Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a highly magnified eighth-inch patch of beach sand...

As you can see, plain old sand is hardly plain old anything...sand is composed of millions and trillions of tiny bits of miniscule particles...creatures and minerals and bits of vegetation that fossilized millions of years ago.  Just as each one of us is a tiny grain of sand in a vast ocean of people and creation.

In its own way, this bit of sand is magnificent..breathtaking...amazing and no two bits are identical. Just like people...

If you have not been fortunate enough in your lives to have found someone to love...someone who loves you...among all these grains of humanity, this message is for you.

Life is too short to waste, yet we keep holding off loving...hoping to find the "perfect" one who completes us. We may never find our soul mate...we might not even have one out there...but there are thousands of people who need our care and love, and we can share love with everyone we touch.

And no, I do not refer to falling into bed with hundreds of different people. I refer to giving something of ourselves to those who desperately need to know they matter...whether it be a child...or a sister or brother...or a friend who needs us to show them we care.  A complete stranger who watches the world pass them by as they stand on a street corner with a sign.

Instead of simply dropping a few coins or a dollar bill into their hands, a sincere smile and a welcome word of encouragement is never amiss.

Saint Valentine was never a symbol of romantic love, until the Victorian Valentine's card artists got hold of the poor guy.  He symbolized love of humanity in general, and love of the God he worshiped. It may even be probable that, as a Catholic priest, he may never have even known love as we think of it on Valentine's Day. But we celebrate the day of his martyrdom with all the frivolity and pomp that surrounds the feast day for him.

So, instead of chocolates and roses (which are medieval aphrodisiacs) showing our love for those around us and those we have never met yet might be the higher purpose of this day.  Of course, no one minds a nice box of great chocolates and a bouquet of flowers...right?

So enjoy your day with people you love being around, whether you have found your soul mate or have found a comfortable significant other...and celebrate love in general.

Hugs to all of you!

Fran Lee


  1. What a beautiful post, Fran!
    Sending much love your way.

    1. Hugs...glad you liked this one. We spend so much time thinking of finding love...and there are so many lonely people out there.

  2. Beautiful post, Fran! The best I read this Valentine's Day. <3


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