Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yep. It's Saturday again...

Fran Lee

Sometimes a good marriage goes wrong. The best couples find that something has been lost. But in Haley's case, instead of losing the spark in her 10 year marriage, she just never had it to begin with. Having married the campus jock/prom king right out of high school, Haley never had the experiences so many of her friends had. Communication is so important, but she and her hot hubby can't seem to manage to communicate when it comes to what they want from each they simply accept the status quo. And the status quo is slowly making their marriage deteriorate.

When I first wrote this novella several years back, I was told that a romance book could never ever contain any form of infidelity. But the story had to be told. Following the suggestions of my publisher and editor, I cut off the important relationship between my characters in favor of the middle ground. So when I got rights back, I decided to go for broke. I revised it and put a great cover on it that told the story better.

So if you read this one before, try it again. I think you'll enjoy it.


Fran Lee


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