Thursday, September 18, 2014

Following Fran's Lead

On Saturday, Fran Lee discussed the usefulness of blogging and Facebook as promo tools. It really got me thinking and obviously spurred me on to write a blog post myself - Thanks, Fran, I've been at a loss for subject matter for weeks.

I always worry about what to post here on 7SS, the only blog I'm on. Should it mostly be about author stuff? How often is too often to promo my books? Would readers enjoy hearing more about me, things going on in my world, what's on my mind in general? This uncertainty more times than not leads to me not posting at all!

I know that I don't Facebook "correctly". I don't post comments very often. I've just started clicking 'like'. My posts on my own page are sporadic; announcing when I have a release or sharing someone else's good news of a publishing nature but I do this on purpose. My comfort level is to keep my Tessie Bradford page focused on author business.

Over the last couple of months, I've been making an effort to check Facebook on a more regular basis and participate more. I've joined a few private groups that I'm greatly enjoying. I'm checking friend's pages and in doing so, discovering other posts and pages I want to visit. Ahh, the perfect lead in....

Can we ever truly know which specific things we do are succeeding when it comes to promoting our books?? I don't think so but being a presence on the internet feels as if it is a must even if it is on a limited basis. If I've bought books because of following links aren't others doing the same? Look at how obscure posts go viral and voila, a life is changed forever.  

Have a great weekend!
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  1. I love everything you post. The book promo's are great,but I love the personal posts most of all.

    1. Good morning, Kat~
      I'm going to try to be more consistent with my Thursday posts and try to come up with entertaining, more personal things to talk about!

  2. Personal posts are what blogging is about. Not to share personal things per se, but to give others a glimpse into your life. Your books are amazing, woman. It's very important to let people know you are still here, still writing. But one things is certain...we have WAY more than 3 people who read this blog...yet only two or three of us comment when one of us posts.

    It is very discouraging when no one seems to think it's important to comment on posts. We are never sure how many folks actually READ them. I don't mean to bug our blog followers, but hearing from you is very important to us. If you enjoy our books, let us know. Talk to us. Comment on our posts. It makes the effort worthwhile.



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