Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Favorite October Halloween Movies

October is my favorite month because I love the cozy, transitional feeling of autumn and knowing the year is coming to a close with a flurry of great holidays. I love Halloween and really love watching all my favorite Halloween movie classics with my family. This year we started a little early and got the Halloween movie season rolling in September.

We watch Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart in “Bell, Book and Candle” every year. I love it, especially the clothes Kim wears when she’s a gorgeous witch. I covet her witch wardrobe.

My son, who is fourteen, loves the Hugh Jackman version of “Van Helsing” because it’s a monster mash. Every famous monster is in it. It’s a movie theme park of monsters and nothing is taken seriously. I’m not at all opposed to watching Hugh turn into a wolf or stand around a Transylvanian castle nearly naked… Rent this movie. Do it for the kids. 

A great ghost story that is psychology charged and creepy is Debra Kerr’s “The Innocents”. Ask three different people what they think happened at the end of the movie and you’ll hear three completely different answers. It’s a very interesting film and one of my husband's favorites.

The Vampire movies are the jewel in the crown. I absolutely love Frances Ford Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” The look of the movie is amazing and the original film score written by Wojciech Kilar and Carmen Coppola is stunning. Does Keanu Reeves belong here? Of course not, but he’s handsome to look at in Victorian clothing that I don't complain. The scene between Gary Oldham and Winona Ryder in the absinthe parlor is one of my favorite movie visuals. The brides of Dracula is another. A lush and gory treat.

I love the “Underworld” series. It’s bloody and extremely violent but I love the stylishness, the art deco look of the Vampire mansion, the visual contrast of inky blue shadows and crimson blood, the dramatic flashbacks, the cars, the boots, the snug leather outfits everything! Bring it on. Give me more. Luckily there are three movies in this series but the first is the best.

I saved my absolute favorites for last because they’re so close to my heart:
 The House of Hammer, Christopher Lee Dracula classics. I love them and remember watching them as a child on the odd UHF channels late at night. When you consider the tiny budgets these movies were made on and the moral atmosphere of the day, these are damn daring movies and they’re still great.

Recently my husband and I rediscovered BBC “Being Human”, which originally played from 2008-2013 in the UK and later on BBC America. We missed this monster mash of a gem the first-time round. It’s the story of a vampire, werewolf and a ghost who become housemates, friends and eventually beloveds, while trying to hang on to the best parts of their personalities that were human. It’s gory, funny, but can also get very brooding and dark. Aidan Turner as a charming, but troubled 117-year-old Irish vampire is a highlight.

This is a partial list of the movies we’ve already enjoyed this season. I’d love to hear about a few of your favorites.

Who is planning on seeing "Dracula Untold" when it releases in theaters next week?



  1. Love your list of Halloween favorites. I used to love to watch the midnight horror movies hosted by those deep-voiced, hellishly-made-up guys who could do that bwah hah hah laugh so darn well. And I adored all the vampire flicks enough to have bought them all.

    1. Me too! "Chiller Theater" on Saturday's was a big favorite of mine.

  2. I will definitely be seeing "Dracula Untold"! The Christopher Lee Dracula movies are true classics and always part of our Halloween movie watching. The 1979 version of Dracula with Frank Langella is a favorite - so incredibly romantic, visually stunning, and the music is amazing. "The Innocents" is a movie I'm unfamiliar with but I love Debra Kerr and creepy ghost stories so I'll definitely be checking out that one.

    1. I remembered after I posted that the Frank Langella's Dracula belongs on this list! Tessie, I know you remember that one as well as I do. That movie was an eye opener for me because Lagella's Dracula was so blatantly romantic ; )


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