Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to Forsaken Realms

Even though "Forsaken Realms" won't be released until January 2015, I'm happy to announce it's available now for review and pre-sale!

If you are a book reviewer interested in reviewing Forsaken Realms here's a link:
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Blurb: Forsaken Realms
Katalina Leon

On The Run, Bounty Hunters.
 “Retrieval specialist” is a fancy term for high-level corporate bounty hunting and Agent Gemmina Nayar is the best in her league. She’s a sense-enhanced, level-seven bounty hunter from New Mumbai who receives an exclusive invitation to track a dangerous criminal on private property. She arrives on the tropical planetoid eager to hunt and release her inner tigress, but is disappointed to discover the bounty has already been captured.
Syan is a Kironian, an off-limits alien race. He’s gorgeous, rugged and all male. Even sedated and forced to wear an electronic silence collar, he resembles a coppery skinned refugee from Mount Olympus. Gemmina’s unaware Kironian saliva is loaded with pheromones that can turn even the most indifferent woman into a willing mate. A single kiss or bite is sabotage.
When the mission turns lethal, she realizes she’s not only been tricked into bringing the wrong man to justice, but the harsh jungle below is a calculated trap.


  1. This sounds so good, Kat! It's wonderful that it's available for review/preview - get the buzz going before release day!! Congrats!

    1. Thank you Tessie! I'm really excited to share this book.

  2. Sounds fabulous! You can bet I'll be there to pre-order! LOL!


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