Thursday, October 2, 2014

How Small Could You Go?

Have you watched Tiny House Nation on the FYI channel? I caught it by mistake one day and now I'm kind of hooked. The ingenuity used to maximize the tiny spaces is so creative, and the floor plans and configurations are wildly unique. Many of the houses I've seen showcased are 300 square feet or less with more than one person residing in them!

This picture is from Cute, right? But could you actually live in one of these for any measurable amount of time without going stir crazy? What if you're in a part of the world that has winter or a rainy season or blazing hot summers? My gut tells me that feeling housebound would take on a whole new meaning.

Look at this happy young couple. They've combined tiny house living with being in the middle of nowhere. Probably oodles of fun when the relationship is all new, fresh and filled with wild lovin' but we all know that doesn't last forever! :)

Oh come on now, let's be serious. This just says "divorce inevitable" to me! And I'm sorry, those kids already look miserable and they're not even teenagers yet. 

This picture is taken from a sleeping loft which is the size of a double, possibly a queen mattress. The space is beautiful and well organized. And any time one thing is out of place you're going to notice it and probably trip over it. 

I'm all for living frugally and understand the importance of being kind to the planet but I can't see this working for more than a tiny part of the population. That's actually one of the most entertaining parts of the show - how the hosts demonstrate to the potential dwellers the reality of the space. In one episode they tied a married couple together with a rope the length of the amount of movement they'd have in their new house. The expression on the woman's face was priceless!!

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  1. My husband loves this show along with the tree houses. He built a mini-studio in our back yard. It's hidden in the trees like an elf house. I love trend. In California a mobile-mini is a way to add a little extra on to your home without having to go through years of city approval. I'm wanting to add a guesthouse to our kitchen garden.

    1. That's way cool that you have a mini-studio, Kat! A garden guesthouse sounds marvelous too.

  2. I think I am already in one of these...with three people living here, to boot! No storage space. Absolutely no privacy. LOL!


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