First US ship lost in WWI.

1878 - First telephone exchange.

1613 - Galileo may have unknowingly viewed undiscovered planet Neptune.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Words of Light

This week was especially challenging to me as a writer. I have several WIPs going that are interconnected and demand I spend my limited brain cells juggling the action and the plot line between them. If it works, it will be good. If it doesn’t I have three flops on my hands.

I’m also going through a difficult edit and revision that has planted more than a few doubts in my confidence. Is the struggle to get e-published worth it?


The other day one of my dour friends sent me several articles from the New York Times stating that “best selling” authors on Kindle are actually having to give their books away for free to attract new readers, piracy is rampant and lots of other negative stuff. My friend titled the email “a depressing trend.”

Thanks “D” that’s just what I needed to hear this week.

Ten seconds later my best friend Teri sent me several emails about the new Apple Tablet multi-media, e-reader, which will be premiered today. She focused on how exciting it was and that it and future products like it will revolutionize reading and buying habits. She also sent several articles about e-publishing in general, which were incredibly positive. I felt as if she had sent me the antidote to the first dose of poison.

Then it occurred to me that this is the wild west of publishing and e-authors are pioneers. A definitive business model for e-publishing, distribution and copyright protection has yet to emerge, but I’m certain it eventually will. The next several years will reshape the publishing industry for a generation and we get to be part of it.

Think of the first days of public publishing. Kings, warlords or high priests ordered their names and deeds carved in megalithic monuments-impressive but it’s not for everyone.

Next, cumbersome tablets were painstakingly carved in stone, clay or embossed on copper and stored in sacred places—more people are literate but it’s tedious work.

Papyrus scrolls were more convenient than clay tablets but they are incredibly fragile, yet this very fragileness seems to encourage a burst of creativity. For the first time common craftspeople start creating poetry, love letters, illustrated text, ribald jokes and even pornography. For the first time human thought is committed to writing and shared purely for entertainment.

When the Gutenberg press came along publishing became available to the masses. Pamphlets were all the rage and those humble publications eventually evolved into the King James Bible, state propaganda and newspapers all of which literally changed the world. Over night everyone wanted to be a politician and had the tools to do it.

Today the sheer volume of information and the weight of paper and the storage space it requires have brought us to the cusp of the next revolution. New publishing methods have always heralded the arrival of new content.

Today we are writing with light. We take up no physical space. Digital publishing looks incredibly fragile and finite when compared to a carved block of stone, yet it is infinitely more powerful and travels at the speed of thought. An author can now share their most personal thoughts and fantasies with the world. Our ancestors would see this as undreamed of freedom and it’s worth facing a few bumps in the road.

I think I’ll stick around and hash out my issues with e-publishing.

Of special note: Johannes Gutenberg first business failure was a “mirror to catch the light of Holy relics” When that venture didn’t pan out he was forced to pay back investors with another invention he was working on—the movable type press. In light of the digital age I’m not so sure his first idea was a failure…


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ignited - Release Day!

Today I'm celebrating the release of Ignited! I Love this story. I'm giving away a copy of Ignited to one lucky commenter! :o)


Got Fantasies? Nikaya does. She longs to be loved by two men.Nikaya is celebrating her birthday with a new Mustang. As she’s climbing the mountain in her shiny new car, a police officer comes out of nowhere. He pulls her over and treats her to a birthday spanking. With a sore butt and a burning need to orgasm, she’s whisked away to a cabin.

Braden and his best friend Hank have a few surprises up their sleeve for the birthday girl. They include whips, floggers, chains, blindfolds and more. They hope to make all her fantasies reality.Three hot bodies, sex toys and a spanking machine are only the beginning for Nikaya.


Nikaya floored the gas pedal as she climbed the windy mountain road in her new black Mustang. The beige plush leather seats caressed her legs. The Mustang, a gift to herself for her thirtieth birthday, roared up the hill with ease. Some might look at thirty as the end of having fun, a time to grow up and figure out where they were going in life, but not her. No, she knew exactly where she was going and the car was not some midlife crisis purchase. She looked at thirty like an awakening to a new decade—one that would allow her more freedom to explore who she really was.

With the top down she felt alive. Warm air blew her long sandy blonde hair away from her face. As she drove higher and higher into the mountain, blood pumped through her veins. She was free.The sun dipped behind the mountain caps. Nikaya didn’t worry as dusk settled upon the town of Desmond Point. She knew the lay of the land like the back of her hand. She pressed the pedal slightly harder with her high-heeled sandal, gunning the engine on the desolate road. Her fire-engine red fingertips gripped the steering wheel. One wrong move and she could find herself flying over the side of the mountain, crashing on the rocky bottom. Adrenaline soared, her heart pumped wildly. She loved living on the edge, the thrill of adventure.

A quick glance in her rearview mirror alerted her to trouble.

“Shit,” she cursed, noticing the glare of the flashing red light.

“Where did he come from?” The road had been virtually empty for the last two miles.

She slowed down and found a safe spot to pull over. Was this the right thing to do? The flashing lights weren’t on top of the car, they were inside. She’d read articles about crazies who liked to pretend they were police officers. They’d pull over unsuspecting women and then rape them. Could this guy be one of them?

