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Excerpt copyright 2015 Fran Lee

He glanced at his watch and slipped off the bed at 5:30 a.m. and got fully dressed, staying quiet so he wouldn’t wake her. Then he packed all his things, and eased out the door to cross the street to the little coffee shop that was just opening. He ordered two breakfasts to go, and headed back across the street just in time to see Curley coming down the outer stairs from the top row of rooms, carrying his jeans and his shirt over his arm, clad in his skivvies and his boots.

Looking like shit warmed over, his friend blinked blearily at him, and glanced down at the sacks of food in his hands. “Ughhh…thanks, but I think I’d puke if I tried to eat…”

“It isn’t for you. And keep it quiet. Put your damn pants on. I have a guest, and I don’t want you scaring the shit out of her.”

Curley ran a hand over his heavy morning beard, and lifted a brow. “Her? You caught yourself a bunny?”

“No…go on and get a shower and I’ll explain later. Just don’t wander out of the bathroom naked, okay?”

 The lump in Curley’s bed was still there, and it rolled over with a little groan. Flint practically shoved Curley into the bathroom and set the bags of food on the night stand. He unloaded the carryout containers of scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, ham and hash browns, and when the smells of the food wafted around him, the lump under the covers shoved up and a bed-wrinkled face poked out, a hand shoving mussed hair back from it.

“Oh, my God…that smells so damn good!”

She shoved the covers off and crawled on all fours to the edge of the bed, sliding curvy bare legs out. The socks had sagged down to her ankles while she slept. He drew a deep breath as she leaned across him to grab one of the steaming containers. “Eggs? Oh, and ham? I think I love you…” Her face was pink as she glanced up at him. “Can I have some?”

Unable to spit out a single word, Flint pulled a paper plate off the little stack the waitress had given him, and started shoveling hot food onto it, adding a fresh hot biscuit and a dollop of country gravy. He watched her scoot right up to the night stand and shovel a huge spoonful into her mouth, making happy, satisfied sounds that made his cock stiffen like there’d be no tomorrow.

He barely heard the shower turn off, and he said in a choked tone, “Curley’s back. We were hoping to haul ass outta here by seven, ‘cuz we still have to pick up supplies. I was thinking…we could stop at a Laundromat and wash and dry your things. How’s that sound? They’re still pretty damp.”

She blinked up at him as she wrapped her lips around a spoonful of scrambled egg, and his gut twisted, wondering what it would feel like to have them wrapped around his painfully stiff cock. “I’ve put you to enough trouble, haven’t I? I really don’t have enough cash to pay for the Laundromat and still buy a bus ticket. I can wear damp clothes. They’ll dry out on the way. You’ve done more to help me than you can ever imagine.”

Curley came out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam, water from his blond hair dripping down his naked body as he padded out to grab his back pack. Blue eyes the color of a summer sky flicked over their guest, and Flint glared furiously at him as he fished out jeans and a shirt, and padded back into the bathroom, his bare ass disappearing behind the closed door. 

She sat there, chewing on a bite of food, and after a moment she said, “You guys sure as hell don’t worry much about modesty, do you?”

She smiled, gulping down some orange juice and grabbing another biscuit.

Flint watched the little grin curve her lips upward, and he couldn’t help chuckling. “Curly has good reason to believe he’s God’s gift to women, and he doesn’t bother to hide it. Sorry about that.”

“Well, he might think so, but you’ve got him beat all to hell…” her voice was almost too low for him to catch her words.  

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