Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

They say that time flies on the wings of angels...
But too often we try to hold onto time by chaining it to our fears and hopes. We tend to try to control it, fearing where it will take us. But fear of a thing makes us unhappy. It traps us in our own worries and doubts. I think that we must let our fears and doubts go, and release our chains.  We can fear time, or we can allow it to take us places we have never flown. Places where we have never dreamed of going. Let our minds fly...let our souls soar...and let our fears go.

This New Year will be my first without my daughter. But I can feel her in everything I do. I can see her in everything I love. I can hear her in the wind...the calls of birds...the sound of waves. She will never be forgotten.

So I am writing again. I am hoping again.  I am letting my fears go. I am holding my head high. I pray that my friends and fans may all experience the new year with a sense of hope and charity in their hearts, and a will to move forward with energy and care for the world.

God bless you all...May the chains of fear be broken, and the wings of love fly you wherever you wish to be.

Fran Lee


  1. Big hugs Fran! Writing is the best medicine. It's saving my sanity. Much love to you. May your creative imagination soar in 2015!

    1. Thanks...and as you can tell from the last tow missing Saturday posts, I'm struggling...sigh.

  2. Fran, what a positive and inspiring post!


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