Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anne's a Very Lucky Woman!!


Anne hasn’t enjoyed the company of a man in three long years and she’s over it. Fantasies and fiction are wonderful, but you can’t snuggle up with them in bed. Getting back into the dating scene after a lengthy hiatus is nerve wracking, and choosing a sleazebag the first time out of the gate is more than a little embarrassing. When two cops show up wanting her to help them nail the wanted felon, she can’t stop herself from bursting into peals of laughter. The irony is just too delicious. Standing on her front porch is her vision of male perfection; Detective Garth Slaiter.

Garth is always in control of his emotions, but kissing the gorgeous and quirky Ms. Karmer the moment they’re alone together just feels like the right thing to do. When she eagerly returns his attentions, Garth will settle for nothing less than completely pleasuring Anne.

Pleasuring Anne
Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2014
“Come to me now, Anne, or turn and walk away.” Garth crossed his arms over his chest. “If you choose the latter, we’ll figure out something else to do, but I’ll be extremely disappointed and I think, so will you.”

God, he’s so right! What the hell am I waiting for? Anne went to him.

“We’re going to have one hell of a good time,” Garth stated with a wink. He popped open the buttons of her shirt one by one and slowly pushed the garment off her shoulders. “You’re going to play by my rules from this moment forward.”

Her bra came off next.

“I expect to hear about it when I give you pleasure. If something happens that is not pleasurable for you, tell me and it stops immediately.” Garth briefly toyed with her taut nipples. “Lose the pants, sweetheart.”

Sexily removing jeans, in the broad light of day, with the girls unfettered, was easier written than done. Anne tried desperately to not fixate on the jiggling happening in parts she wished were firmer. “Drawing a drape or two might add a nice ambience,” she suggested.

“If I wanted the room to be dark, it would be.” Garth stroked her shoulders, down her arms, along her sides, over her hips. “You’re a beautiful woman.”

He slid a hand between her thighs and caressed her soaking pussy. When he tapped her clit, she whimpered. Garth grasped behind her knee with his other hand, lifting and holding her leg against his hip, opening her. She held onto his shoulder for support as he teased around her entrance.

“Ah, so wet and ready for me.” His thumb breached her, but just barely.

“I’m dying here,” Anne whined, digging her nails into his skin and flexing her pelvis.

“Hum, I wonder, does that mean you’re enjoying what I’m doing or not?” Garth removed his hand from her cunt and let her leg down. He leisurely licked her juices from his fingers.

“Definitely enjoying.” She grasped his wrist and tugged, wanting his hand back at her needy pussy. When that didn’t work, Anne let go and began to stroke along his denim-covered cock. He was hard as steel. She attempted to undo the button of his jeans.

“Apparently there’s a minor communication problem.”

Anne squealed with surprise as he deftly lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed. He laid her down onto the mattress with her head resting on the fluffy pillows.

“We both need to be more specific regarding our desires and expectations.” He climbed onto the bed, placing his knees on either side of her hips. “I’ll go first.”

“Whoa, what the,” was all Anne got out before her left wrist was secured to the headboard. “Handcuffs, really? Aren’t they a bit cliché, Detective Slaiter?” Her heart thudded.

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