Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...

It's snowing in the mountains...
And I love it!

It's not officially winter yet, but I love a snowy Thanksgiving almost as much as I adore a snowy Yuletide. Not sure why, but I love snow and the chilly, crisp air of a winter's day. I think it's because I grew up in a small town at the 6,800 foot level of the high Steptoe Mountain valley desert.  Summers were short...springs were short and sweet...and snow often fell by Halloween. We went pine-cone hunting in September...getting covered in pine pitch and smelling that heavenly scent of ripe pine cones. By Thanksgiving, we were in 6 inches of deep snow, and eagerly awaiting that big huge grand holiday when Santa would come to visit. Kids are sooo easy.

Now I live in a high mountain valley at the 4,700 foot level...the summers are longer, and the springs and falls are nice and cool...and I still love snow. The only drawback to the cold white stuff is that when the first skiff of snow hits the streets, people completely forget how to drive! 

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, I always get excited about the winter holidays. I am already debating on whether or not to put up a Christmas tree this year...the cats have settled down and are mature, but they still attempt to climb up the center pole of the tree. So I have not used glass ornaments in the past four years. I simply adorn the tree with small lights and a few unbreakable cheap sparkly ornaments...which inevitably get chewed up by the dog after they are ripped from the branches by pouncing kitties. Last year, they pulled the tree over three times. Of course, nothing broke. And the usual hour's time-out in the bathroom did nothing to slow them down.

I would truly love to have the tree up the way I always did when the kids were young...filled with antique glass balls and little metal instruments like French horns and trombones. Home made ornaments the kids made in school. Glass partridges to hang in the upper branches.  Tinsel.  You don't want to hear what happened to the last glass partridge...I did find the plastic tail feathers and the glass part under the tree...but the body feathers, alas, were found in the kitty litter box a few days later.

Stupid cats couldn't tell the difference between a real bird and a fake one...

Have a marvelous Thanksgiving...


Fran Lee



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! And thanks for sharing my post on Twitter! I love that you and Kat always take a moment to read and comment. That's the only reason I still post here. Hugs!

  2. Cats never out grow their fascination with destroying Christmas Trees! It's good to know some holiday traditions will never change. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Fran.

    1. Will do. Thanks so much for being one of the two friends I can always count on to read and comment on my posts. Hugs!

  3. When we had cats we put bricks on the tree stand in an effort to keep it upright. Some years it worked, others it didn't!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Fran.


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