Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hmmm, What Theme To Choose?

Yes I know I'm early, but the recent crisp Fall weather days have me thinking about an extremely important decision which must be made soon - 

Will my Halloween decorations be scary or cute??

 I have a good supply of both themes for indoor and outdoor decorating and I always add a few new items each year. My quandary is that I've bought two additions so far; bloody crime tape and a comical front door hanging thing of a purple mesh skirt with black and white striped legs and purple witch shoes! Very conflicting don't ya think??

Wait, maybe that's my theme - Halloween chaos!!! Why can't tombstones and oozing zombies coexist with smiling pumpkins and happy skeletons? 

Check out these pictures of perfectly staged and themed Halloween rooms. Wouldn't it be cool to combine them? Might not the ultimate effect be truly terrifying?!

Do you decorate for Halloween? If so, do you go creepy or funsy? 

Have a great weekend~
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  1. We are in total agreement! Hubby put up our interior Halloween decorations last weekend. I begged him to get them from the attic. Halloween is the holiday that makes me happiest. Love it.

  2. I absolutely love it also, Kat!! I'm jealous you have your decorations already up. Hubby and daughter have set an October 1st rule for putting up our decorations!

  3. Hmmm? Is Halloween already here? Good heavens. I must have been woolgathering! Uh...never mind. Everyone prepares a month in advance, right? I used to decorate the front yeard for Halloween, back when I had a house with a huge, creepy tree in the front yard. There was a dark path that led from the driveway back to the shrub-enshrouded front door. My oldest son would don a long black cape, a skeleton mask, and a hood, and he would silently step out of the shadows and ask what the person wanted. You know, I didn't give away one piece of candy that year. The poor kids are probably still running and screaming.


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