Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Journey Continues

Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Tessie Bradford and I am an author of Erotic Romance. My stories focus on ordinary women who discover that life and love can become extraordinary in the blink of an eye.
What would you do if you discovered a man that you think is out of your league is head over heels for you? Have you ever fantasized about surrendering control to an ultra-sexy Dom? Or what it would be like to have two men who want nothing more that to please you in every conceivable way? How about leaving this world altogether? My goal is to explore all of these tantalizing possibilities and much, much more!

Despite many changes to my website over the last six years, the above introduction has remained unchanged. Why? Because it brings back wonderful memories of the beginning of my author journey and it reminds me of how far I've come.

I wrote the questions to myself as much as to the people that I hoped would visit my site. It was my wish list of what I planned to write and have published someday. At the time, they were the most difficult words I'd ever written. I vividly remember the myriad of emotions that went along with the surreal event of creating a website for the alter-ego I was just beginning to get to know.

In early summer of 2014, Tessie was literally taken away from me. Illness and the mind-altering chemicals used for treatment made it impossible to access my creative self. It was beyond torturous to lose such a huge, important aspect of what makes me, me. My plans to write Mesta book #3 and Rubbing Rita by the end of the year disappeared. I couldn't even focus enough to read anything.

I can't thank Resplendence Publishing enough for their understanding as I missed multiple deadlines, and for the personal support they've given me during this challenging time.

On January 13th, the head of RP editing sent me a "checking on how you're doing email" - one of many I've received (and so appreciated) from my RP family over the months. In it she asked about the status of my scheduled to be released on 3/4/15 Romantic Gem story.

I had completely, utterly forgotten about it!!?!! I admitted this sad fact to her, then asked for a week or two to see what I could come up with. Writing a short, short story seemed like a more reasonable goal to set yet it was a terrifying prospect none the less. Could I find Tessie again? I'm still in treatment. Some days I don't know what planet I'm on while other days are pretty darn okay. The unpredictability sucks.

Fulfilling Bess now holds my title of 'hardest words I've ever written' but in the best way possible. I'm extremely proud of what I produced and my confidence is slowly returning.

It probably will take longer than I'd like, but now I know without a doubt that more Tessie Bradford books are going to be written!

Have a great weekend~
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  1. Prayers and vibes for a full, beautiful recovery, love. Life can hit us with some nasty stuff, and we find ourselves slogging through it with our waders on. God bless you!

    1. Fran, I treasure your friendship. You've been part of my author life from the very beginning and I'm better for it! All my love


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