Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Have An Audio Book!!!

When I write, I read my words out loud over and over. When I reach milestones in the process, I read out loud to hubby. When I do edits, I read out loud.
Hearing a tiny part (the free listen on amazon) of Megan's Men read out loud in another voice was surreal! 

Because I can't help myself, here's another pic of my dog babies!

Happy End of January~

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Got A New Book Contract!

Last Thursday I submitted a new paranormal romance to Fated Desires and a couple hours later they offered me a contract! I was thrilled. It was so fast I thought I was receiving a confirmation email not a contract. This was hands down my quickest turn around ever.

The Story is called "Hoodoo Blue" named for a hexed love potion the hero and heroine get tricked into sharing. The story is a romantic comedy and will be part of Fated Desires upcoming theme line "The Set-Up" as in set-up reluctant dates... We all know how awkward those can be, add a little enchantment, physical peril and a couple of loners trapped in close proximity to each other during a very trying time, and you get the set-up date from hell--that takes a heavenly turn. Hoodoo Blue has a happy ending for a curvy blonde Latina witch and a hunky lumberjack of a Lycan, I  promise.

(Inspiration for the Voodoo Hoodoo Cocktail Lounge)

Today I'm starting the final chapter of a Sci-fi adventure I plan to submit to Fated Desires as well. It's been one of those busy, high energy weeks. I hope my good vibe lasts until this next project is completed.

I'm so excited to be joining the Fated Desires family. I can't wait to share more soon.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Writing...writing...more writing...

I am utterly thrilled when my friends get another book published...

It reminds me that we have to continue to write, no matter what is happening in our lives, and we must keep ourselves on the road we have selected. There are so many things that have derailed me along the way, and I am naturally a lazy I truly get a kick out of it when those who have fought alongside me over the past few years get another book out.

Problem is, I keep going and buying all your books, and reading them in one sitting...and that means I am not writing! So I am officially not going to buy another book until I have finished another wip.  Does that make sense?

Congrats to all of you.  Now please let me get some of my own writing done...LOL!

Fran  Lee

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Come Visit Me

Would you like to read a couple of excerpts from Pleasuring Anne?

Today, I'm at

Tomorrow, you can find me at

Drop by and let me know what you think!

In other news, we have a new family member! We adopted Mavis, a four year old rat terrier mix. Her brothers Rex and Butch accepted her immediately and they are having all kinds of fun together. Rex is the one in the background, Butch is on the left and that's Mavis on the right sporting her new sweater!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone~


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Pleasuring Anne" Is 5 Star Fun!

I just finished reading Tessie Bradford’s latest release “Pleasuring Anne” and I loved it!

Anne Kramer was a character easy to love and identify with. She’s an independent, suffer-no-fools romance novelist who has endured a protracted dry-spell and hasn’t had a real life playmate in several years. To add fuel to Anne’s inner fire, her AWOL muse roars back into her life bringing visions of naughty toys and scorching hot fantasies with him. After enjoying a very steamy shower, Anne’s imagination is off to the races and she’s ready to sit down and transform some of her unsatisfied lush into quality writing time when the law comes knocking on her door.

Two hunky cops show up. Detective Garth Slaiter, is the epitome tall dark and divine in a uniform and his partner Detective Mark Collins is worth chasing too. Unfortunately Anne is forced to greet them with wet hair and wearing lazy-girl cotton pants and a tee shirt. It gets worse. The police inform Anne that a man she has recently gone on a casual date with is a con artist. She’s left feeling a bit defensive as an impromptu police Q&A begins in her living room.

Detective Slaiter—Garth is quick to take charge and ask Anne for her help getting a con man off the streets. He’s smart, direct and professional. Anne’s detailed description of the con man’s lame approach on their first and only date provides the detectives with the first useful information they need to stop this creep.

Of course Anne is eager to help stop a man who is robbing women but she responds to Detective Slaiter’s tough guy alpha dog authority in all the wrong ways. Garth is a distracting turn on and the middle of a criminal investigation isn’t the best time for this sort of full-blown reaction to a man. When the topic of her alter ego is raised, it’s squirm time. The detectives ask about Anne’s line of work. As an author of fifteen erotic romance novels including a slightly kinky “Connie’s Cops”, she has plenty to blush about.

By now the living room windows are fogging up. Anne is interested in Garth and Garth is showing a lot of um… professional interest in her, and damn-they have a real problem on their hands—a con artist is on the loose robbing women and embezzling checks.  

