Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ellis Leigh Claiming His Fate

Ellis Leigh, Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series

Hi everyone! I’m Ellis, and I write about sexy wolf shifters, fated mates, and stolen moments of the naughty variety. My Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series launched in 2014 with the novella Claiming His Fate. I’m about to release the fifth title in this series, a collection of short stories touching on the couples from the first three books, so I’m offering up Claiming His Fate for free! Check out the teaser I brought for you, and then go forth and grab your copy of Rebel and Charlotte’s story. Thanks to Katalina for allowing me to stop by!

A shifter battling his wolf instincts…
A woman living a life of obligation and lies…
A moment of fate interrupted by danger.

Rebel Lynch has spent two hundred years searching for balance between his human side and his inner wolf. As a den President of The Feral Breed Motorcycle Club, a lack of control over the beast within isn’t just a pain in the tail, it’s a death sentence. One served by his club brothers: the judges, jury, and executioners of the wolf-shifting community.

At Amnesia Gentlemen’s Club, customers and staff check their real-world identities at the door. Charlotte, one of the club’s best waitresses, ditched her legit career in corporate IT because she needs the kind of income those pesky IRS folks can’t track. When the smart-mouthed bombshell pulls a gig serving a private party, she expects nothing more than a few extra tips. That is until dirty-talking Rebel Lynch strolls into the room looking like sin incarnate, flashing motorcycle club colors, and blasting Charlotte’s expectations about work, life, and love straight to hell.

One glance at Charlotte and Rebel knows she’s his fated mate. But a wolf shifter is attacking women at the club, threatening Charlotte’s life, and putting the entire shifter community at risk of exposure. Rebel and his Feral Breed MC brothers must find the crazed shifter before he strikes again. If Rebel can’t uncover the new monster in their midst—and learn to rein in the protective instincts of a fully mated alpha—his future with Charlotte will be dead on arrival.

He pulled his head from my neck and looked me in the eye. His were dark, his pupils so large there was only a small line of light blue around the edges. He made that noise again, the rumble from deep inside him. I leaned my head against his shirt, pressing my ear to his chest. Yep, definitely a growl. A deep, dark, animalistic growl that sent shivers racing up and down my spine. And it was such a goddamn turn-on.

“I’ll give you anything you want, Cherry.” His hands trailed up my arms, brushing the sides of my breasts along the way. “I'll give you anything you need.”

I took a step back, running my fingers along the edge of my panties. “Anything?”

I was playing with fire, but I’d never met a man who aroused me like he did. Every glance, every touch of his skin against mine made me crave him. I wanted his hands, his mouth, his dick. I wanted him to make me fall over and over again. I hadn't had a non-plastic-induced orgasm in almost a year, and he looked like a man who knew how to please a woman.

His eyes tracked the movement of my fingers as they ran along the edge of the lace over my hips. When I dipped them underneath, he licked his lips.

“What is it you desire, beautiful?” he asked, his voice whiskey-rough and full of need.

“Your mouth.”

He had me facedown on the bed before I even registered his movement. I struggled to lift my upper body, but he put one large hand between my shoulders and held me down. I shivered and moaned as he rubbed his chin along me, breathing hot air against my covered pussy.

“Oh, yes. Please.”

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A storyteller from the time she could talk, Ellis grew up among family legends of hauntings, psychics, and love spanning decades. Those stories didn’t always have the happiest of endings, so they inspired her to write about real life, real love, and the difficulties therein. From farmers to werewolves, store clerks to witches—if there’s love to be found, she’ll write about it. Ellis lives in the Chicago area with her husband, daughters, and a giant dog who hogs the bed.”>Website
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