Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just a "heads-up" to our blog followers...

If you have clicked on "follow us" on a blog...

it's very important to show the bloggers you are following that you appreciate their efforts to entertain, inform, and otherwise share stuff with you, their audience. We have 132 followers on this blog...yet maybe two or three of those who actually do the blogging bother to comment on our posts.  That makes it impossible for us to tell if anyone is actually reading our posts...what our followers want to see on our blog...and how many of you are actually enjoying the posts.

Now, we do post new releases, excerpts, and book-related stuff on this blog, and perhaps some of you get tired of constant promo...but you need to share that with us.  We want you to enjoy dropping in.  

If you like our blog, please comment.  Sometimes it helps keep our creative juices flowing...and we love hearing from our readers and fans.


Fran Lee


  1. Yes please, readers, let us know what you enjoy hearing about!!!

    1. As you can see, you were the only ONE to comment. We really need to light a fire under our blog. LOL!

  2. Yes please, I love reading comments!

    1. Thanks, love! But you two were still the only two to comment...LOL!


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