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C.A Knoble, "There He Sat Scheming"

Please welcome my new friend and debut author, C.A Knoble! I know you are going to love her fresh writing voice. The "There He Sat" series was inspired a series of Facebook posts I shared of handsome men seated in chairs. 
Exhibit A.

C.A Knoble cleverly added a narrative to the photos and it soon became apparent these stories were great! The result was she developed them into full novellas and the "There He Sat" series was born. 
Want a little taste? Well, pull a chair...

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There He Sat: Scheming
Even the most perfect of schemes can be undone by unexpected passion.
Richard Kelsey has spent his life in the pursuit of money and power. He has a plan, one that will allow him to reach his goals faster. Marriage to his boss's high-maintenance daughter, Chelsea Stansfield, will guarantee positions in the company and financial freedom.
Estranged from her husband, Andrea Stansfield, is an alluring woman. Intelligent, beautiful and emanating sexuality, she is everything Chelsea is not. Passion and mutual attraction flares, leading to a proposition Richard is more than happy to entertain...
Is succumbing to his base nature in order to possess Andrea worth abandoning his master plan?
Ambitious, driven and calculating, Richard Kelsey has a plan. Chelsea Stansfield is his gateway to the world of the rich and powerful, a place he has longed to be since childhood. His plan is simple. Woo the vapid Chelsea and marry into his dream world.
A chance meeting with Chelsea’s mother Andrea quickly throws Richard’s plan into jeopardy. Andrea is everything her daughter is not. Her classic beauty, stunning figure and aggressive sexuality lures him and threatens his goals. Will Richard attain his dream or succumb to his base nature and the searing passion she ignites with him?

