Monday, December 22, 2014

Cerise sings #Santa, Cutie with these writer/reader lyrics!

I can’t sing worth a plug nickel. So I do it in private in my office when no one can hear me bray.
One song I love is this one where a woman asks The Man With the Bag for a few items she would love to hold dear.
What I hold dear are my readers, others novels and my hope to write more of my own works next year.
Hope you love my lyrics.
And happy holidays to all of you!
(And for those of you who’d like to read Cerise’s bestselling Santa, Cutie, here are the cover and buy links:

Cerise’s Santa, Cutie song:

Santa cutie, slip a million novels ‘neath the tree for me;
I’m a fast reader, honest, Santa cutie.
So hurry down my chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, I need no new convertible, true. Mine’s blue.
I'll write romances for you; Santa cutie.
So hurry down my chimney tonight.

Think of all my readers in bliss;
Think of all my men who’ve earned hot chicks to kiss;
Next year I’ll write just as much, if you check off my Christmas list.

Santa cutie, I’ve really no need for yacht. Next to that, not a lot.
Been hard-working all year; Santa cutie.
So hurry down my chimney tonight.

Santa honey, one little thing I really do need...
The deed…to a swell Paris pad, Santa baby.
So hurry down my chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, fill my stocking with first class air and new specs;
To complement my research on sex, Santa cutie,
and hurry down my chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree…with wide Mac screen and a stirred martini;
I honestly believe in you.
Let's see if you believe in me.
Santa, cutie, I love you all year round.
That statement is sound.
Santa cutie,
So hurry down my chimney tonight!
Hurry down my chimney tonight!
* * *
P.S. My view from my apartment in Paris this past October. Love it.

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