Thursday, October 9, 2014

Giving Praise Where It Is Most Definitely Due

Wow, this is a post I never thought I'd have cause to make~
Get ready cause here comes my heartfelt thanks to FEMA!! 

For our readers not in the Untied States, FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency and is part of our federal government. They are in charge of disaster relief. In recent years, FEMA has gotten a very bad reputation for alleged mishandling and slow responsiveness. 

On August 11, 2014 three counties in southeastern Michigan experienced catastrophic flooding. My home was in the epicenter in our area. My city came out of the gate with, "Not our problem, don't pester us, our building was flooded too, we have no money." Our wonderful governor blamed the cities and counties for not doing what they needed to do so that he could maybe, think about possibly applying for federal disaster relief. He was however able to find time to do photo ops for the news stations of carrying a piece of garbage out of a couple of lucky senior citizen's homes. It is an election year after all.

On Thursday September 25th, President Obama approved FEMA relief for our area. 
On Friday September 26th, those affected could begin registering with FEMA. 
On Sunday September 27th, I registered with FEMA.
On Tuesday September 30th,FEMA contacted me. 
On Wednesday October 1st, a FEMA representative was in my home at 10:00 am. 
On Thursday October 2nd, FEMA advised me as to the initial relief amount approved and that the payment had been processed. The extremely kind and helpful representative then explained exactly what I have to do next in the process.

I could not be more surprised, impressed and grateful! 

Have a great weekend~
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  1. So good to hear about something working. You deserved and badly needed outside help in your situation.

    1. Since writing this post a week ago, FEMA reps have called me twice to help facilitate what I need to do next!!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing. It helps reaffirm our confidence in the system.

    1. Absolutely, Fran! In a very bad situation, it is wonderful to know that there are people trying their very best to help.
      Now don't get me started on the unscrupulous contractors we've had dealings with and the scare tactic letters we receive regularly from law offices telling us if we don't hire them we're going to be screwed. Oh and the door-to-door sales people who keep flapping their gums even as I close the door in their faces!


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