She tapped her fingertips on the wheel, contemplating what she should do. Should she call and verify he was for real? Her cell phone probably wouldn’t get reception this high up the mountain. She couldn’t take off and leave him standing there, just in case he was a true officer.

Another thought popped in her mind. Would he give her a speeding ticket? A ticket was not something she wanted for her birthday. Maybe he would cut her some slack.

“Evening, ma’am,” the man said, approaching the car.

“Sir.” His sun-streaked brown hair fell haphazardly around his face. He wasn’t in uniform. He was dressed in black slacks and a short-sleeved white button-down shirt. The top three buttons were undone, exposing a small patch of dark brown hair. He looked more like someone who spent most of his days on the beach, rather than driving around in a police car. Another glance in the rearview mirror warned her he wasn’t driving a police cruiser. A shiver of fear passed through her as she gazed into the most astonishing blue eyes.

“Do you realize how fast you were going?” he asked.

She shrugged, indifferently.

“I’m gonna need your license and registration.” He leaned two muscular hands on the door.

He smelled of sun and sand.

Nikaya obediently dug through her purse, looking for the documents. Once she retrieved her license she handed it to him.

“Look, officer, I didn’t mean any harm. I—”

“Step out of the car, ma’am.”


“I said, step out of the car.”

“What is this all about?” Surely this could be handled from the safety of her car.


His stern voice prompted her out of the car.

“Hands against the car. Legs spread.”

Monday, January 25, 2010


Opposite Day means you do the opposite of what you say you'll do, or say the opposite of what you mean.
I've decided to write a quick story but keep in mind that since it's Opposite Day, nothing will be as it's written get that creative, fantasy mind of yours involved and join in the fun!

Marcy was tired of dating the same boring men she knew night after night so willingly agreed to a blind date her loving brother suggested.

She decided to go for a more demure look, something simple and conservative. Normal makeup and hairstyle and casual clothes seemed the right choice. After all, she had to make a good impression and never had a bad hair day in her life. Her closet was full of suits and dresses every businesswoman needed. How could she go wrong?

Marcy was absolutely shocked when the man of her dreams showed up at her door driving the classiest car she'd ever seen. Leroy was handsome, virile, a living Adonis. How had he avoided being caught by other women? Leroy invited her out to a ballgame and dinner. No way would she refuse!                                                                            

 She adored baseball, and had no problem maneuvering the steps in her conservative outfit. Her date wasn't hungry, so he gave her money to buy her food and off she toddled to find a food concession.
He jokingly told her to watch out for other men who might try to steal her away from him.

Decisions, decisions. So many appetizing meals tempted her, but she finally made her choice and took her food back to their seats.

 Leroy stood by his seat, giving her and those around him his sexy view from the rear. Marcy's heart beat quickly as she wondered how other women had let this fine specimen of a man slip through their fingers and remain a bachelor.

After a wonderful evening, she invited him into her apartment. Lust and desire to have him all to herself forced Marcy to utilize a love doll, one she quickly crafted in her bathroom. Hoping Leroy would fall in love with her, she gently stuck love pins into the doll's body, wishing he'd fall under her love spell.

Marcy decided to put on her most alluring sleepwear. Her gorgeous top, green flannel bottoms, and fuzzy bunny slippers always sent her lovers into wild attacks of passionate desire. She popped into the kitchen to make them a snack while she prayed that her love doll would work its magic on Leroy.

 By the time she entered the living room, Leroy had already shed his pants, giving her a look at his sexy body and shorts. Her love doll had worked!

Imagining what pleasures awaited their evening of passion, Marcy smiled and walked into his open arms and gave him her most flirtatious kiss.

The night was theirs, and theirs alone. Leroy could satisfy her every need and craving. And, after checking out his assets, Marcy was positive he would be her soulmate, the man she'd love forever. After hours of pleasure, they fell asleep in each other's arms. Marcy silently thanked her loving brother for bringing Leroy into her life.

I hope you enjoyed my "Opposite Day" romance story. Now, you can use your imagination and create one of your own.
Photos: Flickr: Wili_hybrid, !borghetti!, canonsnapper, DCvision2006, Maingering, katie cowden, Nick Kidd, Paige One, khaired, Skate-lin, and Archangel's photostreams.

My romance books aren't Opposite Day ones! Visit for mainstream romances and for erotic romances.
Available 19 February: "Anything You Can Do" by Marianne Stephens, at:
Now in print: "Gone to the Dogs" by Marianne Stephens at
Videos: "Gone to the Dogs":
"Anything You Can Do":

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday's Scribe Just Posting For An Hour Or So...

Didn't Get Anything Posted The Last Two Saturdays...

So I am sneaking this video in before the Sunday Scribe wakes up and finds it...Heh heh heh!

If you are the Sunday Scribe, just go ahead and post...and thanks for lending me the wee hours of your day... ;)

Double Your Pleasure

Friday, January 22, 2010

Urban Myths

Germ Killers and Other Nonsense.

Your house does not have to be spotless and germ free. Children raised in ultra clean environments, children who are not around pets and dirt, tend to suffer from more allergies and more illnesses throughout their lifetime.

In fact, household germ-killers contribute to the development of superbugs!!! Regular soap and hot water are good enough.

