Monday, August 25, 2014

Amazon's new Moral Litmus test for covers has nada to do with text! My #SEALS novel is example!

The new AMAZON cover! Cuz male chest is GOOD
For sale here:
    What do you say to someone who wants to be your morality judge?
    How about let's judge a book by its cover?
    Yes. Amazon, king of the universe in literary circles, now puts novels in Erotic Jail by the following criteria:
  • woman shows bare skin on buttocks (attired or not!)
  • woman has bare breasts
  • woman puts hand over bare breasts
  • man has bare skin showing on his...wait a minute!
So far, we see examples of women who must be hidden from others...but no men.

And no, Amazon is not scanning the text of said hidden novels for those pesky 4-letter words that are so offensive to so many that even network channels, HBO, the movies on the highways of American show them.

Yes, ZON is judging books by their covers. Even though they don't scan the texts to see what the heck is inside. Even though they still collect their $$$$$ profit off the books.

And the NERO one they didn't like and HID...and might still be doing it because they didn't promise to recategorize it after the publishing house of WILD ROSE PRESS so wonderfully changed the cover?
What do you think? Are you offended by her skin?

AND SHE is available everywhere else:


  1. Guiding our readers to our publisher's sites to buy our books is the way to go! It seems enormously ignorant to me for Amazon to be conducting business in a manner which is detrimental to their own bottom line!

    1. Tessie, you are right. Those publishers sites are better, cheaper, too.
      And ZON has a moral sense? Who knew?

  2. Amazon has certainly been naughty lately : (

    1. Yeah. Wonder if they keep their clothes on when they do it.

  3. Day-am...Google has a glitch that makes you sign in after you write a comment...then when you get back to the comment you wrote to enter it, it's GONE! So here it is again...

    Damn...I forgot what I wrote. Anyway, Amazon is simply caving to a very small number of very vocal people who are jealous that they don't look that great without loads of clothes.


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