Saturday, September 5, 2015

Got busy cleaning...almost forget it's Saturday!

Excerpt Copyright 2015 Fran Lee

 Celia hung away the suit and tossed the shirt into the laundry along with the underwear. Kurt had vanished into his room, leaving her to her own devices. She started supper then washed the bed linens, including the comforter with the cum stain. She had made certain she’d bought another couple of boxes of condoms.

She glanced in her mirror and frowned at her hair. He kept it fashionably business-short but it was growing out a bit, so she used her clippers to take off half an inch all over. He could trim the sides and back for her later.

Chuckling over her ridiculous efforts to save a multimillionaire a few bucks here and there, she dragged her undershirt off and dropped it in with the load of stuff that remained in the laundry basket. Scratching her chest, she shut the washer and headed back into the kitchen, and stopped dead in her tracks as she glanced around at the three female faces that jerked her way. Wide female eyes dragged over her bare chest, unshaven face and mussed hair and she fought the grin that threatened to break across her face. Even CeeCee was ogling her with open mouth and tongue hanging out.

“I didn’t realize anyone was here or I’d have taken my pants off too.” Her voice deepened and she watched as the three friends from the circle nearly expired from excitement. Marta brought her wide gaze back up to her face and Charlene choked on her coffee.

“Celia?” Marta whispered hoarsely. “Oh my God! Is that really you?”

She grinned slowly. “Sure is. You want to meet my boss?” Her brow lifted.

“Is he really in your body?” Charlene whispered.

Before she could answer, Kurt came into the kitchen swaddled in her terry robe, his hair wrapped in a towel. “Ah, I see you brought the rest of the witches for a visit.”

CeeCee bit her lip to keep from laughing as the other two almost screamed with shock. Marta stared at him then looked at Celia. “Oh God! I’m so sorry! We didn’t mean… I mean, we didn’t think…”

Kurt reached for the coffeepot and poured himself a cup, added sugar and cream, and sank onto the chair closest to Charlene. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Any idea how to get me back in my body, ladies?”

Celia listened as her friend continued to babble abject apologies, and finally she said, “Enough. He knows you’re sorry and so do I. What did Henry find out, Marta?”

Marta reddened and compressed her lips. “He thinks it will begin to reverse itself but there’s no way to determine when that will happen. Have either of you experienced any changes that would indicate you are returning to…um…normal?”

Kurt met Celia’s gaze and she swallowed hard. “I am swearing less but that might be because of a conscious effort on my part. And Kurt seems to be getting a potty mouth lately. But nothing else comes to mind. How about you, Kurt?” Using his given name brought a blush to her cheeks.

He shook his head. “Last time I looked I was still missing my cock. I’m not sure I want to wait for it to happen by itself, ladies. Can’t you do another hocus-pocus thing that will speed it up?”

Charlene slapped her hand over her mouth at his statement. “You really think it was a bunch of hocus-pocus? I’ll have you know it was a well-thought-out, carefully constructed spell…and seeing the two of you like this, I’m not so sure it hit the wrong people.”

Celia blinked. Kurt glared. Cerise stared. “What are you saying, Charlene?”

“I’m saying that the spell was constructed to teach some desperately needed lessons. The people who needed those lessons the most might have somehow diverted the spell their way.”

Celia stared at her numbly. “But that’s…impossible.

Kurt glared at her. “You mean just maybe Celia needed to learn that lesson instead of someone else’s boyfriend?”

Marta glanced back and forth from one to the other and shook her head. “Not necessarily, Mr. Masters.”

Celia gasped and sniffed back the tears that threatened to fall. “Not necessarily?”

Marta frowned at her boss and began to twist a small set of crystal beads in her fingertips. She inhaled deeply and said in a soft, vacant voice, “The selfless one shall bear the pain for the one whose ego won’t refrain, and when the selfish one doth give, the better half within shall live…”

CeeCee clapped both hands over her mouth and Charlene chewed her lower lip, her eyes wide and frightened. “Marta?” She waved a hand in front of their friend’s face and the older woman seemed to wake from a nap, blinking and glancing at them questioningly.

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