You do not need an SPF of 200. An SPF of 30 is adequate, but you must remember to reapply every couple hours, every hour is swimming or at the beach. Overuse of sunscreen contributes to our country's rampant Vitamin D deficiency. You need 15 minutes or the equivalent of full-body exposure to the sun daily - or 2000 units of Vitamin D.

A dog's mouth IS cleaner than a human mouth, but a cat's mouth is not.

Gadgets do not ease your cooking woes, they just make more of a mess for you to clean up. Stick with a regular old knife and a cutting board, and maybe a blender or a food processor for the stuff you need to smush. You can do almost anything with a whisk, a good knife, a cutting board, a simple old vegetable peeler, a small blender, a small mixer, and a small food processor.

You need less detergent in your washer than you think - 2-4 tablespoons.

Weight-loss never happens overnight and if anyone tells you it does, they lie like a rug! Weight-loss requires a life-long determination to eat fewer calories and exercise nearly every single day, burning more calories than you take in. As we get older, we need to eat less and exercise more - totally unfair but true!

A little sugar will not kill you. Chocolate, coffee and tea are all loaded with anti-oxidants so indulge yourself once in a while without guilt. Avoid eating too much white stuff, processed foods and items containing high-fructose corn syrup. Whole grains and whole foods - whole wheat bread and real cheddar cheese as opposed to white bread and processed cheese food - burn up to forty percent more calories during the digestive process and you absorb fewer calories, while the whole foods are more filling. Worry less about fats and more about carbs, and try to increase your protein intake - eggs, especially eggs from free-range chickens, are the perfect protein and they will not increase your cholesterol level.

And remember, there is a reason kids don't like broccoli. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are hard for kids to digest. Raw nut milk is not a good substitute for milk - kids do not digest it well and the toxic by-products are hard on their little livers. Toasted nuts are a much healthier choice, they are more easily digested, toasting and roasting remove natural toxins and the nutrients are made more bio-available.

Watching a comedy is good medicine! Sunshine and fresh air are great medicine! Love is the best medicine of all! Read a romance novel and call me in the morning!

Have I lectured you enough? I just get tired of all the TV pundits and food Nazis and their contradictory messages!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Randomly Rambling

Why do I always seem to be wearing a ‘dry clean only’ outfit when eating messy food?

When I took my driving test, turn signals were not optional.

Do people truly believe if they keep a chain email going that health, wealth and prosperity will follow?

Cats do not always land on their feet when they fall off of something.

Why is it that people who try out for Survivor don’t practice making f*cking fire before they get there?

In a movie theater, the act of holding up your cell phone to check messages, text, look at pictures, surf the web and whatever else you’re doing is just as annoying as letting it ring.

During any discussion, repeating a point at ever increasing decibels will not cause me to suddenly agree with you.

Despite the level of detail in my grocery list, I will always forget something important.

Why does a car make a strange noise until the mechanic takes it for a test drive?

I’d love to hear your random thoughts!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My neighbor Fritz runs a successful food import company. He is also a native of Haiti who grew up in Port Au Prince.

The Sunday before the earthquake, Fritz stopped by our house to chat. We have a pineapple guava tree that bears fruit in the winter. The scent is pungent and lovely and acted as a magnet to attract Fritz. My husband picked some fruit to share and we had the pleasure of watching Fritz’ face as he bit into a ripe guava. Fritz’ expression was ecstatic. He actually moaned with pleasure and said, “This scent reminds of Haiti and my childhood. I need to go back there and help my family. I’m thinking of becoming a mentor and opening a business school.”

We ate guavas and talked a little about Haiti.

Less than 48 hours later the unthinkable happened. Fritz’ immediate family survived the earthquake but their home, the home he was raised in and the surrounding neighborhood was utterly destroyed.

As of last night, Fritz is awaiting a seat on a supply plane. Perhaps he will fly with Doctors without Borders or another group. He will be going as an interpreter and organizer. He doesn’t know exactly when he is going to get to Haiti but he knows he is going.

I know this is not how he envisioned his return to Haiti. I also know he is needed there more than ever.

My heart is with Haiti.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Dance

I woke up REALLY early this morning. I’m working on a story called Dante’s Desire for a themed series for EC. The deadline is the 31st and I just started the story a few days ago. It’s going to be a quickie, probably around 12K. I’m at 5k as of this morning. I should be working on book two of my Shea Manor series, (seeing as book one and three are written), but this story was calling to me – BIG TIME. So I put aside the other story to work on this. I wanted to spend more time writing today, but I promised to baby sit for my grand daughter while my daughter goes to work. I’m happy that I added over 2k today. If I keep this up I can submit it before the 31st.
The BIG news that has me doing the snoopy dance is the contract in my inbox this morning for Research Required. I resubmitted it to my editor Saturday and received the contract today. It needed a little tweaking which I did and much to my editor’s satisfaction, obviously. :o)
So while this New Year started off on a low note, the last week has been a huge turnaround for me.
Happy Tuesday everyone. Next Tuesday is the release of my latest ménage from EC called Ignited. I’ll be posting the blurb and excerpt along with a contest, so make sure to stop back!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hot Beach Hunks

Living in Midwest United States has me spending January in the middle of winter. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice are the norm for this season. So, I thought I'd spice things up a bit and heat those inside flames of body heat to warm up the chilly days and nights some of you may also be facing. Below are some wonderful guys looking to give your temperature a rise! Fantasize along with me as I head to the beach to find some hunks!

