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Two more new releases...whew...

Fran Lee
 Excerpt copyright 2014

“I got here as quickly as I could, Aunt Maggie…” Kenna dumped her handbag and gloves onto the chair beside the bed, and reached for the woman’s pale, cold hands. “I dropped everything and left the moment Gant called.” She stared into the older woman’s fathomless dark eyes, and fought back tears. 

How can this be happening? She can’t be dying. I won’t let her die!

At a hundred-forty-something, Magdalena Dumont had looked no older than 40, with her dark hair and sparkling smile. But that smile was absent now, her cheeks were sunken and grey and the glittering liveliness in her eyes had faded.

“You’re going to be fine…you still have so many years left…”

Her words died in her throat as the woman slowly shook her head and whispered, “There is no life without Peter, child. He is waiting for me.” Her eyes dropped shut for a long moment, then opened again to pin Kenna’s. “I only waited until you came.” Her tongue touched dry lips and she struggled for breath. “I know this is a great deal to ask…but I must have your promise, child.” Another rattling intake of air. 

“Don’t try to talk…you'll tire yourself…” Kenna clutched the thin hand between hers and sank to her knees beside the bed, her tears wetting her cold cheeks.

“I should have discussed this with you long ago…but…” she coughed softly, and Kenna’s throat tightened. “But now that I have lost Peter, there is not enough time left to make plans for the future…” The frail voice caught, and she fought for breath to finish. “Forgive me, child…but it is far past time to ask you this…” 

Kenna felt the woman’s thin fingers close tightly around hers, and she swallowed the hard lump that rose in the back of her throat. “Anything, Aunt Maggie…I’ll do whatever you ask. I owe you so very much…” Numb fear and pain would have made her promise anything at that moment, without thinking through such an open-ended promise.

Before realizing what Magdalena Dumont might ask of her…

She had to lean down to catch the final weak whispers, and then the hand in hers went limp, and Kenna felt as if all the air in the darkened room had been sucked out. She felt as if she were going to faint dead away.

Lifting her eyes to the intense faces of the three big men who surrounded the bed, she felt the world slipping away into darkness…

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 Boxed set coming September 15, 2014!
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Fran Lee
Excerpt copyright 2014

     Flint Calderon rolled his head on the thin pillow with a groan. He wasn’t sure which was worse…his hangover, or the pains from the way that fucking bronc had done a tap dance all over him after his nice clean dismount. He ached from the ends of his hair to his toenails. The slight noise that had awakened him stopped with his groan.

     He cracked one bleary eye open to see who dared disturb him at this ungodly hour, ready to send the bastard scurrying for cover. He couldn’t see anyone in the dim light from the parking lot filtering in through the crack between the curtains of the motel room, but he was certain that he’d heard someone open the door and close it quietly. He let his eye droop closed and drew a deep breath in through his nose. It sure as shit wouldn't be Curley. The elusive scent was definitely soft and gentle. And it was way too early for maid service.
     Shit! If Curley has given his room key to another fucking rodeo bunny, I'm gonna kill his dumb ass.
     “That you, Curley?” His voice sounded like he had a wad of whiskey-soaked cotton stuck in his throat. No one answered, but he heard a slight scuffling noise coming from the direction of the floor. Suddenly tensing despite his pounding head and bruises, he stealthily lifted his head and surveyed the room. If Curley had found his way back to the room he’d answer, hangover or no. But his friend wasn’t flopped across the empty bed. The only clothes he could see strewn around the other bed and the chair were the ones he’d stripped off as he’d fallen into the sack a few hours back. He listened carefully, and heard a soft thump as someone bumped into the underside of his bed.
     He moved quickly, rolling over and snagging the miscreant with one long arm as he hung out of his bed. From what his hand caught, he was damn sure the thief was a “she”. The trapped intruder gave a squeal of shock and struggled like a fish on a hook as he dragged her up from the floor between the beds, rolling her over his body and then under him, pinning her flat on her back as he settled his weight firmly over the little wildcat.
    “Okay, sweetheart…you want to explain why you’re crawling around my floor in the middle of the night before I call the cops?” He swore as the little hellcat tried to poke his eyes out and make a break for it. He jerked both wrists over her head and secured them there with one hand and reached for the lamp switch on the night stand with the other.
     A shaky, muffled voice came from the face that was pressed against his chest as dim light flooded the room. “I was just trying to find a place to hi…” She corrected herself and went on. “Sleep…”
     “So you broke into my room?” he growled, shaking sleep from his muzzy head.
    “I didn’t break in! The door wasn’t locked. I didn’t know anyone was in here until you made a sound. I wasn’t trying to steal anything. I just wanted to keep warm and dry. Just let me go and I won’t bother you any more.”
     Her lips and warm breath against his nipple woke him up a bit more. Goosebumps spread over his chest and back.
     Down, boy…

Available for pre-order now for only 99 cents. The set will go to full regular price after release on September 15, 2014. muse took long enough to come back from her extended vacation, and I'm working her little fanny off. LOL! Got through my birthday, am still recovering day by day from the loss of my daughter. Things are slowly getting better. Now, if I could only reverse the clock and become 35 again, with all I know and have experienced, I would be a happy camper.

Fran Lee


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