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We All Deserve To Be Pampered!!


David has been planning Jessica’s birthday weekend for months. His wife of almost twenty five years is having issues with turning fifty and he vows to do everything in his power to remind her how incredible she is and how much he loves her.   

Jessica’s birthday wish is to spend quality alone time with the man of her dreams, her husband. When David presents her with a gold gift bag full of sensual surprises, Jessica is more than eager to enjoy every one of them. What she doesn’t realize is that her husband has much more in store for her special celebration.

Pampering Jessica
Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2011

A little flutter of anticipation danced in her tummy when Jessica pulled into the driveway and parked behind David’s truck. She was early—it was only a little after five o’clock. “This is a good sign.” Jesse hopped out of the car and hurried up the front steps. She opened the door and froze with only one foot in the house.
“Happy day before your birthday.”
Her jaw dropped as she tried to take everything in. A vase full of red roses sat on the coffee table next to two glasses and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. Soft music was playing. The scent of her favorite pine cleaning liquid wafted through the air, and the carpet had obviously been vacuumed. David stood in the doorway of the kitchen, barefooted, in a black T-shirt and faded jeans, a towel in one hand and a bottle of window cleaner in the other.
“What?” he asked. His ruggedly handsome face lit up with a mischievous grin. 
“You’ve never looked more handsome to me,” she giggled. “Give me a sec to enjoy the picture.”
“If you’d been here a half an hour ago, you’d have found me on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor.”
Jesse closed the door and dropped her purse on the side table without taking her eyes off of David.
“Ooo, yeah baby, tell me more.” She practically ran across the room. David put down his cleaning supplies and gathered her close when she threw her arms around his neck.
“There’s not a speck of dust on any surface.” He gently squeezed her ass cheeks. “The refrigerator has been cleaned out.” He shifted his hips forward. “Dinner is in the oven.” When he flexed forward, Jesse moaned.
“You took time off to do this for me?”
“We both live here, and I’m well aware that I haven’t been helping much lately, and I’m sorry, Jesse.” The stark emotion reflected in his eyes warmed her to her toes.
“Kiss me, you sexy cleaning man, you.”
He cradled her head and took possession of her mouth. He nipped and teased before sliding his tongue slowly past her lips to do wonderfully decadent things to her. Desire raced through Jesse as she met him stroke for stroke and rubbed herself against him wantonly. They were both gasping when David lifted his head.
“Keep it up, woman, and we’ll be on the squeaky clean kitchen floor.”

Reviewed by: Chris | Apr 27, 2011 | 295-200-101-451-3
David and Jessica are approaching their 25th wedding anniversary and before that, Jessica’s 50th birthday. Married to the love of his life, David appreciates every day and wants Jesse to know just how much. He plans and plots to make her day extra special. With unexpected results.
Jessica is approaching 50 and not happy about it. She is still in love with her husband, raised two awesome kids and everything is wonderful. So why the unhappiness? Sure she sags a little and knows she’s changed. Anticipating a quiet birthday weekend with her husband, she’s shocked, surprised, and a little thrilled at the time and effort David put into planning things. But is he trying to tell her something?
Hands off ladies. David’s mine if he ever becomes a real person. Right now he’s just a fantasy and a toe curling one at that. A man that cooks and cleans? Still has all his hair and is in love with his wife? Now I know this is fiction, but a girl can dream. Jessica appreciates her man and he appreciates her back, but even though they have a happy and healthy marriage, doubts and suspicions still rear their ugly head. While nothing life shattering, Jesse needs reassurance and David provides it and more. I thoroughly enjoyed this hot (and encouraging if you’ve reached a certain age) story and recommend you have some free time for your significant other for after the story ends.

Have a great weekend~
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