Adam was my first catch of the day. I just cast my fishing net and snagged him! I must say he didn't put up much of a fight. He was getting tired of waiting for some woman to capture him, and I happened to be the lucky one.
Now, what to do with my handsome catch? Do I put him on ice for future use? Bundle him up, take him home to my winter abode, and have him warm my nights? And, days?
Decisions, decisions!
What would you do?

Josh was floating in a secluded beach area I stumbled upon. Wanting a full tan, he opted for his birthday suit and contemplated getting another year older. So did I...I mean, think about getting older. But, one look at his...assets, and after his careful scrutiny of me...had me convinced that adult age is meaningless where passion is involved.
When I offered hot drinks by a burning fireplace...along with my heated desire...he enthusiastically agreed to brave the winter weather and leave the ocean behind. What a wonderful beach souvenir I brought home...sure beats the shells and sand!

Chris had his tan done to perfection...and was getting bored with the whole, "sun, surf, sand" and outdoor sports/volleyball routine. As he was looking for cooler weather to focus on indoor sports, I quickly convinced him that my city would be a wonderful change and I could help him with those "indoor sports" and exercise he mentioned. He packed a few speedos and figured he'd buy whatever warmer clothing he'd need.
My goal, of course, was to keep him in those speedos...or less...and forgo the need for anything warmer than hot flesh-on-flesh.

So...have my mini stories warmed you? Is your mind going beyond what I've mentioned? Do you have sexy visions of what happened after Adam, Josh, Chris, and I, made it to our cozy, wintry abode? Use all those delightful, naughty thoughts and images, and warm up your life. Even if you're in the middle of summer wherever you live, these guys can fill a place in your fantasies!

Photos:, G.e.o.r.g.e'sphotostream, Flickr, endot'sphotostream, Flickr

None of my books take place at the beach, but all have "HOT" action! Visit (erotic romance) and (mainstream romance) for information about my ebooks and print books.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trailer for my newest cherry LAID BARE

The cover for LAID BARE (from EC out this Wednesday!) is so hot I have to edit it to post it on a few social media sites.
But not here!
For your viewing pleasure, here is my new romantic suspense from:

Friday, January 15, 2010

The boring post or the raunchy post?

Ah hell, the raunchy post!

I hooked up with a friend of mine who was in town for two days. She is all about sex. I do mean, all about sex. She talks about her relationships, in great detail, and she wants to know about my sex life. Because, as she says, "You're married to a stud muffin!"
Well, my stud muffin and I don't talk about our sex life, at least not to anyone who can put a name to a face. Thank God for internet anonymity!
Does she want me to share my muffin? Ya think? do not share.
So why are we friends? Because beneath her oversexed and very beautiful exterior, is buried an insecure little girl who has problems with intimacy. Sex, no. Intimacy, yes. But I will tell you, boy oh boy, does she give me material to work with.

*Fran Lee, focus your dirty mind, here!*

So here's what I heard - She's dumped the boy toy, her 21 year old pool boy, and she's currently juggling two forty-something men at one time, neither knows about the other. Man-toy number one spends half the year in Europe and half the year in South America. His naughty bits are of adequate size, not huge, but he knows how to use them and he likes to use them often. And he has a mole on his...and he does this with his tongue and - Oh Gawd...don't tell me any more!!!

Man-toy number two has a bit of a pot belly, not her usual type, but he's domestic, loves wine, cooking, city life and, most important, she says he's huge, the biggest she's ever had, and her orgasms are to die for and he can go for hours and hours and hours and I'm getting tired just hearing it.

Of course, sitting in a public coffee shop, trying hard to keep from sticking my fingers in my ears, while saying, "Ew! Ew! Ew!", because I kinda sorta don't want to know all the positions she's tried...thanks to yoga and all that...I'm thinking stupid things, like, how's their hygiene? Are they circumcized? Do their balls hang they wobble to and fro - these are the things I'm thinking while trying not to laugh and avoid answering her questions about my own sex life.
A lady never tells. A smile, a nod, a slight wince in the nether regions...

It's funny how I can write a very descriptive sex scene in a book, but try to talk to me about it IRL - unless you are my stud muffin - and my face turns red, I totally clam up, cover my ears and sing - lalalalalala.

Oh yeah, almost forgot - join me over at Erotic Romantic Crush Junkies and maybe win a copy of one of my romance/suspense books!
See ya!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steamy Excerpt from Ageless Desires

My little attempt to heat up a cold day in January!

Ageless Desires
Copyright: TESSIE BRADFORD, 2009
All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“It’s obvious, honey, that Jason turns you on.” Kate opened her mouth to protest but Bryan put his finger to her lips, silencing her. “That’s not a bad thing, Katie.” He took her hand and laid it over his crotch. “I’ve never been so horny in my whole life.”

