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Sedona Venez, Credence Curse Romance Series

The Credence Curse Romance Series 
Enjoy this steamy Paranormal Romance series by Sedona Venez.

Breaking the Storm (Book 1)


Storm Credence was destined to succumb to the Credence family curse…they all did. 

When Storm meets sexy band front man Knox Gunner, there’s no denying him. Willing to take a chance on love, Storm breaks the most important Credence rule, no relationships ever. A mistake that results in heartbreaking devastation. 

Storm is put to the test one more time. When the one man that she never wanted to see again, ‘Rock Star’ Knox Gunner comes blowing back into her life. He’s back to claim what's his, Storm. This time he will stop at nothing to prove that she belongs to him in every sense of the word. 

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When Lightning Strikes (Book 2)


Lightning Credence was destined to succumb to the Credence family curse…they all did. 

Alpha wolf shifter Ryker Alfero is everything Lightning craves and everything she shouldn't want. He’s the only man on earth who simultaneously made her needy with lust and her stomach roll with hatred. 

Ryker wants her...but on his terms and he will stop at nothing to prove that she belongs to him in every sense of the word. 

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Excerpt - When Lightning Strikes 

I tilted my head in submission. His body tensed as his wolf receded; his eyes were now more human. I wrapped my hands around his penis and squeezed hard. He hissed as he relaxed against the soft leather. There was no need for words. He knew I was meeting him halfway. Revealing a piece of me who was better left hidden. I lowered the walls around my mind as I slid to my knees. He stopped me by grabbing the back of my neck and pulling hard on my hair.
“I want you.” I trailed my fingers over his chest.
With locked eyes, he asked gruffly, “Are you mine?”
He pulled me up. “Good.” He slammed open the vehicle door, stepping out. “Now get your sexy ass out of the car.” He grasped my hand as I hurriedly stepped out, straightening my dress. He leaned down, kissing me with tongues dueling as I ran my fingers across the hard muscles of his back.
He pulled back, looking at the one visible security camera. “Soar, cut the security cameras off.”
I didn’t even think about the number of security cameras monitoring the garage area. That was how far gone I was. Effortlessly, he slid me onto the hood of the car, pushing my dress up around my waist.
“Well… I thought we’d finish this upstairs. But I’m down for whatev—” I swallowed the rest of my words when I found myself on my back with legs up over his shoulders and his face between my thighs. He went after my pussy voraciously, his abrasive tongue lapping me from my clit to the end of my cleft. I panted, my hips arching, before he held me down with one hand on my stomach. He growled. The vibrations pushing to the edge, his long strokes had me writhing, my fingers clawing the car as I tried to buck from his tongue assault.
He held me pinned, showing me no damn mercy as his tongue flicked my swollen nub, until I screamed, “Oh my fucking God.” I bucked as he continued to bathe my clit with his mouth. He thrust two fingers into my trembling channel, pumping me, drawing out my climax. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I swore I saw dancing spots. I panted, drawing ragged breaths. Mercifully, he relented, pulling away, his eyes blazing with wildness and his black hair tousled sexily. I was greedy for more.
Holy hell, I couldn’t even form a coherent thought. “Fuck me,” I demanded. 

About Sedona Venez
Sedona Venez is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in New York City with her hot ex-military (hooah) hubby and their furbaby. She loves writing hot, sexy, complex stories about strong but broken characters, pushing boundaries, overcoming their fears and risking it all for love.

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