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A little bit spooky...a lot hot and sexy...

I love the full moons at the end of every year...the big old full moons that hang in the sky like pumpkins, looking all red and orange and spooky. One of my favorites of all time happened in October of 2010, when this story was written. September's Harvest Moon was glorious, but the huge one that showed up on October 23rd was by far the best...the Hunter's Moon.

It got me thinking of all the things that went bump in the night, and this story was born.

Do you get the urge to write when you see a natural, marvelous phenomenon? I do, but unfortunately, like this story, they come a bit too late to catch the mood of the moment, and have to wait awhile.

Originally, this was a simple spooky story, but you know just didn't seem right until it migrated over into erotic romance with a HEA. Sigh. It just seemed...tame, for some reason. It is the story of two lonely people...Theresa who has lost everyone dear to her, and Gareth, who lives in a world where people don't...touch. And he desperately wants to...touch.

Excerpt copyright 2014 Fran Lee

Ride the Night Winds

He leaned in and put his lips close to her ear. “And you are so very sure this is just a dream?”

She could feel his warmth through the sheer silken material as he leaned so close, she thought she would melt. His breath fanned the hairs at her temple. She shivered pleasurably. Her insides puddled like melted wax.

“What else can it be? This sure as hell isn't Bullock. And you sure as hell aren't Clarence Sommers. Bullock isn't big enough for me not to know about someone who looks like you. The whole town would know about someone who looked like you. Every female in Bullock would be drooling and hot to grope you. So how can you be real?”

Gareth had never had a human speak so openly with him. And it was enough to make him as hard as hell without even half trying.  He reached out and cupped her cheek with one hand, and saw the look of shock on her face. “Can a dream touch you? Can a dream do this?”

Her mouth was utterly succulent. His body and mind were hopelessly engulfed by a raging fire he was going to be hard-pressed to put out.  He felt her lips open beneath his, and he delved his tongue into her mouth, as her own stroked his hungrily. He heard a strangled moan emerge from her throat, and then he felt her hands on his bare skin, sliding experimentally over his chest and back as she lost control and kissed him back with a passion he would never have believed! He wanted to be inside her so badly, he ached.

And she was as eager as he.

His body gave in to the heated pressure of her mouth. The loud pounding of her human heart. The desire and sweetly delicious arousal that sifted from her lush body inside the gossamer robe she wore. His cock grew impossibly harder with each passing moment of her sensual touch as she followed every contour and ridge of his body with those soft hands. And he was as ready and eager as she to continue the experiment.

The woman was so intent on taking the opportunity to molest what she thought was her dream man, she didn't realize that he was now beginning to molest her. It was when his hand slipped between her legs and cupped her soft, wet pussy that she seemed to sense that he was far too solid and real-feeling to be just a dream. But only when he pressed a long, lean finger deep into her trembling cunt to stroke her so very intimately, did she give a little gasp of surprise and scramble away, landing on hands and knees on the floor after tumbling sideways from the invisible sofa she had been sitting on.

“Whaa? I know you shouldn't be able to do that in a dream! No way! You were supposed to just disappear right then!” Her eyes widened in horror. “I've never had a man be able to actually touch me there in any dream I've ever had!”

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Fran Lee


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