“Bryan, I don’t know what you have in mind but…”

“I think you know exactly what we have in mind. I also think that if you could just relax, you would discover that it excites you as much as it does us.” He pressed on her shoulders until she was reclined against the arm of the couch. He carefully lifted her legs up off the floor so that she was comfortably positioned and then he crawled up next to her and began kissing her in earnest.

Kate’s thoughts were in such turmoil that she just closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with all the emotions that were swirling through her. Did Bryan truly want her to make love with both of them? Did Jason actually find her as attractive as Bryan seemed to? Did she have the nerve to follow through with what she felt was her wildest secret fantasy? She knew that Bryan would never let anything bad happen, she trusted him completely. But what if she let him down? Or couldn’t do what he wanted? Or fainted dead away from the adrenaline coursing through her veins?

“Katie, your heart is beating so hard, just relax. Nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want to happen,” he whispered, as he began kissing down the side of her neck. “You are the most desirable, sexy, loving woman that I have ever known and I want to experience everything with you, Katie.” Bryan nipped and tasted her skin on his journey down to the deep V of her sweater. He gently squeezed her breasts together so that they were cradling his face.

A sigh of pure lust escaped Katie’s lips as she entwined her fingers in Bryan’s hair and held him to her. Her body relaxed into the plush cushions and her legs spread of their own will to allow him to nestle more tightly against her.

Bryan wanted to shout his excitement out loud when he felt Katie give in. He was going to make sure that this night lived up to her wildest dreams. He knew that Jason was now sitting in the recliner across the room from them, watching, and he also knew that from her angle, Kate was unaware of Jason’s presence. He moved his hands to the bottom of her sweater and slowly rolled it up.

Kate let go of Bryan’s hair and raised her arms above her head to allow him to remove her sweater. She opened her eyes and gloried in the appreciative smile he gave when he discovered her new bra. With a slight growl, he lowered his head to her breast and blew warm breath over her nipple before taking it in his mouth through the silky fabric. He sucked until her nipple was rock hard and then moved to attend to the other one. Ever so slowly, he began to inch his way down her body, first licking the underside of each breast, then kissing her ribs and ending up with his tongue swirling into her belly button. She couldn’t help her little sighs and moans as her body became hypersensitive.

Bryan sat back on his knees and popped the button of Kate’s jeans. She didn’t even think before she raised her hips to allow him to pull the denim down her legs. His sexy laughter though, brought her up on her elbows and she grinned playfully when he discovered the wisp of fabric that covered her.

“Do you like?” she purred as she lifted her feet to let him finish removing her pants. The answer that she got wasn’t from Bryan. She finally realized that Jason was in the room when he rose slowly from the chair and walked toward them.

“Katie, please,” Jason implored her as he knelt down and placed his hands on either side of her head, “Let me love you too, darlin’.”

What Kate saw was totally uninhibited passion in his expression. This was the moment that would decide everything. She suddenly realized that she had the power. There were two magnificent men just wanting to pleasure her in every way imaginable. She wanted to give into it, she wanted to have this experience, she just wanted…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Contract on a "Beautiful Stranger."

After months of struggling to complete numerous WIPs, I finally sent a couple of completed books to my editor early Christmas Eve! She graciously took on the unwelcome Christmas surprises she found in her digital stockings and got back to me January 2nd. I love my editor. She’s a hard-working woman! I’m so excited to announce my first book contract of 2010. It’s a novel-length “Sophisticate” for Ellora’s Cave called “Beautiful Stranger.”

“Blurb: Lily Fontaine is a Los Angeles news anchor and former beauty queen but those roles don’t suit her anymore. She’s healing from a hurtful divorce and ready to take some confidence building risks with her career and love life.

To jumpstart her sex life she considers hiring a male escort as a special birthday treat. Her best friend suggests a provocative solution to her dilemma. On her birthday, she embarks on a daring adventure. She returns to New Orleans, the place of her birth to meet a gorgeous young man. She plans to fly in and fly out for a three-day weekend of great food, cool music and hot sex with no attachments and no further contact with the young man -what can go wrong?

David is perfect, the man of her dreams. He’s intelligent, talented and strapping hot. He’s young but he’s caring and knows how to sexually take charge. The attraction is instant. In a rustic shack on the bayou lust blooms into love. He wants her but can she accept a beautiful stranger into her life?”

I don’t yet have a release date but I’m so looking forward to sharing a little more with you.



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of News to Share

I’m back! Sorry for not posting last week, but frankly the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 was a whirlwind. I’m still trying to piece together all the things that happened in a ten day span.
BUT, through all the unhappiness there has been some good news in my life that I want to share with all my friends, fans and readers of SSS.
1. My editor at Noble Romance gave me an extension on the January 1st deadline for the Valentine’s Day submission. I’m happy to say that I finally submitted it yesterday. It’s an M/M short called Naughty Cupid.
2. I received my first contract of the New Year from Aspen Mountain Press, along with the edits!!! Wild Lickins is the first M/M I wrote about a year ago. It’s tentatively scheduled for a February 19th release.
3. I also received my first non-fiction assignment for 2010. An article on Car Surfing for a teen magazine I write for. She also hinted that a few of my other ideas might be assigned in the coming weeks.
4. Body Shots received its first review from NOR. Ms. Skyze has written an interesting page-turner that has intelligent, believable characters and a plot that holds your attention from beginning to end. To read the review in full visit this link!
So, needless to say I’m keeping busy and thankful for the distractions. I have enough work to get me thru the month of January. Now if only I could do some actual writing! I have a ton of story ideas brewing, but can’t seem to get them on paper. I guess that’s for another day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feel Sexy

TEN  things to do/buy/wear for sagging self-images and to make you feel sexy:

1. Buy fancy lingerie...and wear whatever you buy! Don't keep these items hidden in a drawer. Wear them everyday to confirm that "I am sexy" feeling!