Garth abruptly asks Anne to call the con man and ask him out on a second date as a sting. Anne agrees to do it and this is where the story really starts to roll into Lustville. We see Anne through Garth’s POV and hot dang he’s mighty impressed with her for all the right reasons the least of which is clever Anne thinks like a detective, and he loves it. It quickly becomes apparent each has met their match. The attraction to so strong that once they are alone Garth can’t resist kissing Anne and immediately has to do a little back peddling.

Pleasuring Anne is a romance for grown-ups. Both Anne and Garth are in their forties and can appreciate things like a sweet old-fashioned date to a miniature golf course or a super-heated romp in the sheets cuffed and frisked by a dominant detective ; )

Hey we’re all adults here, lets have a little fun. This story is detail rich, character driven and the dialog is a joy to read. Anne and Garth felt like real people with well-rounded lives and that speaks loudly to Ms. Bradford’s skill as an author. There’s so much packed into this beautifully written short novel, it feels like more. Most of all the reader will feel the mutual attraction and growing love Garth and Anne stumble into. It’s wonderful. If you are looking for a book that can be read in an evening and offers smart, funny, mature characters who know a good thing when they see it—you must give Pleasuring Anne a try!

I give Pleasuring Anne 5 Stars.

Tessie Bradford “Pleasuring Anne” available Wednesday January 22nd from Resplendence Publishing

Happy Release Day Tessie!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kenzie Michaels is Visiting

Let's give a warm welcome to our special guest, 
Kenzie Michaels!!

Thank you for letting me be here today!  I’m author Kenzie Michaels and I’m also the featured Author-of-the-Week over at the Secret Cravings blog. Anyone who comments here or on any of my guest posts between now and Thursday will be given a chance to win a free download of their choice of my back list. 

Appetite For Desire:
Dustin James is shocked to learn the sexy blonde he met two days earlier is none other than his father’s caterer who also works at the country club he’s recently joined. When he can’t keep his hands off of her, is lust for her sexy body all he wants, or is it love?

Courtney Bright defied the rules by admitting her attraction to the new customer at the country club. But when she realizes her feelings aren’t just sexual, will she take a chance on love, or is her job more important?

Buy link:

He was certainly no slouch in body gyrations. Courtney smiled as he matched her move for move, and somehow she instinctively knew what he would do next. She felt his hands skimming her hips, and she retaliated by placing hers on his biceps. She danced closer, moved his thigh between hers and locked eyes with him. She sensed the unspoken hint of future pleasure. At the end of the suggestive song, he twirled her sideways and dipped her, his left arm supporting her as his lips descended on hers. She no longer wanted to be in a public place with him.

“We make quite a team,” he murmured in her ear as he let her up. “Want to go somewhere quieter and talk?”

Her good sense vanished. She still tasted him on her lips and she wanted more. She nodded and clasped his hand as they made their way through the crowd and out of the bar.

Once outside in the muted hallway of the hotel, Dustin swung her into his arms and pinned her against the wall next to the row of pay phones. His tongue invaded her warm mouth, gently stroking hers, and Courtney ached to be closer to him. His arms snuck under her shirt and up her damp back, deftly unhooked her bra and moved around to cup her generous breasts in each palm.

Courtney moaned into his mouth as he rolled her nipples between her fingers. His kiss sent longing straight to her crotch, and she knew the moisture soaking her panties had nothing to do with the heat of the nightclub.

Dustin’s mouth left hers and traveled to her ear. “Courtney,” he breathed as he lightly pinched her nipples. “I want you. Come with me?”

“Where?” Her mind was fuzzy with the spiraling sensations his fingers caused.

“My room.”

Like what you're reading?  Buy it here:

Wild At Heart:
Angela Clayborn discovers the man she sent to prison nearly two years before, has been granted an early release.  Torn between wanting to see him and fearful if she does, sparks fly when Steve Blumenthal appears in her gift shop and later at her condo.  Will Angie free her heart from its icy prison?  Has Steve really turned his life around, or is it a hoax?

Meanwhile, in Colorado on business, Angie’s current boyfriend, Brad Morrison, is wrestling with his own call of the wild.  He’s met unconventional, sexy Emma Nichols, who runs not only her own riding stable, but helps out with her family’s woodworking store in EstesPark.  Emma resents Brad’s offer to help during a family crisis, but eventually discovers that Fate sometimes sends people down unexpected paths to love.  Can Brad tame a wildcat?  Or will Emma settle for the safe path?

Buy link:

Steve and Angie:
Angie sighed and shifted; it was all the encouragement he needed.  Raising her shirt, he bent his head and drew the taunt nipple into his mouth, reaching behind her back to find the bra clasp,  Getting it unsnapped, the fabric fell away, and he filled his hand with her other breast, getting to know her all over again.

