Saturday, November 15, 2014

I am addicted to sparklies...

I love to make handcrafted jewelry...
Not because I'm cheap (because making this stuff from scratch gets pretty pricy) but because I can tailor-make an item for the individual I'm giving it to.  I love Swarovski  crystal beads.  Especially the Aurora Borealis colors.

I used to buy tons of stuff to give to people at Christmas or for birthdays.  Things they often didn't like or it didn't fit. But now I make stuff.  I buy sterling silver chains and create pretty necklaces out of vintage brooches and earrings.  I make earrings with sterling ear wires and sparkly beads.

If the crystal beads are too tiny for chains, I thread them on mono filament fishing line and add a sterling clasp. I used to make knotted pearl necklaces with 14k gold or sterling clasps.

If someone gave you a handmade gift for the holidays or for a birthday, would you treasure it, or put it in a drawer and forget about it?  Would you feel insulted because that person was too chintzy to buy a REAL gift??  

My granddaughter crochets adorable stuffed animals out of colored yarns and cotton balls.  I commissioned her to make me half a dozen of the darling little things...lambs and bunnies and octopus-es???  Um, I think that should be octopi.  LOL!

Do you make baked goods or candies for friends and family at the holidays? Or so you make scarves or mittens or hats? 

If you are an author, do you give books? 

Share some of the best home-made gifts you have received.  What did you think when you got them?


Fran Lee


  1. I treasure handmade gifts! They are filled with the creativity and love of the person who made them. My mother's needlepoint works of art, my father's Christmas ornaments, my daughter's paintings, and the afghans/quilts made by three generations of our family are just some of my treasured favorites!

    1. It reminds me of a return to the earlier years, when kids made gifts for mom and dad on class out of neat stuff. I still have all the antique hand-painted ornaments my folks gave me when they gave up having trees at Christmas. They found a 12-inch high ceramic tree with lights sitting on the branches. I got all the old goodies.

  2. I love handmade gifts! Priceless love.

    1. I feel as if the gift is a part of the giver. Love them!


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