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Stop #2

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This seems the perfect choice for post #2. Training Randi originally released in 2009 as a short story in the Carnal Reunions anthology. I expanded the story and it released for a second time in 2013.

Miranda Ellson graduated from college with a degree in design in one hand and a ticket out of town in the other. Ten years, a couple of job changes and three boring, unfulfilling relationships later she’s back at RU to re-connect with old friends, enjoy the campus activities and take a break from…oh who the hell is she kidding? Jeff Briggs, former college neighbor and best bud, now successful gym owner, lives in town. He’s the only guy she has ever known who could set her panties on fire by simply walking into a room and Randi is sick and tired of only hooking up with him in her dreams. This may be her only chance to discover exactly what kind of personal training he has to offer.

Training Randi
Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2013

“Did I mention I brought you presents?” he asked after hanging up their coats.
“No, no you didn’t,” she said, rubbing her hands together in glee. “What’s the occasion?”
“Does there need to be one for me to give the love of my life a gift?” he asked as he headed towards her bedroom.
Her tummy did a flip-flop. She loved Jeff with all of her heart and was pretty damn sure she’d never get tired of him telling her he felt the same.
Jeff returned carrying a wrapped box. He sat down on the couch and patted the cushion next to him. He set the package in her lap when she joined him. Without preamble, Randi ripped off the paper and dropped it on the floor.
“You’re in charge of clean up on Christmas morning,” he said, chuckling.
“Deal,” she agreed, tossing the top to the ground also. The contents were hidden by shimmery pink tissue paper. Randi used more care in folding back the layers.
“Oh my God, Jeff, how gorgeous,” she exclaimed, holding up the stunningly beautiful negligee. It was lace and silk in a pale shade of rose. As she caressed the sumptuous material, she noticed there was more in the box. “A robe, too? This is incredible. Thank you so much.” Randi threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.
“You’re more than welcome, darlin’, but keep going.”
She fully removed the robe and let out a low whistle. There was a pair of fur-lined handcuffs, a blindfold and an extremely life-like dildo. Her nipples sprang to attention and heat bloomed in her pussy.
“I’m in charge of this evening’s activities,” he announced in a low, sultry voice while laying the garments back in the box.
“Yes, please!” she said with vehemence.
Jeff stood, holding the box one hand, and held his other out to her. They moved to her bedroom. He set the items on the bed then focused his full attention on her.
Randi struggled to not hyperventilate while Jeff undid her blouse and removed her bra with agonizing slowness. He caressed both of her breasts before leaning in and drawing a nipple into his mouth. As he sucked on one hardened peak, he pinched and rolled the other between his thumb and forefinger.
Randi grasped his shoulders for support. Each suck of his moist warm mouth and tweak of his fingers enflamed her senses. She closed her eyes and moaned out her pleasure. Jeff chuckled against her ultra sensitized skin then relinquished her breasts.
Apparently in no mood to alter his pace, he turned the removal of her jeans and panties into an act of exquisite torture. Randi quivered as he stroked and kissed her tummy, hipbones, thighs and calves. Jeff was a master at making her feel beautiful, treasured, and loved. He was also extremely skilled in the art of teasing, and circled the tip of his tongue around her very needy clit just once before rising.
“I’ve been imagining seeing you in this for a week,” he whispered as he lowered the negligee over her head. He took a step back. “Damn, I didn’t even come close to picturing how amazing you look.”
Randi turned and checked out her reflection in the free-standing mirror next to her dresser. Being sheer but untailored, the gown both displayed and concealed her body. She swayed a bit from side to side and watched Jeff’s jaw drop open. Inspired, she trailed her fingertips from the top of her breasts to just below her belly button.
Jeff removed his clothes with far more urgency than he’d used removing hers. He came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and gently pulled her back against him. Randi grinned at him in the mirror as he flexed his hips, causing his steely erection to rub along her ass.
“I’m going to cover the walls and ceiling of my bedroom with mirrors,” he announced while kissing a trail down the side of her neck.
“Ooo, way kinky,” Randi said, wiggling her eyebrows.
“Maybe a couple of cameras, too?”
“Hey now, let’s not go overboard.”
“You’re the one with the impressive X-rated movie library, darlin’.” He turned her to face him.
“Those are professional films with professional sex actors in them.”
Jeff laughed and tightened his arms around her. “That’s why our movies would be so much better; the reality factor. Two people, crazy in love, getting their freak on,”

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