Panting, Steve worked his own shirt over his head and pressed their torsos together, feeling her nipples burn against his chest.  He tongued both nipples, hearing her soft moans and the rush of blood pounding in both his head and his groin.  He unsnapped his jeans with the increasingly uncomfortable pressure building, and carefully managed to free himself.  Holding his swollen cock with one hand, he unfastened Angie’s slacks and tugged them down over her hips, nearly losing it when he saw the transparent underwear and the ginger triangle beneath.  He lightly inserted a finger in the waistband.  Angie bucked her hips; he peeled the final barrier down and lightly stroked.  She cried out softly at the contact, and he tugged both slacks and underwear to her ankles.

He brushed his palms over her mound, feeling the tension in her muscles and listening to her increased breathing.  He reached behind him for his wallet and withdrew the blue-foiled packet.  He waved it in front of her.

“Do I need this?” he asked, giving her one last chance to stop him.

She nodded, and he mentally thanked God, fate, and whoever else that he wasn’t going to be denied this final pleasure he’d waited so long for.  He ripped the packet, removed the latex sheath and rolled it on his nearly bursting member.  Gently, he slipped inside her folds, nearly crying with the sweetness of the action.  But it had been so long…and he’d wanted to love Angie physically before that fateful night… three quick thrusts and it was all over for him.  He collapsed on top of her, mortified that it hadn’t lasted longer.  He stayed inside of her, willing his body to grow hard again, but she shifted beneath him and he slipped out.

He rose up on his elbows and kissed her softly.  “God, Angie..that was beautiful,” he panted.  “I just wish I could have lasted longer…”

Brad and Emma:
Emma laughed when she recognized Nora’s Longaberger basket. “So I wasn’t the only one out late?” She curved her lips into a sly smile.

“The only one with the sense to return to his own bed before getting caught,” he retorted. “And I don’t sing Rock Star in the shower.”

“You heard that, huh? Brad likes to listen to the radio, and we both like Nickleback.” She defended their impromptu duet.

“The sheep heard you and decided to stay up in the mountains longer.”

Like what you're reading?  Buy it at

Again, thank you sooooo much for having me today! Don’t forget to leave your contact information in your comment!  I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, Jan 17th.

Thanks, Kenzie, for giving us a peek into two wonderful books!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woo-hoo! I just Finished a WIP!

I literally just finished a WIP 60 seconds ago, and ran over here to post something for today's blog. It feels great to finish the first draft of this story. It's something new for a new-to-me publisher that I hope to develop into a series. This story has a lot of humor, magic and of course romance. I can't wait to talk a little more about it but first I have to get it polished and into hands of a couple beta readers so they can give me some of their always appreciated and much needed help, getting it pulled together.

I will give you a little hint, the principle characters are a hunky Lycan construction worker, and a big beautiful blonde witch who get set-up on a most unlikely date...

Maybe the old rules of physics are true: opposites attract and overreact...

This is Her:

And this is Him: What do think?

Now all I have to finish that second WIP for this same publisher by the end of the month and I'll be back on schedule... Phew.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

The new Ice Age?

It's cold...
Everywhere! In Florida. In Texas. In every state that normally is temperate. BRRRRR! It's only been above freezing for three days in the last month here. Most of my body is frozen. And they say climate change is not important...hmmmm.

I have brain freeze, too. Can't write at all nowadays. I am buying a ticket to the Bahamas for my muse, so that she can warm up enough to function properly.

We have all been sick with bronchitis, runny noses, coughs...the whole cold weather ball of wax. The air quality is horrific. So this post is late, because we just got home from the doctor. And it's short because I am goin' back to bed.

Hope everyone else is well and functioning.

Happy weekend...


Fran Lee

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Enjoy Winter But....

Negative 40 degree windchill? 
I live in Michigan, not the Arctic Circle!

We've been sending up a silent prayers of thanks each morning this week when our cars, which do not park in our garage because it is my hubby's man cave, start up.

We are giving extra treats to our dog babies for braving the elements to do their business outside. Even with wearing their toasty warm sweaters, we're sure it isn't a pleasant experience! 

Yesterday, the frozen handle on our storm door broke off when I tried to open it! Now there is ice on the inside glass due to the seal being broken. 

I heard on the news that all 50 states are experiencing some kind of freaky weather~

Stay safe, everyone!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Afton Locke's Got A "Stripper With Spice"!