2. Buy dresses, top, sweaters, that cling to show off your curves...lower cuts show off your cleavage! Stand tall and strut your stuff!

3. Wear high-heeled shoes to give you that long-legged look to capture a man's attention as your hips wiggle with your confident, feminine walk.

 4.Hair styles. Treat yourself to a session at a hair salon. Try a new look; maybe wear your hair long, presenting that "Hollywood" celebrity sexy look, creating a alluring image.

5. Use make-up. Emphasize your best facial feature...perhaps your eyes or full lips.

 6. Polish your nails. Toenails, too, can make you feel feminine.

7. Use sweet, wonderful smelling perfumes. Find a scent that you like and mixes well with your body temperature to give off that wonderful aroma a man will recognize as yours.

8.  Use satin sheets. That wonderful feeling of satin running along your skin will tingle and spark your sensitive areas.

9. Get all dressed up and have some professional photos taken.

10. Love yourself, believe that you're sexy and attractive, light candles, sprinkle rose petals on those satin sheets, and tease or flirt outrageously with the man of your dreams! Your ultimate goal: a passionately satisfying rendezvous/relationship that affirms your sexual charisma.

Sometimes women in romance books question their sexual attractiveness. In "Gone to the Dogs" by Marianne Stephens, Katie had been dumped by her ex-boyfriend, and that was a blow to her sexual confidence level. In "Anything You Can Do", also by Marianne Stephens, Allison had been betrayed by a man she thought she loved, and never made to feel sexually attractive. Both women gained strength in their new relationships with men whose passion flamed their own desires. Ultimately, they found true love.

Photos: Photostream, Flickr: p22earl, Tiago Riberio, gabriel.georgina, indiewench, Kylie Balough, and Mariano Kamp

"Gone to the Dogs" is available in ebook and print versions at:
"Anything You Can Do" will be available 19 February as an ebook at:
For more information about my books, visit:

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Saturday's Scribe is waaaaay late...


I don't mean to steal anybody's day...I just saw that Cerise hasn't posted yet, so I figured I would post until she comes online. Sort of a half-day post. LOL! Or you could call it a half-assed post.

I wanted everyone to get a glimpse of my new cover trailer, too! Not that I'm excited or anything...Whooo hoooo! Squeeeeeeeeeee!

Okay...all better now. Please check out the video below. Let me know what YOU think...

Double Your Pleasure

Friday, January 8, 2010

Alert! Alert! Captured, Adult Excerpt!

Happy New Year! Enjoy!


by Julia Rachel Barrett

Siren Publishing:

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…” Mari teased, wiping the tears from her face. “Your hearing is better. Your eyesight is better. Your sense of smell is better. You are stronger and faster and oh-so-much larger in certain places than the average human male. I get it, Ekkatt. Now bring all those marvelous qualities here, and make love to me like you mean it.”

Ekkatt grinned at her. “That will make you feel better?”

“Oh yes, fucking you will make it very much better.” Mari grinned right back.

“Ah, if you feel that way, then there is something I would like to try.”

“Really? What?” Mari asked.

“Yes, a position that is of significance to my people, but I have been concerned about your size in comparison to mine.”

“Sounds intriguing…”

“That is what I appreciate most about you and fucking, little human, you are so eager, so primitive.”

“Oh yes, big Attun,” Mari laughed. “When it comes to fucking, we humans take pride in our primitive behavior.” She let out a shriek as Ekkatt grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her from beneath the blankets. He flipped her onto her stomach.

“I want to watch this dragon mark while I fuck you. The day I saw you in the hot spring, you made me hard. Like now.” He pressed his swollen cock against her thigh. “I find this portion of your anatomy appealing.” He squeezed her bottom. “It is round and smooth, and I like the way your waist meets your hips, with this curve.” His hand stroked her hip. “I can see a hint of pink, here.” He ran a finger through the wet folds between her legs.


“Stretch your arms above your head, Mari, so I can watch the dragon move.”

Mari did as she was told. She felt a long finger slip inside her, then two. She heard herself whimper.

“You are wet for me, human, so wet, and I have barely touched you.”

“Touch me more then…”

Ekkatt growled and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He lay on his back, slid between her legs, and brought her to his mouth. His tongue lapped at her; his teeth nipped. Mari cried out at the pleasure. It was almost too much. She tried to move away, but Ekkatt kept a firm grip on her hips and held her in place. He licked wherever he wished. His tongue slid inside her as she came, and Mari heard him growl. She felt the fierce vibrations from his throat as his tongue lapped at her.

Ekkatt pushed her back up onto her hands and knees, moving behind her. Both desire and fear pooled in Mari’s stomach. Ekkatt was big. He was so big that she didn’t know if she could take him.

