Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meet, Gwen Knight's Bad Boy Alphas!

Even bad boys need a little love…
She is his one desire… 
Werewolf Skylar Callahan turned her back on everything she held dear in search of a career. Now a public advocate for her own kind, her political ambitions have shot her straight to the top. But amidst the glitz and glamor lurks a dark presence, one who is obsessed with claiming Skylar as his own. To survive, she must rely on Wyatt Turner—a sexy, albeit lethal, alpha who insists everything be done his way.
He is the only one who can love her… 
Wyatt is always looking to stir up trouble, and Skylar is trouble with a capital T. Not only has his wolf chosen her as his intended mate, but she also comes with her very own stalker. Consumed by his need to protect her, Wyatt doesn't care that she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. It’s his job to keep her safe, which means getting close to the stubborn she-wolf…just the way he wants it.
For the first time since they’d met that night, she had the height advantage. Lording it over him, she pressed forward until the two were near touching. “I’ll remind you again that you are not my alpha.”
Deep and dark, his growl lifted the hairs on the back of her neck.
“And that this is my house, Wyatt.” The height advantage bolstered her courage. She leaned forward and tapped him on the nose, swallowing at the sudden flash of desire in his eyes. “You can come with me if you want, but—”
She never got the rest of the invitation out. The last thing she’d expected was for the man to pin her against the wall and knock her shoes off with a soul-searing kiss.
Stunned, Sky’s mouth fell open, and Wyatt took full advantage. She sucked in a breath the moment his tongue caressed hers, the hard press of his lips curling her toes. Magic slammed into her as he plundered her mouth. Goodness, the man could kiss. Strong arms curved around her waist and braced her against the wall as he deepened the angle.
Mate…her wolf gave a long, earthy howl, pacing anxiously as the magic swelled between them. Sky melted into his embrace, stricken by the strength of the connection between them. No matter how much she loathed the man, her wolf had an entirely different opinion.
Wyatt broke from the kiss and stared down at her, annoyance tapering his gaze as he snarled, “Shit.”
Shit, indeed.
Bam! Gwen Knight slam dunks with her third book! After my extreme enjoyment of her first two books, I've followed this author's career closely, and I'm happy to report that this latest offering is the best yet.
Wyatt and Sky are dynamic characters with clashing personalities - yet they make it work, and without changing who they are or what they stand for. Bad boys can love, too! And they can still be “bad boys”. The art with which Ms. Knight accomplishes this is just awesome.
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Gwen started writing at a young age when the monsters became interesting rather than scary. From werewolves and vampires to elves and magical realms, she enjoys writing in all genres, so long as a little love can be sprinkled in. Gwen lives in Northern British Columbia with her husband, cat, and two collies who love to play in the snow.


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