Thursday, March 19, 2015

Excerpt Time!!

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“I’m going to help you out of these wet clothes,” he announced in a soft, sexy voice.

Bess trembled, watching the star of her fantasies brush a feather-light kiss just below her earlobe as he popped open the top button of her shirt. This situation called for one of the hundreds of sultry replies she’d constructed over the years, but she had no time to speak. A loud meow sounded simultaneously as a cat landed with a thud on the tiny table. She barely caught her purse before it went sliding over the edge.

“What the hell?” Darrin asked, taking a step back.

“This would be Rex.” She sighed, scratching the now-purring animal on the top of his head. “He gets excited when I come home.” The cat stood up on his hind legs, rested his front claws on her chest and brushed his face against hers. “And this is Peter.” She glanced down to the other cat that was walking around and between her and Darrin’s feet, rubbing up against them.

“Guys, don’t slow the roll here,” Darrin said, looking at the animals. “My excitement trumps yours on every level there is.”

Bess quickly picked Rex off the table and set him on the floor. “Shoo, both of you,” she said, adding hand waves for emphasis. They reluctantly sauntered away.

Darrin grasped her hips and gently pulled her to him. For a moment, they silently gazed into each other’s eyes. Bess hoped her desire was as evident as his. The first, light brush of his lips to hers was a surprise that sent her pulse skyrocketing. Once, twice, three times he chastely kissed her while repositioning to fully enfold her in his strong embrace. Bess wrapped her arms around his waist.

He lifted his head slightly and flashed a devilish grin. “I’ve wanted you for so god damned long.”

Darrin claimed her mouth with wild, unbridled lust. The intensity was exactly what she craved. He teased her mercilessly by sliding his tongue along hers in time with his thrusting hips. Bess held on for dear life while meeting him in kind. She yanked his shirt from the waistband of his jeans and moaned loudly when her palms met bare skin. She pressed her abdomen against his erection and ground scandalously. Her pussy drenched her panties, and her clit throbbed for attention. He nipped her bottom lip then broke their kiss.

“Where’s the nearest bed?” he asked, breathing heavily while making short work of the rest of her blouse buttons.

“Down the hall over there,” she answered with a tilt of her head to the left.

“Too far.” Darrin kept a tight hold on her as he quickly scanned the room. “Couch,” he announced, moving them in that direction.

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