Monday, August 17, 2015

I missed my Saturday post, but since no one posted today, I'll do it now...

Changing all the Rules
Excerpt copyright 2015 Fran Lee

NOTE:  ADULT language and explicit.

She was in bed by the time Harry got home, and she listened to him creeping quietly through the house, not wanting to wake her, believing her to have been asleep for hours. She shifted into a comfortable position and watched him undress, baring that beautiful body of his by the light of the half-closed bathroom door. He was so gorgeous. He still made her knees weak when she looked at him.

His body flexed and rippled in the shadows as he stepped inside the bathroom, closed the door and brushed his teeth. She shifted. Her clit was throbbing. Shit! How the hell could she still be interested in sex after what she’d done with Josh? Had Josh released a beast from inside her mind and body? Her breathing began to change from calm and easy to rapid and ragged. Good Lord! Had three hours with Josh turned her into a raging nympho?

She watched Harry as he moved furtively to avoid disturbing her. When he moved back into the bedroom and reached to pull his PJ’s out of the drawer, she sighed shakily and whispered softly, “Why do you wear those to bed? You used to sleep in the nude. And I loved feeling you next to me naked.” Had Haley Gregory just said that? And why was she not shocked at her own temerity?

Harry jerked his head around to see Hale lying there watching him. He saw her eyes move down his body to rest on his cock, and he felt life flaring back into it. Shit! Was this his wife talking? Or had some doppelganger replaced her in their bed? He squared his shoulders and turned to where she could get a better look at his aroused state in the light from the bathroom. Shit! Let her look her fill. It was kind of exciting.

“Sorry if I woke you.” His voice sounded gruff even to him.

Hale smiled up at him and shook her head. “I was awake. Thinking about you.”

Harry inhaled deeply. He watched as Hale threw back the covers and rolled up to sit cross-legged on the bed—and his breath caught in his throat. Sweet Jesus—she isn’t wearing panties! He stared at the pink, glistening pussy peeping out at him from under her sleep shirt, and he realized that…she’d shaved it!

Fucking A!

He dragged his eyes from that mouthwatering sight back to her face, and wondered what the hell had gotten into her. She never waited up for him. And she never went to bed without underwear—at least, not for the last eight years or so. He closed the drawer containing his PJ’s and walked hesitantly across the carpet to stand beside the bed.

“You okay, Hale? You feeling all right?”

Haley wet her lips and reached out to run a slender finger over his cock. “Harry, why do we only have sex on Saturday nights?” His cock jumped and stiffened into a steel pole. He watched her eyes soften as she let them devour his shaft. “God, Harry…I love the way you feel…”

He stared down at her beautifully expressive face in the shadowy illumination from the bathroom. His voice was raspy in his dry throat as he fought to reply without croaking. “I thought that was the night we both agreed on a long time ago. Easier. Nothing to distract us…” He shrugged, knowing the exact reasoning behind the Saturday night thing.

Hale sighed and suddenly dragged her sleep shirt off over her head, and his thoughts deserted him. How the fuck long had it been since she’d let him see her naked, no panties, no covering over that hot body of hers? Let him stare at her perfect, beautiful breasts? Then reality kicked in. She'd hated having her breasts mauled. Hated having him squeeze her nipples. Christ, he barely ever got to even touch them, and only on sex nights. He felt his mouth grow wet, and his jaw sagged.

“You sure you didn’t take something, Hale?” Like Spanish fly? He braced his legs and waited for her to come to her senses and accuse him of trying to get down her pants or something!
She rose from the bed and took one step to stand in front of him, and did something she hadn’t ever done to him before in the entire time he’d known her—she slid her hands over his chest and bent to lick his nipple! He almost whimpered. He clenched his fists to keep from grabbing her and hauling her into bed. “What makes you think I took drugs?” she whispered.

“Because you’ve never acted like this before,” he breathed raggedly as she ran her fingertips over his other nipple, and then ran her tongue down the muscle of his shoulder. His voice was tight and it took every ounce of control he possessed to not pick her up, wrap those long slim legs around his naked hips, and fuck her where she stood.

“What if I said I wanted you to make love to me, right here, right now?” she whispered. He couldn’t do more than stare dumbly. How many years had he dreamed of Haley saying that to him? He was stricken utterly speechless. She had to be on something!

When Harry didn’t respond, didn’t move, she reached for his cock again. Hale swallowed her disappointment as he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her a step away, and stared down into her face searchingly. Damn. She’d wanted to seduce him, and she’d only succeeded in disgusting him! Tears sprang to her eyes and she felt dirty somehow.

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Fran Lee

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