Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Kitchens Attack

My original intent was to skip talking about Halloween this week so that I can do it again closer to the actual holiday....but plans change. 

I think my kitchen may be haunted! Here are some of my reasons, these incidents started a few days ago:

1. Three glasses in my closed cupboard have tumbled over on their own on separate occasions. There was no movement in the room but we (hubby and I) were close enough to hear them fall over (our house is small). They were not stacked. They weren't on the same shelf. They weren't the same size/style glass.

2.  When I load the dishwasher, the right-hand side thingy that allows the top shelf to slide forward falls down and I have to hold and balance, unload, re-position, re-load. This doesn't happen to daughter or hubby. Hubby has checked the rollers and side thingy and found nothing wrong with them. When he TRIES to make the shelf fall down it doesn't!!

3.  There is an area on the end of one counter, where we don't prepare food, set down beverage cups etc., that I keep finding a medium size splotch of water/dampness. It's not near the sink. I have no leaks in the ceiling. I wipe it up, it's back the next day. 

4.  Remember the scene in Poltergeist where the chairs keep stacking themselves in the kitchen? I have a metal mixing bowl doing some pretty strange shit! My pots and pans cupboards are chaos, not even the organized kind, but I know where everything is and I KNOW where and in what position I've placed that metal bowl after using it these last days. It ain't stayin' put!!

Very Halloweeny, don't you think???? 

Have a great weekend!
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  1. You may not be a host to a ghost. I think you might have a mouse in the house : )

    1. I never considered the pest potential!!! Ghosts are so much more interesting!

  2. Der raton del ghostie? Ooooooooo...... Don't feel alone. I often put things down where I know they will be safe, and from time to time, they simply...vanish. Of course...after I have looked and looked and gotten angry at myself for losing them...voila! An hour later, they are right where I left them.

    I do believe I have ghosties in my house. Not mean or bad ones...just mischievous ones.


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