Monday, November 10, 2014

FB Party time! #SWAG #fun w Desiree Holt, Brenna Zinn and Cerise DeLand tomorrow Nov. 11 at 12 EST! Be there!

BURNING's BandN, Kobo cover!
We're celebrating HEROES November 11 on FB! Join Desiree Holt, Brenna Zinn and me as we talk what makes a hero.
Male and female heroes are on tap for discussion.  Bring yourselves, your criteria for heroism and your laughter gauge as we gear up with lots of SWAG to reward you with, too!
   On tap for me are the 4 brothers in my STANHOPE CHALLENGE box set, newly expanded and newly released at a very special price!
   Contemporary heroes are on tap too!
   With Navy SEALs as the stars of Des's, Brenna's and my SEALs GOING HOT series, we're happy to talk about our real life heroes who protect us every day. My BURNING FOR NERO, shown here with the 2 covers he sports (because Amazon thought my heroine was toooooo sexy and banned my novel), is one of the prizes on the party list, too! I've also got a giveaway of LADY VARNEY or RENDEZVOUS on offer to two other winners!
   Do join us at 12 EST, 11 CENTRAL, 9 PACIFIC November 11 and celebrate all our heroes:

Intrigued to learn how many of you prefer contemporary heroes to historical ones, I am offering a selection of prizes with both types of men up for prizes!

Three winners will choose from the heroes in NERO, RENDEZVOUS or LADY VARNEY.

And is a Grand prize offered?

You bet!
A $25.00 Amazon Gift Card!

Be there for the fun November 11 at FB at high noon!


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