Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stories from my past...ghosts I have met...

I have lived in several old houses that were frequented by
Most of the hauntings were non-malignant, thankfully, but they did have a way of leaving you feeling a but...shaken.  Of course the most recent ones have been more easily explained, since the culprits haunting us are familiar to me. But my very first haunting was in a 100-year-old house across the street from a very old hospital.  We often wondered if the presences we felt from time to time hadn't migrated over to see us.

When my now 47-year-old son was just eight months old, we lived in a very old house. The rent was low, and the owners were trying to sell it, and of course, we soon found out why. I was cleaning the baby's bedroom and he was bouncing up and down in his crib, jabbering away. At first I thought he was trying to get my attention, but I felt an odd presence behind me, and when I turned, he was holding his arms up as if asking to be picked up.

Well, the gooseflesh that rose on my arms wasn't natural. I asked him if he wanted me to get him out of the crib, and he shook his head no, pointing at something I couldn't see. He kept his arms up, and for some reason I can't recall, I spoke aloud to the room "Welcome. You are always welcome here, but please don't hurt the baby."

After that, I had a number of conversations with the essence that was in the house. I always knew it was there, because my son would start "talking" to it. It didn't seem to be unhappy. It just seemed to love being around the baby.

When they finally got the house sold, and asked us to move out, I asked the landlady if she had any idea who was haunting the house. She stuttered a bit until I told her what had been happening, and then she said, "My husband and I lived here for a few years, and our baby girl always drew the spirit, too. It seems to love kids. According to the folks we bought it from, that ghost had been here when they owned it, too. They just put up with it as long as they could. No one seemed to know why it was here."

Another unanswered mystery.

As the cowardly lion in the Wizard of OZ kept repeating, "I do believe in ghosts...I do...I do..."

I've "seen" a few in my day. Have you?

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  1. Good morning, Fran~
    I'm I firm believer that spirits are among us. The mean, scary ones get most of the publicity but I think there are lots more peaceful ones around who are just going about their ghosty business!

    1. True. My oldest son was always a trifle clairvoyant. He was always the first to notice these spirits, and when a three year old starts talking to some one no one else can see, people seem to think "invisible friends". Someday I'll have to write a short book about my experiences with ghosts. LOL!

  2. Wonderful ghost tale! Thank you Fran.

    1. Thanks, love. I have many more. There are spirits in the house I live in right now. My parents have come back to visit a few times...and my daughter is having trouble leaving the room she died in. I talk to her often when it feels really tense there. Just reassuring her that she is definitely not forgotten or alone. And when she moves on, she will still be loved...never forgotten.


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