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 ADULT excerpt copyright 2015 Fran Lee

 Celia had a bad feeling about going back over to Masters’ house but they were definitely going to need the rest of his clothes and his personal items. She stood like a statue in the middle of his huge bedroom, watching him empty his drawers into his suitcases, until he pointed to the bathroom door and practically ordered her to get his shaving kit and his clippers and load them into his small travel case. When she emerged from the bathroom he dumped a huge supply of condoms into the same bag and grinned as she zipped it shut, watching her blush hotly.

“You have got to be the horniest bastard I’ve ever met!” she groused as he finished packing his cases and laid some of his business suits across the foot of his bed. “You actually believe all this will fit in your car? Sure you don’t want to take anything else? I think there might be room for your sink in the back.”

“It should all fit. We’ll just leave the sink here.” His wicked grin made her gut tighten and her cock twitch. Of course he had to catch that, and his laughter made her want to punch him. It took all her willpower not to do just that and she ended up being the one to have to carry his luggage out to the car.

When she stepped into the house for the last couple of suitcases he handed her his land-line handset. “I need to leave a message that I’ll be unavailable for a few weeks. Think you can handle that? I don’t think callers would like hearing your dulcet tones on my message machine, sweet stuff.”

Gritting her teeth, Celia set up a short message advising callers that Masters would be unavailable for the time stated and asking them to leave a message, which he would access from wherever he was at the time. He would get back to them if it was important. When she set the phone down in its cradle he cocked his head and said thoughtfully, “You know, I think I’ll be your PA for the next few weeks. That way we’ll share the same suite of offices. You handled that message like a pro.”

They were taking the last bags out to the car when a blonde in a Jaguar pulled up behind the big SUV, slid out and walked toward them. Her eyes slid dismissively over Masters in his stolen body and a seductive smile showed her fine capped teeth as she homed in on Celia, who was just sliding the last bag into the car and shutting the hatchback.

“Kurt, darling, where are you going? And without bothering to tell me you wouldn’t be home tonight?” Celia stiffened as slim hands with long nails slid around her hips, tugging her against the blonde’s body.

Since Celia didn’t know who the hell she was, she simply muttered, “Had a last-minute change of plans, sweetness. I’ll give you a call when I get back.”

“Sweetness? How adorable. I brought my overnight bag like you said to. You want me to stay here until you get back?”

She opened her mouth to say something but was cut off when Masters chimed in.

“Mr. Masters will be gone for four weeks, Ms. Kramer. He’ll be flying out in an hour, and I’m sorry but it’s time for him to leave for the airport. He asked me to send you two dozen roses and a small piece of jewelry. It should be arriving within a few hours.”

The blonde jerked her head toward the female in the red silk. “And just who are you?”

Masters smiled a professional smile and replied quickly, “I’m his new personal assistant. And now, Ms. Kramer, if you will kindly excuse us, we need to leave.”

The blonde wasn’t about to let them get away without planting a rather wet, hot kiss on Celia, and her hands came up automatically to hold the exceptionally sexy blonde where she stood, her silicone breasts hard and round against her chest.

Fuck, am I turning into a lesbian? Or are these his hormones kicking in?

“Make it diamonds…” the woman whispered against her mouth, and her hands slid away, taking a long route down the front of her shirt, abs, and pausing over her cock for a light squeeze. It was difficult not to jump backward. She could feel the heat in her face as the blonde waved and climbed back into her car.

“Shit, Roberts, that was hot. Almost made me come in your red silk panties. Now get in the car and let’s get going.” Masters was so close behind her that she jumped.

“Fuck! Don’t do that! I almost elbowed you in my face.”

“Look, if you need a piece of ass take me to bed, okay? We have one hell of a good supply of condoms.” She felt hands running over her ass and she groaned, sidestepping and walking to the passenger-side door to open it. Masters stared at her for a moment before he slid into the seat and she closed him in. “How gallant…” she heard as she shut the door.

Moving around to the driver’s side, she slid under the leather-covered wheel and started the SUV. She had just pulled out of the driveway when she realized that Masters wasn’t belted into the bucket seat next to her. He was sliding into the narrow spot where the console normally was, having shoved the movable partition up to become part of the now-solid seat back. Celia pulled over and turned to glare at him as he smiled at her and hooked himself into the center belt, which left his hands free to run over her chest and thigh—not a comfortable feeling when she was trying to concentrate on driving.

“Can’t you keep your hands to yourself until I get back to my house? You really want me to wreck your pretty, very expensive car?”

A small hand gently squeezed her cock and lips nuzzled against the right side of her chest, sending chills through her body. “If you promise to take me to bed the minute we get to your place, I’ll behave…”

“Christ, Masters…” she began, but huffed to a halt as teeth nipped at her masculine nipple through the shirt.

“Promise and I’ll behave…” The whispered words set off alarms in her body—or should she say, his body.

“That’s blackmail.”

“I need you.”

“Like hell!”

“You want me to straddle you right here? I will.”

“The hell you will, Masters! Get the fuck back into your seat and keep your hands to yourself or you’ll walk back to my house!”

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