Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Contract From Decadent, For My Second Black Hills Wolves!

Shameless victory howl! I got a new contract from Decadent Publishing for my second Black Hills Wolves!

I can't wait to share this story. If you haven't checked out the Black Hills Wolves, you must. Black Hills Wolves creator, Rebecca Royce's introduces the series with "Wolf's Return", the story of a young wolf-shifter, living in exile. Drew comes home to confront a violent pack Alpha, who is also his father, and get his house in order. "Wolf's Return" is the introduction to the series. This book was #3 this weekend on Amazon!

Heather Long follows with "What a Wolf Wants", the tale of a weary, pack enforcer who needs his life to change. This book was #1 this weekend!

My book "Portrait of a Lone Wolf" is book 7 in the series and Releases February 20th, it was #16 this weekend in presale.

The series is on a roll! For a golden moment, this weekend the top twenty slots of Amazon's Kindle store was filled with Black Hills Wolves. So proud of Rebecca and Heather's hard work. I can't wait to take my turn at bat. All the books are something special.

Black Hills Wolves from Decadent Publishing howling onto e-readers now!


  1. Congratulations on your new contract and the success of the Black Hills Wolf series!!!

  2. Thank you, Tessie! I just submitted another story to Decadent. I'm waiting on news about that little sweetheart as well.


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