Today's special guest is Afton Locke. She's going to share a little taste of her newest release from Ellora's Cave "Stripper With Spice"! It looks hot and spicy too. If love stories with an older heroine making a heat and heart match with a younger man--this story is for you!

Thank you for hosting me today. I’m excited to talk about the spice ROSEMARY, and my latest release, Stripper With Spice, a contemporary erotic romance.

Rosemary Everlasting

The spice of the day is rosemary. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten it, but it smells nice. Hearing the word conjures up images of the 1970s horror flick. Historically, the leaves were wrapped around meat to preserve it. Might come in handy during the next power outage. If you want to keep your burgers fresh during the next family picnic, try it out. After all, a good burger is worth preserving for a while.

But some things in life aren’t worth preserving, such as a bad job or a relationship, and sometimes things need to change.  When changes are fun, such as getting a new color of nail polish, we’re thrilled, but when icky changes approach us, we sometimes hit the floor kicking and screaming.

I had a summer relationship once. Talk about hot, steamy, and passionate. I’m sure I could have won a contest for number of hours spent making out in a car. It was so good, it never occurred to me it would end. It was great while it lasted, but when I moved away to go to college, I found I didn’t want to continue. Because I was the one moving on, it wasn’t as hard as other changes I’ve made. He got married not long after, so it must not have been too hard on him either!

In Stripper With Spice, Janice really needs to change her career. She works all the time, is constantly worried about losing her job, and doesn’t even enjoy what she does. Then Carlos comes along. At first he does his best to distract her from all that overtime with a lot of hot sex, but as things deepen, scary, new paths begin unfolding for her. Will she have the courage to make the change?

Stripper With Spice

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave Publishing
Release Date:  10 January 2014
eBook ISBN #:  978-14199-49050
Stay tuned for reviews and more:

Watch the Book Trailer:

Getting back on her feet after unemployment, Janice treats herself to an erotic-romance convention. After winning a two-hour fantasy date with Carlos Aguilar, a young stripper, she decides to have a one-time fantasy fling.

When Carlos entices her back to the bedroom—and a few public places—for more sizzling sex, he unleashes her passions, including a secret desire to be a chef. Janice learns there’s more to this heartthrob than a hot body, but job security comes first.

To convince her he’s more than a fantasy, Carlos teaches her trust with his body. But when that trust is finally tested to the limit, she’ll be torn between clinging to safety and taking a chance on a whole new life.

Excerpt (explicit)
Stripper With Spice - Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2014 - All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

I chose you.

He looks and sounds so serious and honest, how can I not be completely convinced? His words echo inside my head as he grips both sides of my face and lowers his mouth to mine in slow motion. The thrill bubbles return to my bloodstream as if the elevator cable has just snapped, dropping us to the basement.

Unlike last night’s, this kiss is slow and full of promise. He samples my mouth as if we have all the time in the world. A flash of mint-flavored tongue pierces my soul, tearing a moan from my throat. With one hand still on the button, I raise my other to his shoulder. Feeling the bare, hot skin there fuels my desire, pushing me dangerously close to the edge of self-control.

“Do you want this as much as I do, Janice?”

God, yes. I need more…all of you.

I reply by sliding my hand across the tiger-striped fabric over his back. The warm satin, with muscles moving under it, is just as sexy as bare skin. His hips dance against mine—rubbing, thrusting and teasing. My fingers move to the worn waistband of his jeans at his side, wanting to pull them off. My body throbs, needing him as I’ve never needed anything before.

When he pulls my finger off the close-door button, the door opens to reveal an annoyed looking family of five waiting to get on. The parents, obviously noticing Carlos’ wild vest and our heavy breathing, exchange a disgusted look.
Carlos takes my hand and leads me off the elevator. My heart races as we walk down the corridor. Luckily, the carpet absorbs the trembling in my legs so it doesn’t make a sound.

He stops at one of the doors. I fixate on the way he slides his keycard from his back pocket and inserts it into the door reader. It’s something I’ve done myself a million times without thinking, but this is different. This is foreplay.

The door responds with a little click and a flashing green light. I guess we just got the green light for wild, hot sex. My heart accelerates even more. If it goes any faster, he’ll have to call a paramedic. I can read the headline now.
Boring financial analyst dies from anticipating sex with a hot cover model.

I check my watch. Fifteen minutes have passed.

“We still have plenty of time.” He ushers me inside and closes the door behind me.

The room is completely dark because the drapes are drawn. It’s as if we’ve entered a private cave, hidden from the world. This is it, I think as Carlos flips on a dim lamp. We’re really going to do this. We’re going to have sex.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable,” he says.

