Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guess What's Been Happening Around Here?

On August 11th, three counties in southeastern Michigan were hit with record breaking rain in a very short amount of time which overwhelmed the outdated, non-maintained sewer/drainage systems. Massive damage and destruction ensued; some estimates I've read are already in the billions!

Hubby and I watched in stunned disbelief as the flood waters filled our street, then the yards, then exploded up out of the floor drains, shower drain and toilet of our fully finished lower level. The water/sewage rushed through my neighborhood with such force that cars and a small commuter bus were swept past our house at a frightening speed. It entered my home with such violence it blew the toilet off the floor, broke a queen size sofa sleeper couch into pieces, knocked over the washer, dryer and moved a loaded refrigerator/freezer across the room and filled the closed crisper drawers through the closed door!!

I've been reading friends' "Attitude of Gratitude Journey" posts on Facebook. Here's a few of mine:

* I'm grateful that my family and friends weren't hurt.
* I'm grateful that a few (very few) of the treasured things from my parents, grandparents and children's childhood were able to be saved.
* I'm grateful for the kindness and help from my insurance agent. Despite the fact that homeowners insurance covers NOTHING, when I explained the magnitude of my current health crisis to my agent of +25 years, he had a flood remediation team in here 48 hours after the event. Many, many people are still waiting for professional help.

As is our way around here, somehow there's always some fun and laughter during all crisis situations!

* Choosing not to drive around for miles or wait for hours to use a laundry mat, my daughter & I decided to take matters into our own hands. Two large tubs, a thick stick, line strung through our back yard, and some serious arm strength got the job done! We actually had a ball during the process, and were damn proud of ourselves. I told my daughter her next chores were splitting rails and churning butter - she respectfully declined! When the new machines were finally delivered, we were beyond giddy with excitement!

And in the "I'm surprised it took so long" department:

*Yesterday we started receiving mailings from different attorneys saying only they can help us file for relief, and multiple companies saying if you don't have them do the cleaning you'll probably get sick or worse, blah blah blah. Some humans are such pigs!

After the tears and the shock died down, we are looking at the positives of this situation. We are class A pack rats and definitely needed to purge a lot of unnecessary clutter, and hubby & I have been talking about redecorating the downstairs for years! What better time than when it's a big giant empty!!

Have a wonderful weekend~




  1. Oh, sweetie! How awful! I hope you can salvage more of your heirlooms...and I'm thrilled no one was hurt. Things can always be replaced, but people can't.

    If you need help replacing things, shout. You have friends who would happily toss in a buck or two to help out. Love you, dear.

    1. You're such a sweetheart, Fran. We're going to be fine. The new furnace (yay for air conditioning) and hot water heater are in and the bathroom is back to full function. We're going to take our time getting the rest done.

    2. Oh, and last night FEMA was going door to door collecting info. Sounds like it will be a long process but I'm encouraged that at least they're collecting data, etc.

    3. Let's hope they kick out some funding to help get everyone back into gear. They work fairly slowly, I hear. :)

  2. You are so resilient and brave. I hope this never happens again.

    1. We just need to keep on keeping on, right??!! I too hope to not experience this again!


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