Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dare to Leap "Into The Flames" Box Set!

Look at this gorgeous box set! You can't go wrong with these talented authors, every one of them is a gem!
My guest today is Cindy Spencer Pape. She is one of the smartest and most versatile authors I know. 
Dare to leap into the flames! Get this box set today! 

Cindy Spencer Pape: 
All That Jazz!
Thanks to Katalina for having me here today. She’s not only one of my favorite authors, but one of my favorite people, too!
Into the Flames is a boxed set by seven authors: Nina Pierce, Desiree Holt, Sam Cheever, NJ Walters, Liz Crowe, Adele Downs, and me, Cindy Spencer Pape. I was unbelievably thrilled when Nina asked me to be a part of this project—this is a fantastic group of authors to work with. I did hesitate for half a second when she said, “And either your hero or heroine has to be a firefighter.”
Firefighters as a group, are something I know nothing about. I’ve never written a firefighter character before. I don’t know the lingo, the science, the vibe. She did say I could write any genre I wanted, within romance, so I thought about paranormal or steampunk—kind of my go-to styles. While I looked into firefighting, I realized I didn’t want to go Victorian—even steampunk. It was pretty seedy. The 1920s, however, really appealed. It was an era of enormous change, socially and technologically and firefighting was no exception.
So not only did I have to research a whole new field, I had to study up on a whole new era. And I loved every minute. I found myself online, playing a lot of early Jazz. So here’s a few of my favorite 20’s songs. Some tie into the story, but others are just iconic. They’re not all the original versions, since there was no YouTube in the 20’s, but in their day, these pieces were as rebellious as death metal today. I’m stopping at 1926, when the story is set.  I hope you enjoy the music, and I hope you enjoy my story, Where there’s Smoke as well as the rest of the collection.

1.     Charleston 1920  
2.     Yes, Sir, that’s my Baby 1925
3.     Tea for Two, 1924
4.     Bye Bye Blackbird, 1926
6.     Someone to Watch over Me, 1926
7.     I’ll see you in my Dreams 1924
8.     It Had to be You 1924
9.     I Want to Be Happy 1924

10.  It had to be You 1924

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