I stay where I am but gaze around the room, noticing with approval how neat he is. His clothes hang in the closet and his toiletries are laid out on one corner of the sink. The smoky-brown bottle probably contains the mysterious mesquite scent. I wish he were a slob so I could tell myself it would never work between us.

It doesn’t take long for my attention to stumble across the centerpiece of the room, the large bed. Is it another stage? Is the perfectly pressed red cover the curtain? Unlike the platforms we shared for the photo shoot and lap dance, this one is completely private.

What if he doesn’t like my performance?

Coming Soon

Rock My Boat

Workaholic CEO Rhonda Simms embarks on a Caribbean cruise to create an ad campaign for a big maritime freight client. She finds it impossible to concentrate, however, when Simon Mann, a blue marlin shifter, sets his sights on her. From a private, hands-on safety briefing to a wild ride in the ocean, he rocks her ordered world.

Simon drowned years ago in a shipwreck caused by Rhonda’s client, and he’ll do anything to be a normal man again. As his mate, Rhonda is the only person who can help him.

Tired of being so responsible, Rhonda is ready to let loose with a shipboard fling. Mating with Simon could cost a lot more than her virginity, however. Will she stick to her present course or will she let this sexy alpha rock her boat?

This story will be part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set, which will release 8 March 2014.

Where readers can find me


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This post is part of the Stripper With Spice Blog Tour.    
The grand prize for the tour is the winner's choice of a wall-mountable black scroll spice rack or The Spice Lover's Guide to Herbs and Spices book (U.S. shipping address only).
To be eligible, COMMENT on this post. The comment MUST relate to the spice I’m posting about in at least ONE of these ways:
 1) How you cook with it or use it in food OR
 2) How you use it as a natural remedy OR
 3) How it reminds you of a particular man or intimate encounter

The tour winner will be announced at on January 18th.

Thank you Afton, best wishes to you!

Monday, January 6, 2014

QED: Reading is good for you! Doctors prescribe it! I applaud it!

knew that sooner or later someone would discover that reading a book actually was good for you.
FICTION, especially!
Now in the USA where the average college graduate reads one book per year, (shoot me, please) reading anything is akin to revolutionary. But latest findings by different groups show us that reading:
  • stimulates nerve endings in the brain in that area which focuses on creativity;
  • fiction inspires a sense of identification with the protagonist and therefore, a compassion for his/her challenges;
  • is what doctors are now prescribing for depression because reading inspires a sense of orderliness and offers hope. This new prescription has a name/term too: bibliotherapy.
WOW.  I really like these findings.
They give me hope that:
  • Shock Treatment for the brain will end and be supplanted by Reading Treatment;
  • not only reading but writing fiction will become a means to heightened empathy for others;
  • fewer people will wind up depressed because they learned how to read and write about their personal issues and they developed a sense of objectivity about their Human Condition;
  • appreciation for memoirs and diary writing will take on new value and meaning to many who may have  negated their value in recuperating from PTSD or head injuries, even addictions to alcohol and or drugs.

I could go on, jumping up and down in my glee that so many people are advocating reading, dear sweet reading and ever so important writing as viable, useful activities.

Just imagine a world in which people are more articulate! They wish to discuss issues freely. (Yes, do see my 2 previous posts on The Art of Conversation and All I Want for Christmas.) They have a useful and colorful vocabulary which replaces the 4 letter words they use now liberally, along with the ever-so-ridiculous word, awesome.
They would speak with purpose, listen with purpose, perhaps even give up an hour of TV each day so that they could have a conversation over the dinner table!
I am so ready for that.
Aren't you?
And oh, by the way, what is the book you are currently reading?
I am into LONE SURVIVOR. Had it for awhile and now must hurry so that I am well prepared for the movie.
Yes, that's me. Read THE HELP yet? Do.
GONE WITH THE WIND? Better read it first for the historical background.
How about TEAM OF RIVALS? Yep. That one, too, can rock your world.
Read and WRITE in 2014. My new mantra everywhere!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014!!

Happy New Year! 
I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and wonderful holiday!

"New" is top in my authoring world right now.
I'm writing a new ending for Pleasuring Anne and have just seven days to do it!! It is scheduled to release on January 22nd.
When that is finished, I'm going back to working on Drista's Men. This book is an entirely new experience for me due to the fact that it is my first go at writing a sci-fi story that has no ties to Earth or humans. To say it is a challenging process would be a giant understatement and I've barely gotten started! Anny Cook has patiently allowed me to pepper her with questions and generously shared her expertise with me. Thanks, Anny!

Have a glorious first week of 2014!