Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ready, Set, Cuddle!!

Winter = Romance!!

Aw, come on now, hear me out.....

*  A snow covered landscape is breathtakingly beautiful.

*  With more hours of darkness, going to bed earlier makes sense. Who says you have to sleep??

*  Snuggling with your sweetie on the couch wrapped in an afghan makes any TV show better.

*  The oven can be on all day. A house filled with the aromas of baked goods, a roast, or any other yummy deliciousness brings out the 'warm and fuzzy' in people.

*   Lobbing a snowball at your lover is just plain fun. And when you're finished playing outside, most likely because you're frozen to the bone, warming each other up is even more fun! Layers of clothes need to be removed, lots of rubbing is required to restore circulation, spending quality hot shower time together has great merit.... 

Happy Winter :)

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  1. I am still adjusting to the winter darkness. I'm drowsy at 7 pm. I love the cozy feeling of making soup from scratch and using the oven again and actually enjoying the fact that the kitchen gets warm too.

    1. As I get older the time change gets harder!! And although hubby braves the elements and grills outside in winter, I enjoy the long cooking, oven-using foods I don't make when the air conditioning is running!

  2. I'd rather be in Florida pretending it's cold outside. ;)

  3. I am a winter-lover,m as well...although I have no one to snuggle with on the sofa. If I'm truly lucky, I get a pile-on of cats and a 19-pound dog that thinks he's a cat. Thanks Heaven I'm' not allergic!


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