This fucking bites, Richard thought bitterly. He had been sitting in this damn chair for a half hour. Chelsea was late, as always, but this was bordering on ridiculous. He was certain she purposely kept him waiting, undoubtedly a measure of control in her mind. He was sick of her behaviour, sick of her, really, but his ambition was stronger than his annoyance. Chelsea was his ticket to the perfect job, his gateway to achieving the career he had worked so hard for, and his path to the lifestyle he had always dreamt of living. Marrying her would expedite the process; he would be years ahead of his carefully laid out journey up the ladder at Stansfield. After all, the old man only had Chelsea as an heir and she was much too vapid to take over the business. Richard knew Alfred Stansfield would consider him for the position of company president when Alfred decided to retire. However, if Richard were Alfred’s son-in-law, the positon was a guarantee, along with its seven-figure salary and he would share in Chelsea’s inheritance when the old man finally kicked off. It was a perfect plan. It would have been even better if Chelsea herself were more of a prize. However, Richard knew he could tolerate Chelsea with all her idiotic thoughts and frivolities in order to live the life he had always wanted.
He had already put in a lot of groundwork with Chelsea. Being the doting love interest, the perfect gentleman, the man her father approved of. Hell, they had been out on a dozen dates and he had yet to bed her. She was maintaining some sort of virgin act, for whatever reason, but Richard knew it was a ruse. Their increasingly hot make-out sessions had her grinding against him like no virgin would. He was not sure what kind of game she was playing but he felt no recourse but to play along, much to his dismay. He felt like his balls were the size of grapefruits and blue as all hell.
He shifted in the stylish chair, his butt getting numb. The chair was not nearly as comfortable as it looked but he knew that already. This was not the first time he had spent a considerable amount of time in it waiting for Chelsea. At the sound of his cellphone dinging with a text message, he pulled it from his jacket pocket. He frowned as he read the message from Chelsea. Be down in twenty minutes Ricky. As he slipped the phone back in its place, he sighed. That undoubtedly meant another half-hour or so in Chelsea-time. Plus she had called him ‘Ricky’ again. He hated any shortening of his name and knew she was aware of it. Shaking his head slightly, he leaned back in the chair, tried to get comfortable and wondered if he should just take a quick walk around the block to stretch his legs.
Straightening up once more, Richard inspected his manicured fingernails a moment and then ran a hand over his perfectly coiffed black hair. He wore a two-thousand dollar suit and a monogrammed custom-made shirt. He looked the part and knew it. Dignified, handsome, perhaps even debonair. Chelsea had a damn good thing going too, considering she owed her looks to a thick layer of make-up that gave her a bizarre airbrushed appearance. He hated it yet at the same time was beginning to dread what she might look like without the make-up as he wondered if there was a good reason she applied so much. Her waist length delicately curled blonde hair was her crowning glory but he had learned quickly that it was only due to hair extensions. Additionally he was convinced her tits were not real although he had yet to see her naked. They just did not feel right, odd really, seeing as her father could easily pay for the best plastic surgeon in town.
His bored eyes took in the lavish lobby for the hundredth time. Alfred Stansfield’s wife, Andrea, owned and ran this hotel. Well, soon to be ex-wife, as Richard had discovered. The rumour mill at work had been abuzz for more than a month now, ever since the day Richard witnessed Andrea slam the door to Alfred’s office so hard on her departure it had jammed in a closed position. He had been heading to Alfred’s office when the incident occurred and then had almost jumped out of Andrea’s way as she furiously stomped past him. Richard saw the venom in her eyes even as his had taken the opportunity to admire her curvy body as she stormed by.
Too bad Chelsea had not inherited some of those curves. Unfortunately Chelsea was a product of her status and youth. She dieted and worked out furiously to maintain her rail-thin form. Richard could not understand this any more than he could understand Chelsea’s penchant for calling him ‘Ricky’. Still he was confident life with Chelsea, although less than ideal, would be tolerable. The Stansfields were stinking rich and Richard longed to live in that world. Having a pretty but insipid wife like Chelsea would be a very small price to pay to spend the rest of his life immersed in money and power. Besides, there would be nothing to stop him from having a hot mistress on the side. He knew that Alfred had one and it was undoubtedly the reason for the impending divorce. Richard would just be smarter about hiding his affairs.
Movement in his peripheral vision caused him to turn his head. Andrea Stansfield was walking through the lobby, heading in his direction. He could not help but stare as he watched the long, confident strides of her mile-long legs glimpsed through the almost hip-high slit in her dress. Her shapely calves gave way to delicate ankles and Richard’s attention was then drawn to the Jimmy Choo shoes upon her feet. At least a four-inch stiletto heel could not slow Andrea down as she moved purposefully through the lobby.
Richard sat entranced. As many times as he had been in this hotel, he had yet to encounter Andrea here, even though he knew she also lived in the building. She seemed so focused on some unseen point before her that Richard took the opportunity to visually examine her body. His espresso-coloured eyes greedily took in the swell of her hips, the gorgeous slightly rounded belly, and what were undoubtedly real tits. No surgeon, however skilled he may be, could produce breasts that bounced like that. Her shoulders were slightly wider than her hips and her poise so confident, so strong that Richard was captivated. He wondered if she took control in bed and immediately pictured her riding him hard. The inappropriateness of such a thought caused him to cough aloud.
Andrea turned her head in the direction of the noise and then, to Richard’s discomfort, immediately changed her direction. In a moment she was before his chair and Richard stood, thankful he had not popped a boner while having lascivious thoughts about his girlfriend’s mother.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing stories, and exploring my imagination. I’m a relatively new author in the publishing world, having recently had the first two stories in the There He Sat series, a collection of erotic shorts, being published. Before that I self-published two novels. One is a sweet romance, and the other a somewhat steamier look at the passionate relationship between a single mom and a vampire.
While I have been writing my entire life, I had to set aside my dreams to tend to the realities of attending college, working and raising my family. After planning a career and studying for it, I was sidelined by health issues that continue to plague me. The downtime allowed me to reopen the door to my writing ambitions, and here I am, writing daily and publishing professionally now. If you’d like to check out my work, I write in multiple genres, so there’s something for everyone! You can follow me on social media, as well. Links and all that, as well as my blog, can be found on my website. I’d love for you to visit me there!

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