Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Schedule

My normal writing schedule this summer simply doesn't exist, but I'm getting some work done behind the scenes.

Soon, I'll start edits for a multi-author wolf-shifter project that has been super fun to work on. I love the other authors I've had the opportunity to work with, and I have a second book in the series planned.

I also received my gorgeous book cover for the series this week. For now the series is secret and I can't wait to share it.

This is NOT the book cover but this is the model I chose, Stfano Cavoretto. I like the intensity of his eyes and he had the dark wolf look I wanted.

I also have three novellas due  in September-October. Everyday I work a little on one of them. I'm so grateful to have something fun to escape into.

This summer I'm prodding like a tortoise toward the finish line.

How is everyone else spending their summer?



  1. He's got the right look, Kat. I'm impressed. Your summer must be so full. Hang in there. Thinking of you every day.

    1. I have to have a life too. My sister Christy insists on it.

  2. Hey Kat, Stefano is quite inspiring!

  3. Thank you Tessie. My eye just kept going back to Stefano again and again.


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