“In my world,” his voice sounded low, deep, “the first mating is always like this. With the man behind. I want you this way, Mari. I will take care not to hurt you, but I want you this way. I have wanted to fuck you like this from the moment I saw you in the spring.”

Mari sobbed at his words. She wanted him this way just as much as he wanted her, but he was so thick, so long, and so very hard. He pressed against her as she gasped at the sensation and the pressure. “I will take care, little human,” Ekkatt repeated. He trailed kisses from the back of her neck down to her bottom. “Be at ease, I will not hurt you.”

Captured, by Julia Rachel Barrett, an erotic science fiction romance, coming January 6, 2010, with Siren Publishing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Cure for Writer's Block?

Throat Infection – an author’s best friend??

I’ve been ordered not to speak at all if possible, but definitely not above a whisper, for seven to ten days. Are you f*cking kidding me?? I live to talk. I have a husband, children, two dogs and a cat who I’m certain cannot survive even an hour without my verbal input. What about my mother-in-law, my cousin, my brothers and sisters-in-law, my best bud and my co-workers? Besides my fondness for face to face communication, it is a running joke that the telephone is a natural extension of my body! Add the fact that I’m not allowed to go back to my office for days?
Oh, the horrors! (Sorry, channeled Dr. Smith from Lost in Space for just a second).

Now something wonderful is happening! Apparently, not being distracted by my own incessant babbling is allowing me to hear the creative ideas bouncing around in my brain. I think I have figured out the problem in my vampire WIP and I have some very interesting notes down about a new scifi story.

I guess silence is truly golden!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Captured" is captivating.

by Julia Barrett

Hello everyone! To get 2010 off to a sizzling hot start I am proud to announce Julia Barret’s new release from Siren Press- “Captured.”

The blurb speaks for itself.

“Mari never expects to find herself caged in a cargo hold on a spaceship. She learns from her captors she's headed to the meat market. When they try to return her to stasis, she resists. The male in charge, Ekkatt, allows her to remain awake. Mari realizes her survival depends upon connecting with Ekkatt. She must make him see her as a sentient being or she will end up dinner.

Ekkatt has never spoken to any human. Humans are beasts. They are valued for one thing, the money they bring at auction. The Attun are vegetarians, but other species prize human flesh and Ekkatt makes good money trapping. Then the female with red hair awakens. She speaks to him and forces him to admit she has a name. Mari throws Ekkatt's entire life into question, the biggest question... Can he watch her sold to the highest bidder?”

KL: What makes your hero so sexy?

JB: First of all, pardon my French, but Ekkatt is just fucking sexy! He's other, a man from another world. He's big, he's strong, he's courageous, and he's honorable yet conflicted. All his life he's been taught to think of humans as insentient beings, been told they have no souls. On his world, harboring a human or participating in any relationship with a human is punishable by death, yet he risks everything to save one human woman who has forced him to see her as his equal. He finds himself willing to do whatever he has to do to keep her alive

KL: What's is Mari’s biggest challenge to trusting him?

JB: Simple. Ekkatt is her kidnapper. He's stolen Mari from Earth, along with a cargo hold full of other women, in order to drop her at a warehouse on his planet where she will be auctioned off at the meat market. This is how he earns his living. He's a tracker and a trapper. Mari doesn't trust Ekkatt, but she believes her only chance of survival is to somehow get under his skin, to communicate with him and make him see her as a conscious being instead of an animal. She forces him to acknowledge that she has a name and she is not livestock to be sold to the highest bidder.

KL: Tell me your favorite thing about this story.

JB: For me, the most beautiful and the sexiest thing about the story is the trust and the respect that grows between two people from quite literally different worlds. They are both filled with guilt. Ekkatt because of the life he's led prior to meeting Mari and because of the fact that he took her in the first place. Mari because she has attached herself to her captor in order to stay alive. The hero suffers great remorse and the heroine suffers from survivor guilt. Both manage to come to terms with what they've done and what they haven't done and they fall in love

KL: I know you love Sci-fi and this is your first book in this genre. Who are your greatest influences in the Sci-fi genre?

JB: My current favorite science fiction writer is George R.R. Martin and his series, A Game of Thrones - it's very intense, loaded with complex characters and multiple storylines. So many authors have influenced me - Robert Heinlen with his classic, Stranger in a Strange Land, Larry Niven, the author of Ring World. Frank Herbert and Dune. Ursula LeGuin and The Left Hand of Darkness. I love Tad Williams, author of The Dragonbone Chair series and I adore Anne McCaffrey and her Pern books. I'm a huge Battlestar Galactica and Firefly/Serenity fan. Plus I love the original StarTrek and I'm a big fan of the Borg! I'm not a huge fan of sci fi on film because my standards are high, but The Terminator nailed time travel and I thought Avatar was pretty amazing - both films were written and directed by James Cameron.

KL: Tell me a bit about the dream that inspired “Captured.”

