Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pure Fun!!

I saw this picture first. I asked Resplendence Publishing if I could write the story that inspired it!!

Lara has an active imagination but the dreams starring her sexy new neighbor are getting downright ridiculous! Jason appearing as a cop and pirate make sense but where in the hell did naked running cowboy come from? She’s waited long enough to find out if he’s as talented in real life as he is in her fantasies.

Naked Running Cowboy
Copyright: Tessie Bradford 2012
She reclined back into the plush pillows to watch the billowy clouds overhead glide by. A gentle breeze caused the diaphanous material of her nightgown to flow across her body, raising goose bumps along her skin and tickling her pebbled nipples. Happily chirping birds filled the branches of the trees, and bunnies hopped through the colorful wildflowers covering the ground around the brass bed.

Anticipation had her heart beating double-time and butterflies dancing in her tummy. She cupped her swollen breasts before slowly drawing her gown up to expose her pussy. Already wet and pulsing with need, she stroked herself until her breathing became erratic.

Are you sure you don’t want to wait for me, darlin’?

She heard his words and the steady fall of his feet on the ground in her mind. Turning to gaze across the vast meadow, she saw him, but he was so very far away, she feared she’d die of longing before he reached her.

So impatient! Aren’t I always here for you, sweetheart?

Now she could see him, running towards her with speed and grace reminiscent of a wild stallion. The Stetson tipped low to cover his piercing blue-gray eyes, and brown cowboy boots were the only clothing items he was wearing. The finely-toned musculature of his chest, arms, and powerful legs were magnificent, but his fully erect cock was truly a sight to behold.

She sat up and opened her arms in welcome when he arrived at the side of the bed. “Fuck me, Jason.”

His lips split into a dazzling grin, and he placed one knee on the edge of the mattress.

An ear-piercing sound echoed through the valley.

Lara beat the crap out of her poor alarm clock for the umpteenth morning in a row. “This is now beyond ridiculous,” she mumbled, pulling a pillow over her eyes.

Enjoy your weekend!
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