Saturday, July 11, 2015

Adult excerpt....enjoy!

excerpt copyright 2015 Fran Lee
Note: erotic and explicit content.
Haley bit the corner of her lip as she turned to face him in the tight confines of the tiny foyer, waiting for Josh to make the next tentative move. He moved slowly, and she watched as he closed the door, and shot the lock home. A trickle of anticipation flooded her body, pooling between her thighs as the gorgeous apparition turned and seemed to be contemplating his next move.

Josh found himself almost unable to breathe. Haley looked like heaven...and smelled like lilacs and jasmine! And when she’d asked so shyly if his sister was home, he could do nothing but grin stupidly down at her like some brain-dead fool. But then he managed to find his voice, and cleared his throat. “Come on in. She and Jim just went to a movie, but she told me you were coming, so I fixed us some popcorn. I was just putting a movie into the DVD player.” Liar!

Josh had thought his fucking cock was gonna bust loose and dance a tango when she'd shimmied that firm, round breast across his chest, but he managed to tamp down his raging libido and close the door quietly behind her. He twisted the lock covertly, just in case Kris and Jim showed up early. And when she paused and glanced from him to the lock, he couldn’t help but lick his lower lip at the wide, blue gaze she hung on him.

“Want some popcorn?” he asked lamely. What the fuck was wrong with him? He was acting and talking like a fucking horny teenager again!

She wet her lips and shook her head, just staring up at him as if she’d never seen him before. He shook his thoughts back to order and said quickly, “Um…you remember me, don’t you? I’m Josh. Krissa’s brother?”

He sounded so uncertain. She must be thinking he was an idiot. Come on, man! Where’s that panache and ballsy attitude? Shit! It had taken off out the door as she had sashayed that hot little delicious body in. She didn’t have to be nervous. He was nervous enough for the both of them!

She smiled slowly and said, “I know who you are. You were just a…shock. You’ve changed. Last I saw you, you were nearly as tall, but about seventy pounds lighter.”

His breathing was turning into deep gasps for air as he stared numbly down into that beautiful, sweet familiar from all those years of dreaming. “You haven’t changed at all.” His low voice was rough, and she was close, so very close, and before she could react or hightail it, he had her in his arms, pulled hard against his chest. She lifted her head to stare into his eyes, and his mouth came down on hers hard, hot, and demanding.

Sweet Christ! He’d always imagined how she would taste. Sweet…hot…heady. But imagining it was nothing like finally kissing her. He ran his hands down the curve of her spine to cup and squeeze her delicious ass. God, he'd always loved her ass. He realized he was going a bit faster here than he’d planned, but she sure as hell wasn’t fighting him off, either. He lifted her off the floor and pulled her legs around his hips...

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