JB: Ah...the dream that wrote the book. Well, here's the true story that precedes the dream. When I was seventeen, I lived in Israel for a year. I worked in the l'ul, the chicken farm, on a kibbutz. On Shabbat, on Saturdays, only two of us worked and we took turns. On my Saturday, I overslept. Instead of getting up at 4:30 a.m., I woke up at 7, and I freaked out because the guy I was scheduled to work with was eighty-four years old! I threw on my clothes, rushed over to the chicken coops and began collecting eggs at the opposite end of the l'ul. That was the last thing I remember until the moment I found myself standing outside the twelfth house, with Noodleman, the older man, asking me how in the hell I collected twelve houses in an hour. I had no idea. I looked around and I had collected all the eggs, stacked them neatly in the cart, and I had absolutely no memory of what had happened in that hour. I didn't even remember spacing out or daydreaming. Nothing. I drew a complete blank. My memory of that day is still vivid and so is that one hour hole in my memory. Around the kibbutz, this became known as the Miracle of the Eggs. Normally, it would take at least six hours to collect that many eggs.

Last August, I dreamed the story of Mari and Ekkatt from start to finish - it was apparently my subconscious' version of what happened to me during that lost hour. Mari is kidnapped while she is collecting eggs from her sister's chicken coop. I could not get their story out of my head, so I stopped the book I was working on and wrote nonstop. Three weeks later, with minimal editing, I sent it off to Siren and as they say, the rest is history!

KL: I wish my workday went that easily. “Captured” is one hot, exciting story and Seven Sexy Scribes is going to post an excerpt of “Captured” on Friday. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!


Monday, January 4, 2010

The "Forever" Best Friend

All of us have one special person in our lives that we've known for a long or short time, but is someone who's become a keepsake in our hearts. I call this person my "forever" best friend. I'm not talking about a spouse or significant other, but a friend who'll always occupy a place in your heart.

Mine is someone I've known since Kindergarten and who I've remained close to through decades of our lives. We've shared the good and bad times, and treat each other as close family. She's someone I can eat dessert with, and ignore the calories. We went swimming together, took archery lessons together, and sold Girl Scout Cookies together. Margaret and I share so many memories, it's hard to think of a time in my life when she wasn't around.

Marriages and moves didn't end our bond; it just meant we had to reach out a little further in order to communicate or visit each other. Growing up, we lived within two blocks of each other. After so many moves (overseas and to different states), we found ourselves living in the same Middle America city near Kansas City, within two blocks of each other...just as we had when our friendship started.

What makes someone a "forever" best friend? Love, understanding, a shoulder to cry on, and knowing I can always count on her help, as she can always rely on mine. We've laughed together, cried together, and helped when chaos invaded our lives. I never hesitate when asked who my best friend's Margaret, and always will be...forever.

The first picture is what we SHOULD have looked like in our younger days; the last picture shows how we'll probably end up...two old ladies, still "forever" best friends, wearing purple and using matching walkers.    Photos: neomimanalang'sphotostream, Flickr

Who's your "forever" best friend? Do you use characteristics of this person when writing your stories, or do you seek out books that give you the feeling that the heroine resembles your best friend?
Now available in print: "Gone to the Dogs" by Marianne Stephens, at:
Coming soon: "Anything You Can Do" by Marianne Stephens, at:

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Hope You All Had A Wonderful New Year!

2010 will be our year, ladies!

Women will rule!

Sexy romance will reign supreme!

All in all, nothing will change.

My New Year Resolution is to write one book a month. (And submit it.) I just replaced my furnace, and must now replace a bunch of plumbing. I have no choice but to become a book-mill.


I know I can get one book a month out there...But will my new editor (I have no idea who she/he will be) like my work, and will he/she accept it? Ah, well...such is the crap-shoot of life in the publishing world. Bow your heads, dear pals, and pray with me..."May the Powers That Be give me a wonderful editor who will love my writing style and who will be great to work with."

Wish me luck in my endeavors...


Friday, January 1, 2010

Did you buy a romance novel for Christmas?

*Posting from my other site because I think this is important - romance writers get a bad rap and it is unmerited!!!

Romance Novel Sales are Booming

in this tough economy. While other genres are down somewhere between 14% and 17%, Romance has seen an increase in sales - some studies sight an increase of 2.5% over last year, while other information indicates an increase in sales upwards of 34%!

What do we want for Christmas around here? I guess we want a happy ending, by gum, by golly! This economy - while perhaps stabilizing and even improving in some sectors, it sure sucks around here...where I live. My very intelligent, very capable son has been out of work for a year and a half, and despite his endless applications, he's had nary a nibble.

FYI, the nurses I work with have been forced to accept 1-2 days a week of unpaid furlough, thus my on-call hours have been cut because my co-workers who need the income to support their families vie for the extra shifts I would normally get. It's the trickle-down effect.

What do I want to read in these economic times? Oh, honey, save the depressing angst for pundits! Every day I spot my neighbor's pickup in his driveway, I know he still doesn't have construction work. Every morning I see the guy across the street head out for a run instead of a job, it means he's still looking for an accounting position. Every time I glance at the empty shell of a house that was home to our best friends until a year ago, tears fill my eyes. Enough already! Bathe me in love, romance, passion, mind-altering sex!

Romance is affordable and you know you can count on an HEA. Sentimental sap that I am, I'll take an HEA any day.

Happy New Year!

***Prayers for our friend Amber and her new baby. Just got the news so please send her your thoughts. julia