Monday, August 4, 2014

How many #heroic #women do you know? I have 22,000 in HEROIC MEASURES

Available for few days all vendors for half price
Might you know 22,000+ American women who put their lives on the line in 1917 for 1 million American soldiers?
These women—all in their twenties sailed to a country they did not know, where others spoke a language they did not know—to nurse 1 million Doughboys!
Now for the next few days only, HEROIC MEASURES will be half price in honor of the start of the Centennial Commemoration of the start of World War One.
HEROIC MEASURES tells the story of a group of young women who:

  • signed up to serve until the end of the war, whenever that might be;

  • received HALF the pay of an Army private, $50 per month;

  • were segregated into separate Corps, one for American Caucasians and another for African-Americans

  • worked at first 12 hour shifts and then as the war intensified, 24 and 36 hour shifts;

  • hundred served a mile behind the advancing line to work in surgical tents (because the faster a wounded man gets aid, the greater his chances of surviving his wounds);
  • hundreds of women died from ear infections, colds, pneumonia and influenza

  • hundreds are buried in France where they served and died.

I hope you will read HEROIC MEASURES, a well-reserached novel that is praised by PW, Joint Forces Journal, and many readers!
It is available for half price for only a 5 days to mark the Centennial of the start of the war.


  1. Heroic Measures sounds wonderful. What an amazing and challenging time period.

    1. I agree! Few of us ever think about WWI, yet it is the moment when America first entered foreign affairs.


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