Monday, August 11, 2014

4th #SEALsGoingHot out soon! Holt, DeLand, Cayto and Zinn rock the new #SEALs series!
Because every woman needs a SEAL in her life...if only in between the covers...of a book, we want you to enjoy the 4 fabulous SEALs in our SEALs GOING HOT series!
They are getting fabulous reviews and hitting best seller lists...and now we have the 4th in the series, out next week, TOUCHED BY MIDAS by Brenna Zinn!
You may have heard too that AMAZON is hiding BURNING FOR NERO because the Powers That Be there do not like the cover.
yeah. They don't like a woman covering her breasts....which makes you wonder if they like them uncovered? Um. No. Not That either.
To buy BURNING FOR NERO, go here:
And if AMAZON tells you, Sorry, we don't have that, look for it like this:
1. Log in to Amazon
2. Go to BOOKS
3. Enter only Burning for Nero (not my name)
4. See if it comes up.
5. If it doesn't, bombard Amazon with mail on the CUSTOMER SERVICE PAGE.
This book has no BDSM, no safe words, and only 1 four letter word for a part of a man's anatomy, listed once!
So yeah. ZON is getting a little crazy and full of its own power.

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